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Italic= thoughts

Bold - Italian

Primo's Time

"Giotto? Are you alright?" asked G, swallowing a mouth of pancakes.

"Do I look alright?"


"Of course I'm not! Major headache!" Giotto shouted, "Ow..." Giotto mumbled, rubbing his temple.

"Serves you right for shouting you idiot," said G, even though he was worried for his friend.

"It's your intuition, isn't it?" asked Asari with concern.


"Don't worry about it! I'm sure nothing bad will happen!"

"It's not really a bad feeling. I don't know... I've never had this feeling before..."

"Then there's nothing to worry about! Haha!"

"Yare, yare. You worry too much, Primo," said Lampo in a bored voice.

At that moment... *Poof!* Pink smoke filled the room.

"I spoke too soon," muttered Lampo, his voice trembling.

"Are we there?" asked Tsuna in his high pitched voice, his voice layered with fear.

"Who's there?" demanded G in Italian.

As the smoke cleared, you could see the Primo and Tenth generation family at either side of the room. The Primo Family were in their fighting stance (except for Lampo, for was hiding behind Giotto) and the Tenth Family were just standing there, looking like idiots, even though they were not.

"Yes, Tsunayoshi, we're here... Kufufufu..." said a certain pineapple head.

When the First Generation heard that laugh, all of the guardians, except Alaude and Daemon, shivered. Alaude just twitched.

'He sounds like Daemon...' thought the First Generation Guardians, but in Daemon's case 'How dare he copy me...' and Alaude's? Hn.

"Ano...hello...m-my n-name is S-sawada T-tsunay-yoshi... You can call m-me T-tsuna..." said Tsuna timidly.

"Oh! It's just kids! And their Japanese! Why, hello there little one! My name is Giotto, or Sawada Ieyasu! How did you kids arrive here?" asked Giotto.

"That idiot! What happened to his headache?" G muttered.

"I heard that, G!"

"Haha! You have sharp ears, Giotto!" laughed Asari.

"Why, thank you, Asari!"

"Haha, they seem like nice people..." said Yamamoto.

"You don't even know what they're talking about. They're more like idiots..." muttered Gokudera.

"Why you!" shouted G, with Asari holding him back.

He had initially wanted to warn Giotto that they could be dangerous but had forgotten when he heard what Gokudera said.

"Maa, maa. That's not very nice, Gokudera."

"Che. Like I care," retorted Gokudera, putted his arms behind his head.

"Say, Tsuna, aren't we supposed to give them the letters?" asked Yamamoto, with his usual goofy grin on his face.

"Ah, yes! My letter is for Giotto-nii!" said Tsuna happily.

"Mine is for Asari Ugetsu!"

"Che. G, whoever that is..." Gokudera said, muttering the last part.

At that, G's eye twitched.

'That little runt...' he thought.

"Kufufu... Me and Chrome's letter is for Daemon Spade..."

"Alaude," Hibari said boredly.

"Mine is EXTREMELTY for Knuckle!" Ryohei shouted.

"That is EXTREMELY me!" Knuckle shouted back, at a slightly lower volume.


'My poor ears' everybody but Hibari and Alaude thought.

"Lambo, how about you?" asked Tsuna happily.

"Eh... Lam...po..." read Lambo hesitantly.

"Good job Lambo! You read well!"

"Gyahahaha! Of course!"

'Just like Lampo...he must have just learnt how to read...' the first generation thought. For Lampo,

he just muttered,

"What a brat..."

"Mine is for Alphonso Chiavarone."

"We" said Spanner, pointed to himself and Shoichi, " have none."

"Erm... Shimon... Cozart..."

"Oh? Letters? Us? Alphonso and Cozart?" asked Giotto.

Tsuna nodded and said " That's right. My Papa told me to give the letter to you. You're Giotto-nii, right?"

"That's right! May I see the letter?" asked Giotto.

Tsuna nodded and handed the letter to Giotto.

Giotto smiled and took it.

"Thank you!"said Giotto, who got a cute smile in reply.

"Say, guys, go collect your letters!" 'ordered' Giotto.

"But, erm... Alphonso and Cozart aren't here..."

"That's alright! We'll figure something out!" Dino replied cheerfully.

In their own way, the guardians asked for their letter and the tenth generation kids just gave it to them.

One by one, as the guardians read their letters, they had different reactions.

Lampo's POV

"Sigh...I'm Lampo. Can I have my letter?" I asked Lambo.

He didn't reply, but just handed me the letter anyways.

Dear Lampo,

The boy who gave you this letter is called Lambo. His name, as you can see, is very similar to yours. That is because he was named after you. He has just turned 3 last month and was taught to read 2 months before. Lambo is from 400 years in the future. Yes, that may be hard to digest, but it is a fact. Right now, I feel that I am unable to keep him safe as my Famiglia is under attack and as his father and boss, I think it necessary to do all that I can to keep him safe. Lambo is your predecessor and I hope you will take care of him as your little brother as I know that you are too young to be a father. I hope you will excuse my formal tone. Even though Lambo may seem like a brat, there is a other side of him that he doesn't show. Unlike common belief, Lambo is an intelligent child with a high IQ of 200. In actual fact, he can read very well but prefers to pretend to stumble as he thinks that as he just started learning how to read 2 months ago, he should not be able to read that well. And well, that is true, but as I said before, he is an intelligent child. Also, he is able to speak Italian as well as Japanese but he prefers to speak in Japanese among his friends. Lambo does not know that I am his father and sees me as his boss. I hope you will help me to keep the secret that I am his father. I feel that it is necessary for you to know the truths about Lambo to take good care of him. Thus, I am telling you this. His mother, another of your predecessors, passed away when giving birth. Please do not let me down.

Yours Sincerely,

The Ninth Bovino Famiglia Boss

So, I'm a big brother now? What will my dad say? Wait, I doubt he even cares. Lambo seems pretty cute, I guess. Well, can't let his dad down now, can I?

Third Person's POV

No one but Lambo and Giotto noticed, but Lampo's eyes softened as he finished reading the letter.

'Maybe he will mature after this,' thought Giotto.

'So, this is my big brother?' thought Lambo.

As everyone finished reading their letters of different lengths, Giotto smiled, clapped his hands, and said,

"Well! It's settled then! We will become your new Papa's, uncles, and brothers!"

"What? We didn't say okay!" shouted G.

Giotto ignored G and continued,

"Well, since we have finished breakfast, let's give you a tour of the mansion!"

After a grand tour of the mansion, the First Generation showed their respective kid/kids their rooms. It had been decided before that important guests would have the rooms that were closest to the First Generation's rooms. Tsuna's room was opposite Giotto's, Gokudera's G's, and so on so forth. By the time they were done, it was lunch time.

"Alright kids, let's go for lunch!" Giotto announced.

While walking towards the dining room, Dino tripped. Again. While going for the tour, Dino had tripped at least fifteen times. Tsuna and Enma tripped a few times too, but not as much.

Sighing, Giotto helped Dino up and told him, " You're quite a klutz, aren't you?"

Dino just laughed sheepishly and scratched his head.

'Now that I think about it... Tsuna and Enma are quite clumsy too...' Giotto thought. 'But Dino takes the cake.'

After walking for a little more, they reached the dining room. After eating a quick meal, Giotto announced "Now, why don't we go shopping for some clothes?"

"Okay!" replied Tsuna happily.

"Oi... Giotto... what about your paperwork?" asked G.

"That can wait!" said Giotto.

G sighed.

'Excuses,' he thought

Once they got out of the carriage at town, all the ladies started screaming.

"Primo! I'm the one for you!"

Or bullshit like that. Each guardian had their own group of fangirls. Some asked/ screamed if the tenth generation were their kids.

'Why would they think that?' they all thought.

All in all, the fangirls just got ignored. Giotto clutched Tsuna's and Dino's hand while G took Gokudera's and Dino's. Lampo out Lambo on his shoulders while Asari held Yamamoto's and Spammer's hand,Daemon Mukuro's and Chrome's, and Alaude, well, Shoichi's as Hibari refused to let his hand be held.

"1..."Giotto started.

"2..."G continued.

"3! Run for it!" finished Giotto.

At that cue, they all charged forward and barged their way through the fangirls which had crowded around them. Once they managed to shake the fangirls off, Giotto and co. made their way to their first stop – the biggest children clothes shop in town.

In the Shop

"Perché, ènon èPrimo eil suoguardiani.Benvenuto!Chebambiniadorabili!Sonovostri?Sembranoproprio come te!(Why, if it isn't Primo and his Guardians. Welcome! What adorable children! Are they yours? They look just like you!)"said the store owner.

" potrebbe dire che! (Er... you could say that!)" replied Giotto

"Ciao zia! (Hello Aunty) Sono Tsunayoshi Sawada! ( I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada)" said Tsuna in Italian.

"He knows Italian?" all of the guardians, except for Alaude, thought out loud.

"Eh? I thought you knew... all of us do, except for Yamamoto, Spanner and Shoichi. Actually, they do know, but only a little. I'm not sure about Lambo though... Hibari-nii also knows French!" Tsuna replied with a oh so innocent look on his face.

"Che. Alcuni di noi sono italiano che sai! (Some of us are Italian you know!)" Gokudera said.

"You're Italian?" G shouted.

"Of course," Gokudera answered, switching back to Japanese. "I'm pretty sure it was in the letter."

"Oh...erm..." G so intelligently answered.

In actual fact, G had stopped reading the letter when he read: The rest of the letter isn't really important.

"Nufufu... so which of you are Italian?" asked Daemon.

At that, Gokudera, Dino, Mukuro, Chrome, Enma and Lambo raised their hands.

"Actually, my Papa once told me that all of us, except for Yamamoto, Hibari-nii, Spanner and Shoichi had Italian blood in us. Hibari has French blood, Spanner is American while Yamamoto and Shoichi are full bred Japanese," said Tsuna.

"Oh... I see..." said Giotto.

They store owner, who was just silently watching the conversation, said,

"Così stoindovinando chenon la lororealtài vostri bambini?Tu nonsembrano saperemolto su di loro. (So I'm guessing that their not actually your kids? You don't seem to know alot about them.)"

"Ah...sì (ah...yes)" replied Giotto.

"Bene, suppongo chetu sei quiper comprarei vestitiper loro.Fareste meglioandare avantipoi.( Well, i suppose you are here to buy clothes for them. You had better get going then)"

", dovremmo (Yes, we should)."

After picking out some clothes, the guardians took them to the cashier to pay. For sure, Giotto and his guardians a lot of different clothes. For the boys, shorts, three quarter pants, long pants, jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, polo t-shirts, vests, and a set of formal wear. It wasn't called the biggest children's clothes shop in Sicily for nothing. For Chrome, Daemon bought her dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans.

For their next stop, they went to a shoe shop. While making their way there, Primo and co. were once again harassed my fangirls but they managed. Somehow.

"We're finally here!" announced Giotto, panting.

Even though the shoe shop wasn't far from the clothes shop, due to fangirls, they had to take the long route, which was much longer.

To the adults surprise, Yamamoto and Ryohei weren't panting at all. In fact, they weren't even having a hard time breathing!

"Haha! That was fun!"

"EXTREME jogging!"

Jogging? They were running at full speed! But then again, that was Ryohei.

"F-ing athletic kids!" cursed G.

"G! Language!" chided Giotto, Asari and Kunckle chided.

Stumbling into the store, they were once again greeted by a friendly store owner. But seeing how tired most of them were, he did not try to make conversation, even though he wanted to know who the children were.

Quickly, they each chose 3 different types of footwear. Each of them got the same design of sandals, except Chrome's was white while the boy's were dark brown. By coincidence, almost all of their shoe sizes were the same, except for Lambo who had smaller feet and Hibari, Mukuro and Dino who had slightly bigger feet. It didn't matter to them whose shoe's were whose, so they didn't have to worry about differentiating problems. Also, the had gotten some formal shoes. The boys got the design of shoes (again) and Chrome got a pair of white (again!) ballet like shoes. For casual wear, Yamamoto and Ryohei got sport shoes of the same design but of different colour. Tsuna, Hibari, Mukuro and Gokudera got similar pairs of shoes but Tsuna's was orange while Hibari's was white, Mukuro's black and Gokudera's red. Lambo got a pair of cow print shoes while Chrome got indigo coloured slip-ons with a strap to ensure that the shoes would not fall of easily. Shoichi and Spanner got a pair of sneakers. Shoichi's was read while Spanner's was black. Dino got a black pair of shoes with laces. Initially, Giotto considered buying shoes with laces on them for him. But then, oh well.

Finally, they were done. Each guardian paid for each of their child's/children's clothes. Giotto, however, not only paid for Tsuna, but Enma, Shoichi and Spanner as well. Well, let's just say that he burned a big hole in his wallet. However, when he saw the children thanking him from the bottom of his hearts, he felt that it was worth it. Though, he couldn't help but wonder... something about Tsuna's smile and eyes seemed to be off.

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