Who am I?

Harry sat shocked on the rock closest to the lake, his mind was reeling from all the information revealed to him throughout the day. Professor Snape had made them brew the paternity potion, everyone's had come up with the name of their parents. Everyone's except his. When he had put the 3 drops of his blood in the potion the two names he had expected to come up hadn't, instead the names "Zeus" and "Hera" had floated above it.

He hadn't been the only person shocked, everyone had been shocked except for professor Snape. He had looked almost shocked, suprised. Snape had dismissed the class early, instead of giving his usual lecture, and gone into his office.

Harry stared into the lake lost in his thoughts uuntil someone tapped his shoulder. Snape stood behind him with two people stood still on the grassy bank where the rocks began. Harry stood up and began climbing the rocks back to where the two newcomers were stood, ignoring Snape altogether. Professor Snape walked over two the newcomers and began to introduce the man, he had brown hair with a small amount of grey and a beard, he had a stern face like the world had been too cruel too him and that he had seen the horrors of the universe, "... Harry aren't you going to speak to your father." Snape spat impatiently, Harry just stared at him blanky, this man was his father? Zeus chuckled at Harry's bewildered look, whilst the woman only gave a small smile whilst Harry looked nerously back at her.

"Hello son," Zeus spoke softly, as if not to scare the boy, his son, stood in front of him. Professor Snape interuppted there, "this is your mother, Hera." Hera had dark brown hair and was slightly shorter than her husband who was a giant of a man. "Hello Harry, we've missed you so much." She was then hugging him close and was almost in tears when Harry pulled himself away, he turned to Snape "does Dumbledore know about this?" Snape shook his head and gave Harry a small smile. Harry turned back to look at his real parents, Hera was still smiling and Zeus was stood with his arm around her.

"Are we going home now?" Harry asked quietly, Snape still stood beside him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Zeus smiled in earnest and gave a nod, "yes, we are going home." Harry turned to Snape and nodded his thanks before moving to stand between his parents who each put an arm around him.

Just as they were about to walk off Dumbledore and some Aurors came rushing out. Dumbledore shouting as he ran towards them"Harry will not be leaving these grounds! You're going to stay here and kill Voldemort, marry Ginny and make me and the Weasley's rich." Harry and just about everyone else was shocked by Dumbledore's declaration, Harry was just a pawn on the old goat's chessboard.