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Chapter Three: Haunting, Calling, Crying

As a general rule, Sirius Black didn't cry. Not when his little brother betrayed him, not when his parents' disowned him and not even when his girlfriend was driven insane the year before graduation. James and Lily were tear-worthy losses and Remus…his last best friend in the world looked like a slab of meat that someone cast the Sectumsempra curse on repeatedly at close range. Tears were pouring down his face in an unstoppable torrent as he heard Madame Pomfrey yelling at her healers in a desperate attempt to save the werewolf's life. Too much blood had been shed in this war and the last for Remus to die from one bright full moon. Sirius knew it could happen, though. Once he had gone to St. Mungo's to visit his sick grandmother and saw the damage some wolves did to themselves when there wasn't anything left to bite at. He didn't want to see that happen to Remus.

Too bad it already had.

Quietly, Sirius got up to lean against the wall. Harry had probably heard by now that one of his father's best friends was bleeding out in the Healing wing. The kid really didn't need to see his godfather crying like an idiot. He had been through enough, from what Sirius had heard from the gossipy Med witches. Winning against a powerful sorcerer like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named was no easy feat, especially for a baby. Come to think of it, the only other person who might have been able to win a battle against the dark lord would have been Godric Gryffindor. He was dead, obviously, so now the fate of the world fell onto the shoulders of a teenage boy who happened to be his godson. There was some serious karma at work here. Perhaps because he had almost killed Snivellus that one full moon? Nah, the universe would thank him for that. One less greasy-haired git walking around.

On that note, there was something about said greasy-haired git that seemed off. Other than the whole I-shall-not-show-any-emotion-but-annoyance-and-speak-in-monotone thing he had going for him. Merlin, if Lily could see what her best friend had degenerated into she'd hex him. Sirius would hex him into thinking he could dance ballet if he tried after the Golden Trio just once more. Remus would help, when he woke up. Not if, since it was only a matter of time before the nightmares started again. Hopefully the puking would be bypassed, mainly because it might just kill him in the aftermath of the damage via Moony. Shrugging his shoulder and grimacing at the uncomfortable pull of the dislocated limb, Sirius started pacing around anxiously. The scratches across his back were deep but absolutely nothing compared to what his friend had.

Sure enough, a loud howling started up from behind the door. Naturally, Sirius burst through the door in time to see three young witches trying to calm the writhing and wailing werewolf. They were failing epically. After pushing them to the side with a warning not to try anything before Remus woke up, he bent over and murmured softly, "Rems, wake up. It's just me. Moony, come on. Please!"

The last part got him up. Gasping and shaking, the wails turned into a scream of agony when he tried getting up. Sirius quickly sat next to him and leaned against his shoulder. Pain didn't matter as long as Remus didn't have a panic attack when he realized his pack wasn't there. A piece of it, anyways. Werewolves thrive on contact from their packs and without it many go mad. Part of the reason there weren't many lone wolves around was that they went insane from the mental pressure put on them by the monster. With this in mind, Sirius wriggled his way right next to Remus to wrap a soothing arm around him, flinching at the heat. After a few moments, Remus' breathing started to even out and his forehead dropped to Sirius' shoulder. Soft whimpers were forced from the younger boys' throat at the pain coursing through his body. No tears, though. Never any tears.

There wasn't much Sirius could do while his friend was like this. Usually, the Marauders waited until he had a good nights sleep before even thinking of asking about his dreams. Only once did he ever tell them what had horrified him so and by popular consensus and two panic attacks, agreed never to speak of it again. Let it be known that Remus wasn't the only one to wake up screaming that week. There wasn't much good that came into Remus Lupin's life in those days except for Hogwarts, minus the horrifying dreams that aren't to be spoken of. His father had left soon after he'd been bitten and his mother had died of a Muggle disease in the middle of sixth year. It was safe to say that his friend had his share of hard times, probably more than even Harry. Sleep was a difficult thing for the both of them on nights when past demons came back to haunt them and it was likely his godson had his own unholy followers, but nothing could be held against a teenager that reminded him greatly of himself.

Thinking about it while absently wriggling a little closer to Remus, Sirius saw that he and Harry had extremely similar lives. While Walburga Black had regretted him being born and showed him off like a prized Pomeranian in social circles, Harry had lived under a staircase being hidden from the world. At least that way no one had the right to criticize him except his aunt and uncle, which apparently they did often. Then again, he had been starved…all in all, life's a bitch and then you die. That was it, that was all and there was no point in crying when it happened because it isn't fair. Crying about it would only drive a person mad if he dwelt upon it. Just like his great-grandfather Corvus Black after great-grandma died. Looking after the man was like picking up a Snaggletooth Viper with mouse meat on your fingers. It just wasn't allowed to happen.

Finally, Remus felt calm enough to close his eyes and stop trying to burrow through Sirius's shoulder to get to China. He simply breathed until the pain was under control. Conveniently enough, Harry chose to burst into the room just after the two of them had themselves composed enough to speak. He didn't look as happy as Sirius had thought he would that Remus was still alive. All at once, he realized what was going through the boy's mind. If Remus survived an attack like this then he should have been with James. Sirius nearly groaned at the thought of yet another issue in the lives of the Marauders. Brilliant. Just bloody brilliant. Now he had to deal with a broken and bleeding werewolf as well as an angst-ridden teenager. And to think he'd nearly killed Snivellus for the universe that just about had him screwed! The nerve of some places…

Unfortunately, he now had to decide which problem to take care of first. The angst-ridden teenager or his werewolf best friend who nearly bled out three hours ago. Decisions, decisions. In the end, Remus fell asleep too quickly for him to make the easy choice so he was stuck trying to comfort Harry. Sirius barely resisted the urge to scream and run away like a little first year and instead took a deep breath. Then another. And another. Five minutes later, he was practically meditating and Harry looked very amused. Madame Pomfrey might have looked like she was about to call the psych ward at St. Mungo's but she knew him too well and decided it was better left unknown. The universe seemed to be smiling on him at the moment because his godson took the chair beside Remus' bed and asked, "What happened to him? And why are you doing…whatever that is?"

"It's called meditation, Harry. I'm doing it because I have reached my stress quota for the day and bludger me if I turn into my bloody mother!…and I didn't realize five minutes have passed. Sorry, mate. Whadja need?" Spouted Sirius in an effort to distract him from the obvious point of no return. By that he meant the word of half-beasts, which is never a good world to be in. Especially if you were one. Discrimination, potential dark lord bait and the small fact that you either eat your classmates or yourself. Wincing imperceptibly, he whispered to himself, "Bad thoughts, mate. Keep them to yourself." This would be the part where his godson minded his own business but instead, between his worried and slightly angered looks at Remus, Harry was giving him the patented James Potter no-nonsense face. One that promised retaliation for any lie that felt like a slight of his mental capacity. (Which, if you ask some people, was nigh on nonexistent.)

Nonetheless, Sirius contained the witty remark and replied, "Oh, that's easy, Prongslet. Remmie here is universally hated by Hippogriffs and dogs everywhere. If there's a beast within a few miles, it'll have a little taste of my poor unfortunate mate. Just never tell him I said that." Actually, this was nearer to the truth than he had planned to go. Dogs did absolutely hate Remus for smelling of werewolf and instinctively tried ripping his face off. Which was a source of much laughter until one of said dogs just missed biting Sirius in a very sensitive spot after getting just a tad overexcited. Needless to say, they had stopped laughing at their friend's plight and kept as far away from dogs as possible. The irony is that Sirius himself had a great black dog as his patronus and it loved Remus like a brother. Wonder how that worked out…

Hermione, who had just gotten into the room, gasped lightly at the sight of Remus' broken and bandaged body then frowned slightly in confusion. Sirius was sitting cross-legged on the bed beside him looking absolutely intoxicated. There was a slight smile on his face and a glassy look to his eyes. Eyes shrewdly narrowed, she quickly pointed out that despite being nearly a foot away on the big bed, one of the man's hands crept to his injured friend's shoulder. Even stranger was the fact that although his hand was covering a bandage there wasn't any pain on Remus' face. In fact, he was perfectly relaxed even as one of the med witches started changing the bandages surrounding a bloody upper leg. No one, not even a best friend could keep someone calm enough to not even flinch while being moved around like this. Something was off.

And she intended to find out.

Sirius caught the glitter in her eyes and couldn't help but compare the brilliant young witch to Lily, the woman both he and James had loved. Not that he had ever told his friend that tiny fact. Hermione reminded him of the dead woman solving a particularly difficult Transfiguration question, with a sly gleam brightening her emerald eyes. Only this girl had chocolate brown orbs and a mass of auburn curls as opposed to flaming red waves. Still, there were some definite similarities. Aaaand…he had stared at her for long enough. Hermione was starting to look around the room and trying not to meet his eyes. Blinking out of his daze, Sirius asked, "Um, is this a meetin' of the minds or something? If it is, I'm not supposed to be here."

There it was. The tiniest hint of a smile stayed on her face for a few seconds before disappearing behind a carefully schooled mask of indifference. Not. She kept her heart right on her sleeve. Like Lily. No, no, bad Sirius. No thinking about Lily! This was one of many breaking points that would hopefully never surface again, or at least where there was someone who reminded him of-No. Can't think about her. It was either convenience or really good timing that as soon as he started looking for a distraction, Remus' eyes shot open. He looked slightly panicked and it was an easy thing to tell exactly what was happening. Hastily shoving the two teenagers out of the room, at the same time, his wand shot into his hand as he muttered strongly, "Accio trashbin!"

Almost before he had shut and locked the door, Remus was choking up his own blood. Whatever he had drunk as a werewolf immediately forced it's way up with gut-clenching heaves that shook his frail body and made him shiver. Sirius sat behind him with the werewolf's back pressed up against his chest as he held his friend up. Remus was always weak after the moon went down for another twenty-eight days and today was no exception. Sighing, he rubbed between his friend's shoulder blades in a motion made both to comfort and make sure the blood didn't clog up his throat. After a few minutes, he was simply surprised at how much blood Moony had drunk. It was a wonder the beast could still have craved for human flesh after all that…

Remembering how Moony had actually crawled closer to him before the sun showed it's face made him wonder if it was possible for werewolves to be tamed. I bet no one's ever tried before, thought Sirius with a hint of disgust. Almost all of the Wizarding world considered half-beasts to be less than a speck of dirt on their shoes. They hated and reviled them, nearing racism like in the Muggle world only most of them thought they had good reasons. If all of those bigots saw how Remus locked himself up during those nights, how careful he was not to change anyone the way he was, they would either be amazed or horrified. The scars covering nearly every part of his body were proof of just how much werewolves despised themselves, even more than most wizards. The beast hated the human and the human both feared and hated the beast. It was a lose-lose situation all around, especially for the ones who had to watch the slow degradation of the half-beast's mental health.

This had always been the Marauder's main priority. Born under the full moon, they had worked for years to be able to become Animagi and be able to stay with Remus to make the transformation easier. They had tried their hardest to make sure their friend stayed the way he was, instead of killed by the Werewolf Response unit or sentenced to Azkaban just because a normal cell in St. Mungo's wasn't secure enough. By all intents and purposes, their idea had worked though not without a few scars of their own. Remus was partially tame and there weren't as many incidents involving James' flank and a set of teeth even though it was the Buck Anamagi who started it. As it turns out, werewolves don't particularly enjoy having antlers stuck into their eyes. When that happened, Remus was usually the one who felt the worst.

Finally, after all of the blood had come up and the heaving relaxed, Sirius glanced at the bucket and frowned. What the hell was he going to do with a gallon of werewolf blood?

Creeping silently around the castle far away from the giant groundkeeper's hut, glowing golden eyes watched in amusement as the dog snuffled and howled, trying to get close enough to tear into him. Barking a laugh, Fenrir Greyback threw back his head and gave a mocking howl. The boy that he had changed over twenty years ago didn't answer his call. Of course he didn't, the boy was a weak minded fool! To even consider the possibility that what had been given to him was a curse was just beyond stupidity. It was a gift, to never be in danger and never be alone with yourself. Being stronger, faster and all over more superior to any wizard alive. Why would this mere pup take this for granted? He would never realize how good it felt to let the wolf take over until it finally happened. Fenrir planned to make that sooner rather than later. After all, his entire pack was either too young, too old or too mad for even him to control. With this youngling as a beta, the possibilities were endless.

But first, he had to find a way in.

After seeing first-hand just how sure a shot the groundskeeper was with that crossbow, he had decided that it wasn't going to happen unless he decided to lose an eye. A crippled werewolf was of no use to the Dark Lord, about as deadly as a squib since the beautiful killer beneath his skin would mourn the loss of it's freedom for the rest of their lives. No, he needed them to come to him. He had no plan just yet but he would think of one. Something to bring the bloodthirsty killer in the putty boy roaring to the forefront. Wolfsbane was too easily detected by scent and silver would probably just kill him. After all, if this plan didn't work once he came up with it, Greyback wanted that pleasure all to himself. He couldn't have a rival who had even the slightest chance of being able to take over as alpha. Slowly, a plan came to mind that made a cruel smile twist his features.

If he couldn't get to the pup, he would get to his friends.

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