"Shizu-chaaan~!" I sang out, waiting for you know who to get angry. Getting ready to sprint for dear life among my beloved city of Ikebukuro, well, more like Shizu-chan's city, and my humans was such a thrill but will certainly be the end of me. No matter, I shall just keep running and laughing as he chases me with that scornful face of his.

"I-ZA-YAAAA!" Hence the stop sign being pulled out of the ground, thrown, and land with a crash as it has failed to hit me once again. His face held more rage as he saw me gently spin my way to safety. Quickly pushing through the newly accumulated crowd of not to bright people who watch our fights, we started the chase. Me in front and him in the rear, he will never catch up unless I allow him to. It was a daily occurrence, we took the same path just about everyday, and something was bound to change our cycle, to make our game seize to exist.

Dancing through the streets of Ikebukuro, I spun around in a nonchalant way, making sure the protozoan was still following me. Huh? Where did Shizu-chan go? I did a double take, or three hundred sixty degree spin. What? I stopped dead in my tracks; I felt panic a panicked scare surge throughout my body and mind. Did he finally get bored of this? Without our chase, what did we have left? I felt my shoulders droop.

This can't possibly be, I thought as I walked around the beloved city. People strayed clear from moi, thinking that the raging anger face would be out for the kill, but that didn't bother me. I was on a mission from the 'gods' of Ikebukuro; to figure out where my little Shizu-chan has disappeared off to.

"You and me are irresistible, you and me are indestructible," I sang merrily to keep my thoughts cool and collected. I definitely got some strange looks from passersby, but really, who cares.

Finally, coming upon the dead end which our usual chase always ends off to, did I decide to give up. Today must not be the day I guess. Walking back to my Shinjuku apartment did not sound appealing at the moment, so I just decided to go to Russian Sushi. Surely Simon would know where my gem in the rye has gone off to.

I got halfway there, when I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked to my left to see a certain somebody in an abandoned alley. The buildings built on each side were made of strong brick to hold together each of the structures through storms, earthquakes, and other phenomena which could very well occur. Standing off to the very edge and sliding my way to behind a rather large garbage dumpster, I eavesdropped on the conversation which was taking place in front of me. I saw a bleached blonde haired figure wearing the bartender suit we all know and love. He was speaking to another person though, vaguely familiar. The person was a woman, with pale skin, and what looked like naturally long platinum blond hair. She wore a jumpsuit type thing, but looked foreign. Though, she was able to speak Japanese, the wording sounded awkward, and had a thick Russian like accent added to it, making the things she said hard to pick up. When she went to shake Shizuo's hand, did I see it. The woman had planted a mini timer bomb to his hand without him even knowing it. The blonde woman walked out of the alley right past me, she seemed to look in my direction and gave a slight smirk. She set this up.

"Shizu-chan!" I called out, jumping out from behind my hiding place. Hoping he would listen to reason just once, I grabbed his arm. His face immediately turned into a snarl just by looking at me.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT, YOU DAMN FLEA!" His voice was dripping with venom and rage as he spat that into my face.

"Shizu-chan, that woman glued a bom— OOF" I started, before he grabbed onto my neck and pulled me up into the air.

"Looks as if I've finally caught 'ya lou—"To which he was now interrupted when a loud beeping noise became apparent.

Immediately dropping me back to the ground, he began to twist his neck into different directions in the hopes of finding the source. Rather than waste time, I immediately grabbed back onto his hand to see if I could disarm it. By the looks of it, the woman had just placed glue on it and placed it gently on Shizu-chan's hand as she shook it. It was quite small, about the size of a dime, whatever that was, but could most likely do some big damage. He yanked his arm out of my reach.

"WHAT THE HELL, ARE YOU MANHANDLING ME?" He gave me a look of disgust, which crushed my heart, but that did not matter.

"THAT WOMAN PLACED A FUCKING BOMB ON YOUR HAND!" I yelled back to him, I felt something in my eyes. The beeping sped up even faster now, time was running out.

Once again I grabbed his hand. He didn't yank back though. I pulled out my switchblade with the belief that if I could pierce it at JUST the right angle, it would be disarmed, but instead. FWOOOOSH. Everything went white, and then it all went black.

I woke up with tears running down my face, lying in my bed with the fake Shizu-chan lying next to me. I hugged him, just to have something to hold onto, even if the being weren't real.

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