Okay, so I'll admit that my dad forced me to watch the HP movies and I pretended to hate them just to spite him. But I kinda fell in love with the concept of the marauders and how Remus basically had two overbearing brothers. One day, I realized Hey, why don't I give Harry a family? Poor guy needs one. Because, come on! Who would we be without our parents?

Disclaimer: Not mine, or Wormtail would have died so much sooner… Oh, and I haven't read the books so help me out, readers!

Chapter one: We Choose…

It was almost scary, how similar this situation was to he actually went to Hogwarts. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were both feeling rather awkward sitting in front of Professor Dumbledore after graduating just one year ago. Said headmaster was staring at them with strangely grave blue eyes, their usual twinkle absent and instead filled with concern. Remus grimaced and rolled his shoulders. The full moon was in a few days and Moony was getting restless. The beast clawed and bayed at the barrier separating their minds, causing another wave of pain to spike through his head. Sirius laid an absent hand on his friend's shoulder and rubbed his back.

Considering what they had just spoken of, it was really no surprise that none of them were smiling. Although Lily had just given birth to a healthy baby boy just weeks ago, it seemed he was going to be in for the fight of his life when he was older. Not only was he apparently the child of prophecy, but it was said on the streets that Voldemort was starting to look for the Potter family. His intentions were only all too clear to Sirius, who had immediately cussed in four different languages and knocked over several chairs to articulate his point. Remus, the calm and sarcastic one, had snarled and let his eyes turn gold. That was what had brought Sirius back to the land of the living.

Dumbledore gazed at them sadly. He knew this was going to happen, but all he said was, "Would either of you like a lemon drop?"

Sirius took one and practically shoved it down the lanky boy's throat. Choking, Remus demanded, "What? Siri, what in Merlin's name are you doing? I'm not hungry, you twat!"

Promptly ignoring him, Sirius took another and held it above the moody werewolf's head. "Come on, Remmie! Open up for the Hogwarts Express!" Making interesting chugging sounds, he forced his friend's locked jaws apart and shoved the candy in. Pinching his nose, the werewolf finally gave in and ate it. "There, was that so bad?" he cooed mockingly.

Instead of dignifying the question with a response, Remus focused on getting his stomach to cease churning. He felt sick enough as it was, what with the current topic of conversation and the moon's current state. Settling on glaring daggers at his friend's head, he turned back to the headmaster. Ignoring Sirius was never a particularly brilliant idea, as it led to pranks and pouting later, but he was in an absolutely horrible mood. The ache covering mostly his entire body could attribute for only half of that. The other was, unsurprisingly, Sirius, who had woken him up at precisely one o'clock in the morning screaming for bananas. He'd decided he was better off not knowing.

Sirius continued the conversation. "Well, on that note, I'll do it! Not sure about Moony, though. He's getting closer to his time of the month, if you catch my drift." The last part was said in a loud whisper, which was unneeded since his 'time of the month' gave him extremely acute hearing. Growling under his breath, Remus lightly shoved his friends shoulder. Sirius wailed a dramatic, "I'm melting, I'm melting! Who knew such a…such a…aw, man! How does that line go again?"

Shoulders now shaking quietly in laughter, Remus intoned, "I'm definitely in, professor. If only to keep young Harry safe from this git's influence and 'brilliant ideas'."

Dumbledore finally nodded, though the worry never left his eyes. What they had just volunteered for was the ageless sleep spell, one that had most often led to the wizards put under it to never wake up. The main idea is for whoever it is put over to fall asleep and stay the same age as they were at that exact second in time the spell was wrought until the caster reverses it. Not only was it dangerous to the subjects, but the caster most often ended up dead from the pure magic it took to perform the spell. Dumbledore was afraid that even if he succeeded, the two Marauders would never wake up.

Pushing aside these worries, the headmaster explained, "Now, I thought it best not to bring this to James' attention. There is no doubt in my mind that he would never agree to this, although it was with his best interests at heart. Gentlemen, I leave you two days to prepare yourselves. I am sorry, Remus, but the full moon will have to wait. Minerva believes there isn't enough time."

Swallowing hard, the werewolf nodded. Moony was going to be an absolute fright when he and Sirius come to, but it was going to be well worth it to help the Potters. One could only hope it would work.

And so it was that two days later, just one night before the full moon, Sirius Orion Black and Remus John Lupin became dead to the world. Their friends and classmates mourned them, remembering the days long since past when they had turned Severus' hair a bright fluorescent pink or the grand pranks pulled the first day of every new school year. James, of course, took it the hardest. Lily was unable to console him for weeks after, but then again, no one knew that the two Marauders were lying in wait for the day the child of prophecy should need his Godfathers.

Months later, they were not there to see Voldemort defeated or the boy-that-lived become an orphan. No, Remus and Sirius were both dreaming the dreams of the dead. That is to say, none at all. And all the while, Dumbledore wondered if he had done the right thing.

Harry's fifth year: After Order of the Phoenix

With the help of Minerva, Dumbledore made it unseen back into Hogwarts castle. No longer the headmaster, he felt pity for those students under Umbridge's cruel treatment. The golden trio were certainly stressed from the recent events, so he had finally decided it was time. The extra help would be extremely appreciated. With Remus' mind and Sirius's strength of character, the despairing young Potter would hopefully be able to find some peace. Of course, there was the daunting task of telling the remaining Marauders of James's death. Dumbledore knew it would break both his heart and theirs.

First, though, he had to retrieve Harry, Hermione and Ron from the Gryffindor towers. Merlin, it was a long walk! Sighing, he promptly gave in and apparated into the chamber shared by the boys. Waking them proved to be nigh-on impossible until he simply murmured 'breakfast' into Mr. Weasley's ear. It was simply amazing how much the boy loved food, especially when he jumped up from a dead sleep and tried to put on a robe. Chuckling softly, he called out, "Ronald, I'm quite sure that's no necessary. Breakfast isn't for many hours yet. Wake Harry, if you could, I have something you all need to see."

Five minutes later, Dumbledore was leading three half-asleep teenagers through the halls and straight to the Room of Requirements. Walking three times passed the not-door, it appeared just how he had thought of it if not a little worn. Sighing, he began to speak his mind. "I don't wish to get your hopes up, Harry, because there's a big chance my spell put those boys to their deaths. But I will tell you for the sake of a story. In this room lies Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, your father's dearest friends. After you were born and the prophecy was undoubtedly about you, I asked them to do something for me. In the event that James was killed, Sirius would have taken you, but the gift your mother bestowed on you wouldn't work without true family ties."

Sighing, he continued. "If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn't have done it. Harry, behind this very door I put them into an ageless sleep in hopes they would help you win the war. Yet it's entirely possible I've left it for too long and they will never wake up. Harry, are you alright?"

The Boy-Who-Lived had turned very pale. Eyes cloudy with tears, he asked, "They did this for me?"

Smiling softly, he murmured, "I believe Remus said something about keeping you away from Sirius's 'good ideas'. Yes, Harry, they did this for you. James was their family, too."

Blinking hard, the brave boy nodded and slowly reached forward to open the door. Inside, the room was dark and dusty, but the remains of brightly colored paint were just able to be seen. Dumbledore stepped towards a small shaft of light and opened a window. Finally, the first light in fifteen years was shed on two sleeping faces. The slightly grinning Sirius was sprawled in a position that could never be called comfortable by anyone but himself, and the pale Remus lying perfectly on his back, golden-amber eyes closed and motionless. Hermione gasped and sped to look at them, seeing the scar on Remus' cheek.

Harry stood in the middle of the room, glancing at the sleepers with confusion and grief. They had lived, but his father hadn't. Turning, he called, "Professor-"

"Hush, dear boy. It's time to wake them and tell them of James's death. I fear it won't be well received."

Concentrating now, Dumbledore chanted in a continuous rhythm, *"Consurge, iamdudum somni tempus transierunt."* At first, it didn't seem to be working and Hermione looked as if she were about to cry. Then Sirius twitched and moved in the sleep, mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like 'bananas'. Remus wriggled restlessly, a soft snarl escaping his throat. All at once, Sirius's eyes opened and took in the scene before him. A boy who was obviously Harry with teary eyes, a girl with poofy brown with a look of awe and a Weasley with his mouth slightly open in an unsightly gawk. Grinning goofily, he leaped up and over to Remus and chirped happily, "Rise and shine, Remmie! We've been sleeping for long enough. WAKE UP!" he screamed when there was no reaction.

The squirming boy ended up jumping about a foot in the air, yelping when he hit the floor. A soft moan rose from where he was, and Sirius winces and called over the side of the bed, "You alright, Moony?"

Muffled curses flew back at him and the dark-haired, muscular boy pulled back and stepped closer to Ron. "You must be one of Arthur and Molly's kids. Sirius Bla-" he stopped and fell promptly to the floor after being tackled by the other boy. He was still sickly and pale, but his strength was incredible as he pinned Sirius to the floor and hissed, "I thought we agreed dumping me out of bed was a bad idea, Siri."

Laughing, the boys wrestled under the incredulous and amused eyes of Hermione, Harry, Ron and Albus Dumbledore. I wonder when they'll notice us, thought the old headmaster absently. And I wonder how they'll take the news…

And that is why you should read the books before writing for them. I think I'll pick up a few of them when I go back to the library. Until then, I'd appreciate ideas and a plot line for the books after OotP. Chaoi!

* Awake, the time for sleep has long since passed