So, a lot of people asked me is this a fabrevans story or overgron. The answer is, this is the story about 2 identical girls that has Fabrevans in it. I just couldn't come up with a good name for the other girl so I chose Dianna Agron. I'm sorry if I confused you xD

BTW, here's the 2nd chapter!

Quinn came home from a long day at school. She parked her car outside of her house and quickly ran inside.

"Mom! Mom! I need to talk to you!" She called her mom, but there's no answer. She turned to the old butler standing by the door. "Where's my mom?"

"She is in her room, miss."

"Thanks!" Quinn said and quickly ran upstairs. She came to her mother's room and knocked the door. A couple seconds later there's an answer. "Come in."

Quinn took a deep breath and walked inside with a big smile on her face. Her mother was lying on the bed, reading a magazine. She knew Quinn enter the room but she just kept on reading. Quinn closed the door behind her and walked to the bed. "Hi, mom. What are you doing?"

Judy Fabray put the magazine on the nightstand and looked up at her daughter. "Quinn, if you're trying to convince me to let you go to that party, I'm still not gonna change my mind."

Quinn sat down on the edge of her mother's bed and said. "I'm sorry about this morning. I understand why you don't want me to go, but I think I'm old enough to go to parties like this. Mom, please let me go!"

"Those parties can be very dangerous, honey."

"I'm 17, mom! Next year I will be 18! You can't keep me at home forever!" Quinn pouted. Judy just shook her head and picked up the magazine, but her daughter quickly stopped her. "I'll go with Sam. You trust him, right? He will make sure that I won't drink or do anything stupid." Quinn said as she held her mother's hands. "Please. Can I go? Please, mom!"

Judy thought for a minute then an idea suddenly came to her. She gave the young girl a smile and nodded her head. "Okay, you can go."

"Yessss!" Quinn jumped off the bed and clapped her hands.


"But what?" The younger blonde stopped cheering and looked at her mother. Judy crossed her arms. "Tomorrow, you'll have to come with me to where I work."

"What? Why?" Quinn pouted.

"Because I'll have a lot of things to do tomorrow and I need you to help me. You're 17 already. In the future, you're gonna be a fashion designer just like me so you have to learn from now."

"Mom! There's no other way?"

Judy shook her head and turned back to the magazine. Quinn didn't say anything else. She's afraid that her mother would change her mind, so she just sighed and quietly left the room. Quinn hated spending an entire day with her mom, but she would have to do it if she wanted to go to that party.

Dianna arrived home and it was very late. From her school to her house wasn't a short way and she had to walk all the way home. She opened the door of her house and walked inside. Caroline was talking on the phone while her daughter was watching TV.

"I'm home." Dianna said but none of them paid attention to her. The blonde girl just sighed and walked into the kitchen.

"Yes. We'll be there tomorrow. Thank you." Caroline smiled and hung up the phone.

"How's it mom?" Jessica asked as her mom walked over the couch and sat down next to her.

"Judy Fabray said that we can come to her tomorrow." Caroline answered.

Dianna quickly ran out from the kitchen when she heard her stepmother said 'Judy Fabray'. "You're going to see the famous fashion designer?"

"Yeah, mom asked her to make me a dress to the prom this year." Jessica smiled.

"You come to a famous fashion designer for your prom dress?" Dianna asked.

"So?" Jessica raised her eyebrow.

"Um…Can I come with you? Please?" The blonde girl walked to them with a hoping smile on her face.

"No. Why would I let you come?" Caroline rolled her eyes and smiled at her daughter, Jessica.

"I promise I'll do anything. Please let me come! I've always wanted to meet Judy Fabray!" Dianna begged.

Jessica thought for a minute then she turned to her mother and whispered into her ear. A smile appeared on the stepmother's face as she heard her daughter. She turned to Dianna with a smile. "Sure, you can come with us."

Dianna couldn't be more happy. She clapped her hands and smiled widely. "Yes! Thank you! Thank you!"

Jessica looked at the girl and then turned to her mother and gave her a huge smiled.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Dianna mumbled as she picked up a bunch of shopping bags and followed her stepmother and stepsister into the elevator. They were going to see Judy Fabray and they let her come along…to hold the stuff they bought on the way there.

"If I knew this was gonna happen, I wouldn't ask to come." Dianna wiped away the sweats on her forehead as the elevator opened and picked up the heavy bags again.

"Hurry up, loser!" Jessica said as she waited for the blonde to walk out of the elevator. "My grandma can walk faster than you."

Dianna didn't say anything. She got out of the elevator and put the bags down.

"You stay here to watch these things while we're going to meet Mrs. Fabray." Caroline said and walked away, followed by Jessica.

I shouldn't have asked them to take me here. Dianna thought and looked at them walking away. As they just left, the blonde looked around. She didn't want to stay there to watch those bags. Maybe she could go around and come back later.

"I'm sure that the bags won't go anywhere." Dianna smiled to herself and walked away.

Quinn walked around her mother's office and sighed to herself. There's nothing to do there. She had only stayed there for an hour and she already got bored.

"Mom, can I go around? There's nothing to do." Quinn sighed as she grabbed a magazine on the desk and flipped through the pages. She had already read all of the magazines in her mom's office so there's really nothing to do.

"No. You have to stay here. My guests are coming. Don't do anything stupid." Judy said as she fixed the dress on the mannequin. Quinn rolled her eyes and sat down on the couch. Suddenly, they heard someone knocking on the door.

"They're here. Be nice, okay?" Judy told her daughter and went to open the door.

"Hi, I'm Caroline Agron, this is my daughter, Jessica." Caroline said as the door opened.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Agron. I'm Judy Fabray and this is my daughter, Quinn." Judy said and turned around but she couldn't see Quinn anywhere. Instead, she saw the back door opened.

Quinn sighed in relief as she walked quickly down the hall. She was glad to get away from her mom. The first thing she's gonna do was to get out of there. The party was so not worth to spend a whole day in that office with her mom.

"Good morning, Quinn." A girl with black haired walked to Quinn with a smile. That's Kendra, Judy's assistant. She's 5 years older than Quinn. They were very close, like sisters.

"Morning!" The blonde girl smiled.

"It's weird...Didn't I just see you over there?" Kendra asked with a confused look on her face.

"No, I just got away from my mom's office." Quinn said.

"Oh, maybe it's some else who kinda looks like you. I really should get glasses." The taller girl said. Quinn just smiled and walked away but she remembered one thing and turned around at Kendra. "Kendra, if my mom asked, could you tell her that you never see me here?"

"Okay, sure." The young assistant said and gave Quinn a smiled. The blonde smiled back and then walk away. She went to the elevator and pressed a button. A couple senconds later, the door of the elevator opened. She was just about to walk inside, but she was complete shocked. Her body froze and she couldn't move. In front of her was a person who looked just like her! She thought that she was dreaming, but she wasn't! That girl was a real person and she looked exactly like her! The girl was pretty shocked, too. She slowly got out of the elevator and looked at Quinn with her mouth wide opened.

"Who are you?" They both said in the same time and that freaked them out even more.

"Wow…you…you look just like me…" Quinn covered her opened mouth with her hand.

"No…you look just like me…" The other girl said. "Who are you?"

"I'm Quinn Fabray. Who are you?" Quinn said.

"I'm Dianna…" The girl said. "I can't believe we look so much alike."

"I…know…We're like...twins." Quinn bit her lip. "This is so scary."

"Yeah…" Dianna agreed then she asked. "Did you say your name's Quinn Fabray? You're Judy Fabray's daughter?"

"Yeah, and you? What are you doing here?" Quinn asked. She wasn't scared of that girl anymore. Dianna seemed to be a nice person. They looked the same so she couldn't be bad.

"I'm here with my stepmother and my stepsister. They're here to see your mom." Dianna answered.

"So they're the people that my mom mentioned before." Quinn said as she laughed. "Luckily, I got out of my mom's office before they could see me. They'd totally freak out."

"Yeah." Dianna laughed and nodded her head in agreement.

"This is so weird." Quinn said as she pressed the elevator's down button. "I'm going outside. Do you want to come? Maybe we could talk more about this."

Dianna looked down at the watch on her wrist. She still had plenty of time. She'd get back when they were done.

"Sure. Let's go." Dianna smiled at the other blonde as the elevator door opened and they got inside together.

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