Chapter 7

Thanks to everyone who reviewed and waited patiently for a new chapter. The reason it took so long was the fact that I had a big English exam that I had to revise for and then on top of that my hamster passed away. Thanks to my awesome but nutty beta Surrell.

Francesca watched the boy that stood in front of her, he had dark blue/green eyes framed by large round glasses, they in Francesca's opinion made him look like a nerd. Raven black hair laid limp and lifeless on his head and he wore a bathing robe out in public. The robe had weird embroidery around the edging and a funny logo on the left breast pocket.

"So where are your slippers?" She asked, her voice laced with sarcasm. Harry blushed before looking down at himself, why would she ask where his slippers were?

"Why would I need slippers when I am in my school uniform?" He questioned, Francesca laughed leaving him even more puzzled than before.

"Lets get you out of that bath robe then shall we?" Harry just sighed and followed her into the cabin, it was very... pink, the walls were the same marble as the outside of the building, the carpit was a deep passion pink, a few pale pink plush chairs and sofas ocupied the room allong with a bookshelf and an easle, Francesca lead Harry towards a white door, behind it was a small corridor with three doord, two white and one pink.

"Girls on the right and boys on the left" she explained, she opened the door on the left to reveal a pale pink room with several white beds and sets of drawers, above each bed photos and posters occipied the walls, Francesca opened one of the drawers and handed Harry a orange T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

"You can borrow these from Laurence untill you get your own", after closing the drawer she stood up and showed Harry back into the corridor and through the pink door, this room was a deep pink with even deeped carpet, figures of angels were hand painted on the walls and one large bed was set against one wall, a wardrobe made from the same rose wood as the bed stood against another wall, a mirror decroated with photagraphs was hanging by the wardrobe, Harry recognised Lilith from most of the photos, allthough the other faces in them were unknown to him, Harry looked over at the bed and noticed something furry curled up asleep, "Her name is Psyche" Francesca smiled like this was a private joke "Shes my cat ", Francesca opened a drawer and threw a glove at harry, "Here, your gunna need this". With that she lead him out of the cabin and back toward Lilith.

Lilith was stood infront of a large archery board, her head millimeters below the centre target, she had a quiver of arrows strapped to her back and a bow in her hand."Are you sure this is safe ?" She asked.

"Trust me" Francesca said with an wicked grin spread across her lips, she picked up a white bow from beside her and took aim at Lilith, her shoulders tensed and her legs moved into a strange stance, from where Harry was standing she looked like an Amazon warrior, Harry was almost too shocked to speak as Francesca let the arrow go... Harry screamed, the arrow landed in the centre of the target, as if it hadn't even noticed Lilith.

"How did you do that ?" Harry asked in amazement.

"Im a daughter of Eros, I can't miss, you on the other hand..." As she spoke she handed Harry a bow and arrow "Well lets find out."

Harry's arms shook as he held the bow and arrow, the bow was made out of a fine rosewood tree, embedded with bronze. The arrow had a bronze tip, it was heavy to hold and Harry's arm dropped slightly as his very small muscle struggled to hold its weight. Coupled with the bow the arrow was too much for Harry and he dropped it, it hit the floor with a loud thump justifying how heavy they were.

Francesca laughed an evil laugh and walked to where he was standing, she had ducked away as soon as he picked up the bow and arrow, and picked up the arrow before balancing it on her picky finger. Harry had thought he was weak before but now he felt absolutely insignificant. Lilith saw the downcast expression on Harry's face and walked over to where they were standing.

" The only reason she can pick up the arrow and balance it with her pinky is because she is a daughter of Eros. All of his kids are strong as he shoots arrow made of lead and gold; lead for people he wants to hate each other and gold for those he wants to love each other. This is to be your bow." Lilith explained to Harry, she handed him the bow she had with her. This bow had no bronze and for that Harry was grateful, it was a lot lighter then the other bow. the bow was made of a fine rosewood and covered in black varnish. It had a silver pattern running down it and had a name inscribed on it, Stheno. Strength, Harry mused, why would his bow be called strength when he had none.