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Is there no other way?..." questioned 8-year-old Dino's father.

" I'm afraid not. It is the only way to increase the children's chance of survival. If they stay with us, no one knows how long they will survive. The kids are not experienced fighters. Even Kyoya, Mukuro and Dino are in danger.

" Where are we going to send them to then?"

" The safest time period. Their ancestors' time. It's time that they met... The Primo Famiglia."

" Shikashi... Nono, how are we going to send them there?" queried Iemitsu.

" Shinobi, Spammer, can you handle that?" Nono asked the two technicians of the group, the fathers of the sleeping Irie Shoichi and Spanner respectively.

" Right away, Vongola Nono. We shall upgrade the Bovino's family ten-year bazooka," said the two technicians in unison.

" When shall we tell the kids the news?" asked Yamamoto Tsuyoshi.

" In the morning, when the children are awake. After that, they will go. We will send them back when the time is right."

" Demo... the children's presence may mess up the future..." said the boss of the Bovino family.

" We don't have a choice. Hopefully, they won't make too much damage. Oh, Shinobi, Spammer, can you make sure that they land in the Vongola Mansion?"

" Yes. We will make them appear in the dining room when the Primo Famiglia is having their breakfast," replied Spammer.

"Good. Now, everbody get some sleep. Tomorrow, when we wake up, we will write letters to the Primo family. I have some paper and a pen in my pocket."

"Why do you have that?"asked Enma's father.

"I thought it might come in handy," replied Nono.

"... I see..."

Meanwhile, 400 years in the past


"What's wrong, Giotto?" asked G.

"My hyper intuition is going berserk..."

"Come to think about it... I have a bad feeling in my gut too..."

"Nufufufufu... it's just your imaginations..." said the melon- head by the name of Daemon Spade.

"Hm... I don't know about that. Giotto's hyper intuition is never wrong..." reasoned the peace loving rain guardian, Asari Ugestsu.

Boy, how right were Giotto,G, and Asari.

The next day

"Father?..." mumbled Dino is a sleepy voice.

"Yes Dino?"

"What are you writing?..."

"Letters," relied Tsuna softly.

"Tsuna? When were you awake?" queried Iemitsu.

"Ever since last night. You're sending us away, aren't you?" said Tsuna with tears in his eyes.

"How did you know?..." replies Iemitsu.

"I was awake... but it's okay... I understand..." said Tsuna, trying to contain his tears.


"Tsu-kun, come here," said Nana Sawada in a motherly voice.

Tsuna crawled to his mother and his mother embraced him in a tight hug.

"Tsu-kun, remember this. Wherever you may be, no matter what time, Daddy and I will always love you. Always," said Nana in a loving voice.

All the while, Dino had been quietly lying in his sleeping bag, taking in everything that had been said. He too wanted to cry, but as the oldest of the group, he could not show fear as then, the young children would break down too. Just like how if the boss breaks, his subordinates would too. At least, that was what he thought. In a way, it was true. He thought that he kept his emotions in check well, and he did. There was only two people that could see through his facade- Sawada Nana and Gokudera Hayato's mother. It was one of those motherly instincts.

Though Nana wanted to comfort Dino, she knew that she had to take care of Tsuna first. If Tsuna stopped crying and Dino saw that, Dino would calm down too. I mean, if you saw someone else crying, you would definitely lose some courage, right? Right.

"Dino-kun, come here," said Hayato's very beautiful mother.

Once Dino was next to her, she hugged Dino and said,

"It's okay to cry. It's hard being the pillar and sometimes, pillars break too and that's okay," she told him.

At that, Dino started to tear, and as hard as he tried, he could not contain his tears. He cried harder than Tsuna, not because he was even sadder, but because he let out all his fear, frustration, and sadness.

As Dino father, Alfonso, Chiavarone the Ninth, watched as his son cried, his heart shattered. How? How could he not have noticed it? His son wanted someone to comfort him, he wanted to break down, and yet he had not noticed, and was not the one who relieved him from all his unwanted emotions.

As if sensing his thoughts, Hayato's mother looked up. She faced him and nodded, telling him that it was not too late. That he could still make thing right.

Alfonso scrambled towards Hayato's mother and Dino.

"Dino..." he muttered.

He started to stroke Dino's hair and told him,

"It's going to be over soon. You'll be safe with your ancestor. You'll have fun. One day, I'll get you back. You have been strong. I'm proud of you."

It was small talk, but it made Dino feel much better.

About an hour later, the rest of the children started to stir. By then, the letters were finished and Dino and Tsuna had stopped crying.

When the children were fully awake, the adults told them their decision – to send them to the past. To their surprise, the children took it well. Even Lambo. Wow. Sure, there were tears, and the adults had to talk to them a bit, reassure them that they were going to get them back, but all and all, it was good. Little Lambo's boss gave him some candy to pacify him and well, it work wonders. But then again, boss knows best, so obviously, giving Lambo candy is the best way to pacify and bribe him. There are whole lot more things you can make Lambo do with candy, but, ah well.

One by one, Shinobi and Spammer sent the kids to the past...