School is over yay! Now I'm on my Tet holiday! I can finally spend more time to write these fanfics!

Quinn and Dianna were sitting in a coffee shop near Quinn's mother's company. They had found out that they weren't just look alike, their hobbies and personalities were the same, too. The only thing that's different was their lives.

"My mom always treats me like a kid! She doesn't let me do anything I want! I'm 17 already!" Quinn sighed.

"Well, at least you still have your mom and dad," Dianna said as she looked down, "my parents got divorced when I was little. I don't even remember what my mom looks like. My dad got married again, but unfortunately he died last year in an accident. Now I have to live with my mean stepmother and her daughter. Living with them is like living in hell!"

Quinn listened to Dianna. Maybe Dianna's life was horrible but it wasn't to Quinn. She thought that Dianna's life was interesting, it's like an adventure and she would love to try.

"Well, at least you can do whatever you want! I have to spend all day in that stupid house and do what my mom tells me to do. I just want to have a normal life!" Quinn said.

"What are you talking about? I would do anything just to have your life! Your life is perfect!" Dianna said and Quinn just nodded her head. Suddenly, an idea came up to Quinn. She almost jumped out of her seat, "let's switch places!"

"WHAT?" Dianna screamed but she quickly realized that everyone was looking at her so she gave them a smile and turned back to Quinn, "are you crazy? We're gonna get into a big trouble!"

"They won't find out! We're gonna switch places for just today! I wanna see what it's like to be a normal girl and you can be in my place! Is that what you want?" Quinn said with a big smile, "and we totally look the same so it's not a problem."

"But…" Dianna said. She wanted to be Quinn for a day but she was scared.

"Come on! Please! Please!" Quinn begged. Dianna thought for a minute and rolled her eyes, "okay, I'm in."

"Yay! This is gonna be fun!" Quinn said while clapping her hand and smiling widely at the girl in front of her.

Dianna waited at the back door of Quinn's mother's office for Caroline and Jessica to leave so she could go in there. Quinn's clothes fit her really well, but she didn't feel comfortable. She knew that those clothes were expensive but she preferred her own clothes.

"Thank you, Mrs. Fabray. We'll see you soon," Caroline said to Judy Fabray as she gave her a smile and left the room with her daughter, Jessica. Dianna sighed in relief and slowly walked inside. The office was huge, it's even better than her own house.

"There you are!" Judy said as she saw the girl, "where have you been?"

"I…um…I went around," Dianna said with a fake smile.

"You broke your promise so that means you can't go to the party on Friday night!" Judy said and sat down by her desk. Dianna didn't know what she was talking about but she just nodded her head, "I understand, mom. Do you need any help?"

The woman looked at the girl with her wide eyes. She couldn't believe that her daughter was asking to help her. Maybe she's trying to please me, she thought and gave Dianna a smile, "okay, Quinn. You can help."

Caroline and Jessica went back to the elevator and they saw Quinn. She was sitting by the shopping bags and singing something to herself.

"We're done! Let's go home!" Caroline said coldly to the girl as she pressed the elevator button. Quinn looked around and realized that they were talking to her. They must have been Dianna's stepmother and stepsister.

"Hurry up, loser! Pick up the bags and get in!" Jessica said with her hands on her hips.

That was the first time Quinn met them but she hated them so much already. If she wasn't pretending to be Dianna, she would punch Jessica in the face for using that bitchy tone with her. The elevator doors opened, Caroline and Jessica walked inside while Quinn tried to pick up all the heavy bags. Jessica rolled her eyes, "you're wasting our time!"

Quinn just ignored her and tried to drag the bags into the elevator. She had never had to carried something heavy like that. Dianna stepped sister turned to her mother and gave her a smile then pressed the button to close the door.

"Hey!" Quinn yelled and ran the elevator but it had already gone. She was mad, very mad. She felt sorry for Dianna. Well, on the bright side you can have a normal life now, Quinn thought to herself and sat down by the bags, waiting for the elevator to come back.