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Hikaru's "I'm Sorry" Present by silvercloudx3

Hikaru looked away. She was hurt; of all the meager emotions he had felt before, this was one of the only ones he understood. How could a mere gift be enough to apologize?

He remembered Rikka-chan's reaction to having saved the worthless chunk of metal from her father. He had wondered aloud why she would possibly want to keep it in the first place, much less dive into the lake to catch it.

And he remembered Amu-senpai's answer: "Sometimes it's the feelings that are put into it. You know, the "Good luck!" or "Congratulations!" that people send with it."

He had pondered upon that. The gifts he had recieved were mostly to suck up to him. Even he knew that, despite his young age. One hundred shares of the leading stock or five hundred of the best computers on the market were beneficial to his company, and of course he could take on just one more growing business. Hikaru had never recieved as simple a gift as a fake, plastic necklace. Or kept anything as cheap as that.

Amu-senpai had smiled down on him, and he hadn't felt the least bit disparaged at all. Only ashamed, for any child like he should know this. "What's so amazing is the fact that someone other than you is thinking of you."

And he was thinking of her. Rikka-chan, that is. He knew he really shouldn't have said something so completely discouraging like that. He hadn't thought much of it at all before it had slipped out of his mouth.

Why did he feel guilty?

Why did he even need to know why, anyway?

"Where are you going, Hikaru-sama?" he heard a concerned voice call after him. "You haven't even changed from your school uniform!"

For once, he turned to face the lowly servant, who bowed frantically and just seemed to realize how nosy her last inquiry had been.

To even his own surprise, he did not scold her for talking to him so.

"I'm going to the mall." He deadpanned.

"Eh?" The maid was curious. Then she realized how out of line that was, too.

I need to hire better servants. Hikaru rolled his eyes at his thought. But he dismissed her unruliness for the second time.

"I'm going to the mall," he started again. "To buy an 'I'm sorry' present."

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