Chapter 7: Prank #7

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*Amu's POV*

"What do you plan on doing, Amu?" Utau tilted her head in curiosity. Her Charas behind her; a devil and an angel- wait…devil, angel?

I smiled and looked at the devil; the tailed figure looked at me with a demonic aura.

"What's your name, devil tail?"

"Iru, the damned angel is Eru."

I walked over to the flying figure and I whispered into its ears; my plan. Leaving Eru and the Tsuki siblings confused of the certain situation. I heard an evil snicker come from the young devil Chara as I finished whispering.

"That's foolproof!"

"Clever aren't I?"

"I think… I like you…" Iru exclaimed while smirking and sat on my shoulder.

"I-I-Iru you shouldn-n-n't plan such mischief thi-i-ings!" the angel cried as she looked at us with a teary eyes.

"Eru, is it?" I asked.

The angel Chara nodded.

"What if it's for a lover's sake?"

"Love?" the angel became interested and looked at I with such, weird-no…complicated eyes; I mean: it's in a heart shape!

Eru smirked, "Yes, Eru-Love. I mean you we want Utau to be happy, ne? So we get her back together with Kukai. Ikuto and Amu are willing to help."

"I am?" Ikuto shot me a questioning look.

"We have a chance of ruining Saaya Slut while at it. We don't want to lose that chance now, do we?" I asked in a demonic tone.

"You want Kukai and I to get together? Why?" Utau asked as she started to play with the end of her dress. She had an intense blush on her face while at it.

"You're happy about us trying to get you guys to be an item, so try and look happy while at it, won't you?" I said, I was a bit pissed off to be honest.


"Iku-Koi, you are bait!"

"WHAT? Why?"

"Because we all know how…'sexy' you are, I mean you were bragging about it in the classroom." I teased him

"Damn!" Ikuto cursed under his breath, and then he stared at me. "What's the plan?"

*Normal POV*

As Amu explained the plan to the Tsuki siblings it was time that they had a lunch period.

"Oh, that's simple enough." Utau said as she got up and walked away and put a thumb up behind her back, as a signal. Amu looked at Ikuto who was already up by the time she glanced at him.

Amu smirked, 'This is going to be fun…'

*Utau's POV*

I looked around the lunchroom for Saaya and found her with a bunch of jocks, Kukai's table.

I gulped and walked up to her, "Hey, Saaya. That's a cute…shirt!" I said in a bubbly tone, god this disgusts me.

"Oh, thanks Utau!" Saaya said in her annoying high pitched voice, she should seriously join operas!

"Oh-Kukai! Your hair is all messy…Here let me help you with that." I then started to play with Kukai's hair and by Kukai; it seemed fine with him.

"U-um please stop touching my boyfriend!" Saaya finally yelped at me.

"I don't see it bothering Kukai, does it bother you, Kukai?" I asked as I was still running my finger through his chestnut hair.

He shrugged; "Not really."

Saaya fumed at her boyfriend's choice of words.

Stage 1 complete!

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