Chapter 1: Prank #1

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Chapter 1: Meeting Amu

Emo (Me): Okay…this is just an idea that has been stuck in my head, so please don't be shy and review on what you think.

Summary: After getting kicked out of her old school for over the top pranks, Amu is transferring to Seiyo High and decides that it's time to show the snobby rich kids that commoners also have tricks up their sleeves. Will have Utamu and Riamu yuri but eventual Amuto, Kutau, Rimahiko, Kaiya... Tadase x ? (Undecided)

Ages: The guardians are all the same ages…

Ikuto: Am I in the stupid guardian club?

Amu: Shut up, we will find out in the story!

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Amu: Enjoy! (if you can...)

*Normal POV*

As the newest student came up to the main office, making the students and even some staff members of the school gasp as she walked, she went up to the lady at the desk. "Yukari Sanjo" is what the label on the lady said, right under the "Secretary" label.

"Ah, Hinamori-san! Here is your schedule and meet the principal and vice principal, over there," said the woman addressed as Yukari Sanjo pointed to the room at the hall, the only room at the hall actually.

"Mm 'kay~" said Amu, as if she didn't have a care in the world, walking to the room Sanjo-san wanted Amu to go in. Amu was welcomed in the room by two men, the one with pale blonde hair was labeled "Tsukasa Amakawa" and the man with orange hair labeled "Yuu Nikaidou".

"Welcome Hinamori-san." said the happy blonde. "

Hello, Himamori-san, I'll be your homeroom teacher from now on!" said the happy red-head.

*Amu's POV*

"Nikaidou-sensei, its Hinamori…not Himamori," I said in annoyance. Don't get me wrong or anything but, it's just damn right annoying being called the wrong name. As the orange-top scratched his head as he sweat dropped, "Gomen, Himamori-san!"

Eh, whatever, I give up. As Tsukasa and I said our goodbyes, Yuu guided me to his homeroom classroom.

"Class I would like you to meet-"Yuu said until I interrupted him, "I'm Hinamori Amu, age 16 and that's all I have to say." I said ending quietly.

I walked over to see myself in a room with a few people, not that all that many actually. A girl with blonde, wavy hair, with light brown, and wearing: "I am in a room full with idiots," expression ran behind me as if I was her human shield. Two other girls; one blonde and another with brown hair. The blonde had violet eyes, and had the classic "I am so going to kill you!" expression, while the brunette had the "Why am I doing this again?" expression.

"Okay, settle down everyone!" yelled Yuu, literary next to my ear.

God damn! I'm gonna go deaf if he does that, AGAIN.

As the two blondes and brunette calmed down, they introduce themselves

"I'm Rima Mashiro." the chibi had said. God, she's so adorable! So small, be on my key-chain, please!

The other blonde says "I'm Utau Hoshina." Oh sweet Jeevas on a tricycle, she was totally my type!

Lastly the brunette says "HI! YAYA IS YAYA'S NAME! ~" she sang, quite loudly and a bit annoying too.

"Okay…boys! Introduce yourselves!" yelled Yuu, in my ear, AGAIN.

"OW!" I yelled at Yuu's ear, Haha! Payback!

"Himamori-san it's rude to yell." Yuu informed me; I just had an emotionless expression on my face.

"I'm Hotori Tadase," said a guy with a girl-like face, cute: not going to lie.

"I'm Nagihiko Fujika," said a guy with girl-like blue-violet hair, he made the style work for him. It fit him. He looked pretty damn good.

"I'm Souma Kukai!" yelled the chestnut haired jock. He's adorable, I can tell.

I see a girl come in, she was gasping for air she had blue-violet hair identical to Nagi's.

"I'm Fujika Nadeshiko! Nice to meet you-uh?" she said looking dumbfounded for a bit, "Hinamori Amu" I replied quickly,

"Nice to meet you Amu-chan!"

"Is it alright if I call you that?" I nodded at her question and thought of mine to ask her

"Is it alright if I call ya Na-Chan from now on?" I questioned her; she nodded as a result, while she smiled at me. Ugh, angel: she's one of my types!

"Don't forget about me." said a guy coming in the room, "I would've been here earlier if Nadeshiko wouldn't be so jealous of my "cat-like" skills." said the midnight blue headed boy as he put air quotes on "cat-like".

"I'm Tsukiyomi Ikuto," he said while smirking. Hot, yes. Cocky, yes. My type? Not really. But I can work with him.

{Skipping to Lunch}

I made it HALF a day in school without pranking someone! NEW RECORD! But … I can't….

"OHOHO, Hinamori Amu may act cool 'n' spicy but may never be as cool 'n' spicy!" said a girl that was wearing; a red mini skirt, white blouse that probably was too small to reach her hips with the words "Give you anything you like" (T.I. song reference, I think) in red across her chest (pshh, what chest?), red high heels, and she had red hair with matching a metallic-like green eyes.

"Oh. My. Fucking. God." I said in disbelief, my eyes widen "IT'S SANTA!" I shouted out loud while pointing at her.

"WHAT YOU RUDE COMMONER! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! I'M SAAYA YU-" I cut her by saying "First of all, bitch," Oh my Drake & Josh…she's the perfect girl…to TARGET!

"I for one, think I have nothing wrong with me and I think you better stop…you know…lay off the cookies~" I hardly whispered to her.

"URG!' she scoffed as she grabbed some guy's pie? Lol, pie's yummy. You shouldn't waste pie! She aimed for me and I just easily dogged it, I turned around to see Ikuto on the floor…NOT TO MENTION covered in… BLUEBERRY PIE! POOR PIE!

I saw Saaya and the rest of the people in the lunchroom gasp, PERFECT. Saaya likes Ikuto…truly perfect; I know who my dart is. A truly perfect games of darts, no? I mean Saaya the target, Ikuto my darts and lastly me…the shooter.

I walked over Ikuto and licked some of the pie off his face right in front of Saaya too. I heard everyone gasp at what I've done, eventually Saaya ran out crying with Ikuto's fan-girls. I extended my hand to Ikuto and smirked as I saw him blushing from head to toe. (Haha, gotta love prudes.) As he took my hand, he started to head out to the boys' bathroom "My, my, my, why is my blueberry-koi going away? I wanted some more." I whined while chuckling.

Kami-sama…you planned me out a god damn good day today.

Amu: Okay…turns out we didn't find out if Ikuto is in the guardians

Ikuto: AMU USE KOI? (Koi= Koibito= Lover)


Tadase: YOU'RE THE WRITER, so how is it mine?

Emo: Like YOU said because "I am the writer" *Mocks Tadase*

Amu & Ikuto: *Sweat drops*