Hello! this is my first fic in english. My english can be a little odd so don't be very hard please ^^UU

A song of fire and ice and their characters are not mine.

All had ended. The last thing he remembered was the blood, the chill and the bitter taste of defeat. Nothing mattered...but...but... he was still alive...or not? He was thinking...and if he was thinking, he can't be dead (not yet at least). But all was dark, he can see nothing, did he become blind? Had he tried open the eyes?

Jon Snow opened his eyes...and saw a bright white light. Too bright, indeed.

Is the death? Is very beautiful...am I going to die?

Brightness became more intense, more and more intense and suddenly he found himself looking at a strange landscape. He didn't know were he was. It was a peaceful place in the middle of nothing. There were strange trees, strange flowers, strange...air...

Where on the earth was he?

All was strange and wonderful, with colours and beauty that he never knew. A warm sun lit up all. Then someone came running. First, he saw a feet. Where did he see them earlier? After, a lot of furs and leather and a red haired girl with crooked teeth.




- Y...gri...-began Jon- he couldn't speak.

That can't be true, Ygritte is dead...

"Perhaps you are dead too" said a little voice in his mind.

- You can't be here – said Jon bitterly- You are dead...This is a dream...This is not happening...

She look at him with rage

-You know nothing Jon Snow

Her eyes were tearfull.

Is this real? - ask confused-.

She slapped him on the cheek

-Does it seem you a dream? I am dead, like you are.

-Dead? - repeated Jon looking at her-.

-You called me


-I don't know...I was in my own garden and heard a shout, you were shouting my name.

-I was thinking on you when...when...-he couldn't say it-.

She stared at him with middle curiosity and middle sadness.

-It have past long...Jon Snow...

He looked her foot again.

-Forgive me...please...Ygritte...forgive me...

He began to cry.

-Forgive me – repeated-.

She cried too

-We could escape...we could live toguether...and now, now... we are dead.

-Please...- Jon doesn't dare to look her eyes and he couldn't stop the tears running down his cheeks- Forgive me... I couldn't...they were my brothers...

-You betrayed me...-she said mournfully- but I already forgave you, when you said me I would see castles...-she smiled mournfully- don't cry...please

She put her hand on his cheek with affection and he feel more warmth and love than he ever felt. He closed his eyes and embraced her, only feeling her body, only feeling her arms around him and her hair and her scent.

There was nothing but her...Gods hardly could give him a better present.

-I only want to be with you Ygritte...-said faintly- I love you...

Their lips came into each other, sweetly, slowly. She smiled and looked at him.

-Now we can be toguether without walls...in our gardens...in our death...You know nothing John Snow...but...perhaps you now know a little more...