The Feel Good Drag

Chapitre deux.

I stood looking at the small bit of my apparent 'lover' that I could currently see, as his strong arms were clung tightly around my chest. I could practically feel my face catching on fire. These were only things I had thought about in my imagination, something that definitely could never happen. Simon learning to speak fluent Japanese was much more likely than this. To have Shizu-chan actually able to stand looking at me without becoming pissed off is like a miracle. Then I remember I'm dead. This isn't real; it truly is a figment of my imagination. For the moment, however, I will not care. I am going to let my emotions takeover, to let them decide for me instead of my head. Grabbing my composure, I take a step back away from him. His hair has noticeable split ends from him bleaching it on his own, though, I pay it no mind. He gives me a look of disappointment, as if he wanted to hug me longer, instead I reach up to place my hand on his chin. His height may tower over me, but I still get my point across. With that hand, I pull his face to do something. Something I had always wanted to do but was never given the chance. His full attention is on me, I liked that. As his face got closer, I saw his face take on a light shade of pink. It made me wonder, Shizu-chan, why are you so out of character? You're usually more stubborn tha-, and then our lips connected. I slipped my arms up to the back of his head to push his face even closer to mine. Completely losing what I was thinking. Better than how I thought. We didn't even use tongue, just lip on lip action. It was nice though, my thoughts spun in my head. How did this happen?

So, that's how things went. Shizu-chan; living with me in my Shinjuku apartment.

That next morning after my arrival gave me a big surprise. I woke up to see blonde hair lying next to me in bed. A heavenly light shone from the window on his resting body, no pun intended, making Shizu-chan seem like the light in my life. Which he was, I spent years making him focus on me, I ruined girls' hearts which fell in love with him. It's my fault he was unhappy in the world of the living. Ignoring that, I turned my body around to watch his peacefully resting face. Je suis si loin de tu. (I am so far from you) Shizu-chan, I, for once, have no idea what to do. I thought. I knew this was what the Shizuo look alike who introduced me to this world meant about my 'paradise' being different than reality. Shizu-chan, you're not the real one that I knew. I felt myself grow sad, though, I kept looking at his face. That's when I saw that flashback, from the day we both died.

I'm very sorry for such a crappy and short chapter. Stuff's going on in life taking up all my concentration. I'm trying to get a little bit of Izaya's feelings out there before I move into drama and more angst. Get some suspense out there. This was a hard chapter to write, so that's why it took so long. I promise, next chapter will be longer and hopefully better. Oh, did you guys like the French I snuck in there? xD. I need to be studying for a French test I have tomorrow over stuff I don't know, buuuut I wanted to get this done.

ALSO! I'm writing a new oneshot. I'm about a third of the way through it at four pages. It's gonna be rated… M. My first sex scene. Tips or just plain motivation is wanted. IT WILL BE IZUO.