"You know, I've always thought wishes were a little..."

"A little what?"

"Erm. Selfish. I mean, some of them."

"Yes, because wishing for world peace would obviously not be."

"Well, yes, but certain ones are. I mean, sometimes 11:11 comes around, and I just try to think of something to wish for."

"It shouldn't be that hard. We all want something."

"I know, but sometimes I just don't know what to wish for. It's those moments when I feel happy and content with my life. I don't really lack much, and so I don't feel like I need anything more. Except..."


"Well, sometimes I suddenly think about... um, someone."


"... Who is male."

"Ah. I understand."

"Yeah, and so... Well, I just think about how nice it would be if he- if he liked me back, you know?"

"A lot of girls wish for that. So what's the problem?"

"It just seems unfair to them- and entirely selfish. Who am I to just wish to the universe that it control that boy and rewire his brain to think of me like I think of him?"

"What if he already does?"

"That's beside the point, because I have no way of knowing that. He... he probably doesn't, anyway. But it just seems so cruel to wish to take away his freedom."

"... That's a different way of looking at it."

"And it leaves me with nothing to wish for. Well, I guess I can just wish for something, but I'd like it to be meaningful. Something I really want, more than anything."

"You do realize that you could just wish to know what he thinks about you, right? That way, you don't have to worry about whether or not he does, you don't have to worry about being selfish, and then you can actually do something about it. And find a more useful wish."

"... I..."

"Never thought of it before?"

"... Yeah."

"Well. Problem solved."

"Wow. Thank you. I will treasure this moment for the rest of my life."

"Oh, come now, Amy- there's no reason to be sarcastic."

"I just poured out my soul to you, and you ask me not to be sarcastic?"

"I just solved the problem for you!"

"But you didn't even-"

"... I didn't even what?"


"Amy, just tell me."

"I did."

"No, you didn't. Now what didn't I do?"

"It's silly."

"If it was, you wouldn't be blushing that way."

"W-what way?"

"Oh, don't get defensive just yet. It's cute."

"Shut up."

"If you tell me what's wrong, I will."

"... It's just... You just didn't sympathize with me at all."

"Of course I did! That's why I'm talking to you."

"No, you just made me feel like an idiot. 'You do realize, don't you...'"

"I do not talk like that."

"Who said I could impersonate a British accent?"

"But still, you could at least talk normally and not ruin the-"

"Urgh, there you go again!"


"You're making me feel..."

"... Oh. Stupid?"

"Dumb. Idiotic. Ridiculous. Silly, inadequate, lame, pathet-"

"Amy, stop! You aren't any of those things."

"You're just saying that."

"No, I mean it. I think you're brilliant."

"... Am I blushing again?"

"Of course not."

"Pft. Now that you're just saying."

"All right, maybe."


"... Amy?"


"Do you ever wish about me?"


"Well, that is, until you realized that it was selfish and... Well, do you ever want to wish about me?"



"... Yes."

the end~

note: not all of these drabbles will be like this. prepare for the unexpected and spontaneous.

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