I'm still working on it!

Now that that's out of the way, the details. My usual working style is to finish a story before posting any of it. For "Notes from Juilliard" I decided to try posting chapter by chapter. That was a big mistake.

I still plan to finish the story and I have it plotted out. Unfortunately, real life (my job and other personal commitments) and writer's block stalled me for a few years. I am writing again (both this story and another in a different fandom). I've decided not to post any further chapters of "Notes from Juilliard" until it's finished, and I may revise some of the existing chapters.

I'm very sorry to make everyone wait so long, but I assure you I will finish this story. I am guessing it may take roughly another year or two. At that point I'll post the whole thing.

Again, my apologies, and thank you for your patience in putting up with the ridiculous delay.

Update: So, I finished the other story, and am about to post it. It took a lot of my (scarce) writing time, but now A) I can focus on "Notes from Juilliard," and B) I'm back in the writing saddle again.

While you're waiting, I hope you enjoy my new story, "Fictitious Persons," even though it's not a Ranma fanfic (it's a fanfic for "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"). It's complete, but it's about 147,000 words in 53 chapters, so it will take a while to get it all uploaded. I will have the first chapter up soon.

I revised the guesstimate for NfJ to be more realistic. I have it plotted out but there is a lot of writing remaining.