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Six months later. Pallet Town. Prof. Oak's House. The reception for Gary and Denise's wedding. Ash and Misty were sitting at their designated table. Ash was holding his cane, hoping that it wouldn't be long until he didn't need it anymore and he could get back on the road. His arm and ribs had already completely healed. The doctors in Pallet had told him that his leg would take more time than originally thought to heal completely but he was well on his way back to full strength. In fact, he was nearly there and he could walk just fine without aid. The cane was just a precaution.

Of course, that didn't stop Ash from complaining about it. He groaned as he looked at the cane. "I don't need this thing."

"Pika!" Pikachu scolded him.

"I don't."

"Oh, come on, baby," Misty pleaded. "It's only for a couple more weeks."

"It better be. I'm getting sick of using this."

The trio then looked around the yard at the reception party. They were in the backyard of Prof. Oak's lab. The professor had a hardwood floor built on the ground for dancing and various other activities. Gary and Denise were the picture perfect bride and groom. Their wedding and everything was so spot on, it looked like they could've been a commercial for weddings. In their own ways, both Ash and Misty, individually, thought they were a great framework for future endeavors between the two of them. It also made Ash smile about a surprise he was hiding in his pocket.

Ash and Misty looked around to see who else was present. Brock was there and he brought a date, none other than the Pike Queen Lucy. Charizard was with the rest of Ash's Pokémon, who were all out in the field eating. Magnus was also there, talking to Delia, sitting beside her at their table. Both of them, apparently, very comfortable with each other.

Seeing Delia and Magnus made Misty giggle.

…And Ash groan. "Somebody… please, make it stop."

"Awww. I think they look cute."

"I think I'd rather be back of the mountain with the broken leg." He groaned again and hung his head. "Why me?"

She kissed him in the cheek, causing him to look up. "Don't worry about them." She stood up. "Think you can dance?"

"I can stand on both legs and walk. I can even run." He chuckled, "But you know I can't dance."

She giggled. "Don't worry. I'll show you how… and I'll support you… in case you lose your footing."

Ash smiled. "I love it when you support me."

They both got up and walked to the dance floor. It was a slow dance and absolutely perfect for the both of them. It was the first time they had danced as a couple. It also probably the most movement Ash had put on his right leg since the fall. As they danced, Misty's eyes never left Ash's. She was impressed at how he was moving, not only because he had seemingly full strength back in his leg but he was dancing very well. Still, while she noticed Ash's strength and technique, it was his eyes that had her captivated.

"What are you thinking about?" Ash asked her.

"How glad I am that I'm here with you. How glad I am that you're okay. How glad I am that I can call you my boyfriend. How much this moment is absolutely amazing."


"Yeah. I can't imagine a more perfect moment."

Ash smirked. "Oh, yeah?"


He gave a full smile. He stopped her mid-dance. "Are you absolutely sure?" Still holding her left hand with his now-fully healed right, he slowly got down on one knee.

Misty gasped and froze in place. It was as though she forgot how to blink or speak.

"Because… I can think of a way."

He revealed a small, dark blue, velvet box from his pocket. Misty just couldn't speak or respond.

"I think this moment… could be better… this way."

With one hand, he opened the box and there was a beautiful diamond ring within it. He never let go of Misty's hand.

"Ash…" she breathed out.

At this point, all other activity at the entire reception had stopped and all were focused on the couple. Tears and smiles were forming just as they did just hours ago at the wedding itself.

Ash took a deep breath. "Misty… it took me forever to realize how I feel about you and it took an avalanche and near death-experience to bring us together. I don't know what else it would take us further but I don't want to wait. So… please… please say you'll marry me."

Misty tried not to cry but couldn't help it. She started nodding her head emphatically. "Yes… yes… YES!" She kneeled down and kissed him with all of the strength she had. Tears were still falling from her eyes.

There wasn't one person or Pokémon not clapping and/or crying. Pikachu definitely had tears, seeing his master finally get the girl of his dreams. Despite the tears flowing down her face, Delia was doing everything she could from just full out crying. Magnus put his arm around and Delia leaned into him. Brock was beaming from ear to ear, making a victory fist at the engagement.

Misty moved to hugging him, stopping the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and resting her head on his shoulder.

Ash put his arms around her waist and squeezed her tight. He was breathing a sigh of relief and few tears were falling from his eyes. He stood up, still holding on to Misty. They were both hugging each other like they were both about to run away. They released the hug and Ash took the ring out of the box and slipped it on to her ring finger.

Misty just stared at it. It just took her breath away. Not so much the ring but what it meant. It meant that Ash wanted to be with her forever. It showed that he loved her and was willing to go the extra step to prove it.

"So, what do you think?" Ash asked.

"I love it." She looked back at him. "I love you."

He smiled followed by kissing her.

Misty embraced him again. It was as if they were the only two in Pallet right now. Nothing else mattered to her but the moment she was in the man she was in love with. Ash just held her, tears coming from his eyes.

Ash tried to remember how he felt so alone before he went to Mt. Nakari but he almost couldn't. Whether it was Magnus's words about the mountain's mystique, the friendship and respect between him and Gary, realizing that he had so many friends, or the fact that Misty had agreed to make him the happiest man on the planet, Ash didn't care. All that mattered was right here, right now.

And... there it is. As we come to the end of this tale, I just want to reiterate what I said in the last chapter: I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. All of you who took the time to read it and to all those who read it and reviewed it, you made these past few days a little more bearable. Thank you all so much. God bless. I'll see you guys soon.

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