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Italic= Thoughts

Bold= Italian

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WARNING: There will be a little mix with the future for the amusement park

In town…

"Hm… what should we have for lunch?" asked Giotto.

"How about some pizza?" suggested Asari.

" Pizza would be EXTREME!" shouted Ryohei, voicing his opinion.

All the kids nodded, liking the idea of pizza. [ I chose pizza as I just went to make pizza with my awesome CCA friends today for a party to celebrate the end of term ]

Daemon had casted an illusion to hide who they really were, so they weren't harassed by fangirls. Hibari didn't really like it, but it would save the energy and time spent running. Also, it would be more peaceful, and less crowding from the fangirls.

"I have a recommendation for a pizza place. It's not far from here, I have heard from several people that it is pretty good. Would you guys like to try it?" offered Alphonso, smiling.

"Sure, that sounds great! What is the restaurant called?"

" 'La Pizza Palazzo'. I think it's famous for its' crust. Since it's still pretty early, and considering it is a weekday, we should be able to get seats," replied Alphonso.

"Oi, what are we waiting for then? Lampo-sama is hungry," stated Lampo nonchantly.

"Gyahahaha! Lambo-san is hungry too! Lambo wants pizza! Hurry!" added in Lambo.

"Hai,hai, just wait for a little longer," answered Asari cheerfully.

In La Pizza Palazzo

"Welcome! How many seats?"

"20, please," answered Alphonso politely.

"20, eh? That's quite a big party you have there! Please wait a moment while we get your seats ready," answered the waiter.

After waiting for several minutes, the Guardians in disguise were brought to their table. It was a long table, put together by moving tables and chairs.

" Here is our menu, feel free to order anytime! Our specialty is the classic Hawaiian Pizza. We use the top grade of cheese and ham!" suggested the waiter, handing out several menus to the adults.

"Oh, thanks!" replied Giotto.

"Nufufufu… how many should we get?" asked Daemon.

"6 large pizzas," answered Spanner immediately.

"Oh? And why would you say that, Spanner-kun?" asked Elena, curious as why Spanner would ask for six.

"One large pizza has 10 slices. There would be 60 slices altogether, and there are 20 of us. Everyone of us would get 3, but most of us kids will only have too. Thus, some of you adults can have 4, and I think we won't be getting that much leftovers. Of course, we can just order 3 extra large pizzas, but if we get 6 large pizzas, we can try more of their flavors," explained Spanner quickly.

The adults were shocked. He calculated it so fast! There would be enough pizza to fill them all up, and there also won't be much wasted. It was perfect!

"Wow. You really are good at maths, Spanner-kun," praised Cozart.


In the end, they ordered 6 large pizzas: Hawaiian, BBQ chicken, Pepperoni, Anchovies, Spinach, and the restaurant's 2 special pizzas for the day. [I never heard of Spinach pizza, but it's fanfiction, right? XP]

By the time all the pizza arrived, customers were coming in for their lunch. Alphonso was right, it was a popular place. Their pizza was also really good, fresh ingredients and all. The prices of the pizzas were reasonable prices too. Also, the pizzas didn't take very long to arrive, as observed from watching the other customers. The guardians had ordered many pizzas, and large ones at that. It was common sense that the pizza would not take a short time to arrive. Everyone could see why the Hawaiian was their most popular pizza. It was simply delish! They had to split the pizza into 20 slices instead of 10, so everyone could try some. They had wanted to order another Hawaiian pizza, but knew that if they did, they would not be able to finish the rest. Hibari, surprising, liked the Spinach pizza after the Hawaiian one. ( Hibari is supposed to be a carnivore, remember? xP) Lambo tried to steal Lampo's food, but after receiving a whacking from him, he stopped. But not after making a ruckus. Everyone was staring at the Guardians in disguise as Lambo was making a ruckus, some seemed quite annoyed. In the end, however, the manager promised Lambo free ice-cream after he finished his meal, but only if he stopped making a ruckus. They guardians had never been so embarrassed! Luckily, they were in disguise. Gokudera wanted to blast Lambo to bits, but Tsuna stopped him before he could take his dynamites out. G swore that Lambo was too spoilt, and that Lampo was spoiling him even more. Lampo, of course, disagreed, and they almost broke into an argument, but Asari stopped them. Luckily.

After their hectic lunch, courtersy of Giotto, it was time to go to the amusement park.

In the amusement park

"Good afternoon! How many tickets?"

"12 children and 10 adults," G answered, paying for the tickets.

A little earlier…

"It was my idea, so I'm paying for it," said G, leaving no space for argument.

"Sa, minna, which ride would you like to go on first?" asked Asari kindly.

"That one!" shouted Lambo, pointing to a large roller coaster. (A/N: I'm not sure if there were roller coasters back then, but I don't think amusement parks would be very fun without those kind of rides)

"Ahahaha… Lambo-kun, are you sure?" asked Asari nervously.

"Of course I'm sure! Alala~ are you scared?" taunted Lambo.

"Lambo, don't be rude!" chided Tsuna.

"I-it's okay, Tsuna-kun, he is right, after all."

"EH! Asari-san, you're scared of roller coasters!" exclaimed Takeshi, eyes wide.

"Just… a little…"

"Che, a little my ***! The first time we sat on a roller coaster together, Asari ended up being so pale!" said G, smirking.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed the children, unable to contain their laughter, except Hibari and Spanner. While Spanner chuckled, Hibari smirked, almost breaking into a laugh.

"Language,G!" scolded Elena. "Being scared of roller coasters is no big deal, don't make fun of Asari just because he's scared! Kids, it's not nice to laugh at people." (A/N: I'm scared of roller coasters too…. :S)

"Sorry, Aunt Elena," apologized some of the kids.

"Che,the adults are laughing too, why can't we?" retorted Gokudera, ignoring his manners.

Truth to be told, the adults were indeed laughing. Slightly. The memory of a pale Asari was just too funny. Alphonso and Cozart were trying to contain their laughter, not wanting to be rude, with Cozart failing miserably.

In the end, they did end up riding the roller coaster, with Asari as an exception, of course. They day went by in a flash, and soon it was tea time. They rode many rides, without having to queue as it was a weekday. For tea, they went into a small café. The adults mainly ordered cakes and coffee/tea. Alaude, not liking sweet things, went for a sandwich instead. The children ordered finger food, such as fries, and drinks like hot chocolate.

After tea, they decided to head back to the Vongola Mansion. And that marks the start of preparation for school time…

Author's Note: And that's that for this chapter. I know this one was short, and some of you may feel like the last feel chapt

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