I was horsing around when I saw myself sinking into a toilet bowl in a toilet at a stadium track. I tried to resist from getting inside, but the toilet seemed to be empowered by a powerful pressure from inside. In other words...

IT didn't flush by me. It's from someone else. But no one's there but me. Eventually, I followed the current. My scream went unheard even though I guess it could be heard by people nearby. IF THEY WOULD WANT TO.

I opened my eyes after the current seemed to be subside. I was surprised - Green woods stood around me like if I'm in a fairy tale or something. And then I saw a wolf leaning at me hungrily. It barks at me, which of course then I ran like a rabbit into the deep forest without knowing where to. The wolf kept on chasing me. It barks loudly until I realized one thing - I'm a game. That wolf isn't just the only one.

Soon, a pack of wolves came over to win the competition. That time, I started to run like a madman. I knew it! Somehow, I remember Einstein's quote "Hidden in troubles lies the key to the greatest opportunity". But I ran too fast until I did not see a hole beneath me. I plummeted straight down into the depth, leaving the wolves circling the hole and bark at me as if they're wanting to look for trouble with a girl like me, the one who plays guitar for Light Music Club in Sakuragaoka High School.

I opened my eyes. A girl with blue hair and pink-striped uniform was standing before me. She looked busy with something on her hand. She looked serious by judging at her face signal.

So I braced myself and spoke to her.

"H...Hello? Where am I?" I asked. There's no answer. The girl then turned to me after waiting for thirty minutes. That was when she suddenly yells and curses with Japanese bad words. And she looked at me and goes "Welcome, boy."

"I'm a girl," I answered. She ignores me by giving me a potion. "Drink this. With this, you may enter the little world," said the girl. Suddenly, her PSP beeps loudly. She ignores me once more and tends to it. "Huuu! Game event! Eroge Daisuki!" yodels a girl named Konata Izumi. I called her again, but she said to me "Shut the f**k up! I'm working here! Can't you see Izumi Konata is trying to surpass the legendary God of Conquest Katsuragi Keima?" She turned to the PSP and then turned at me, saying, "I don't want to say this but..."

"Let's make this workin'!"

And then she played her Eroge titled "Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka". I heard some moaning sound from the PSP. I heard it as if she's playing Freddy Kruger.

So by then, I wait again. Suddenly, she giggles loudly like a banshee. "Huhuhuhu... I've been waiting for you. You're mine!" I sweated badly that time until I-"

"What happened next?" asked Yui. Her heart thumps for no reason after hearing her story which doesn't looked so thrilling at all. Azusa sighed at her and goes "I got no idea already. Anyone can continue the plot?" Azusa looked around. She got her angered to see everyone including Mio sleeping soundly even though it's just 1 pm!

So Azusa basically took a pail of water from Ton-chan and hurled it like catapult to them. Ritsu was like a ninja. She knew this would coming and evaded it. The gooey stuff sticks at Mio until she woke up, she thinks that—Mio went up and wails until her hand lands to Azusa like a rotor fan.

Azusa gets herself thrashed like Nanoha Takamachi firing Divine Buster to Fate Testarossa (Her).

Ritsu pats Azusa's bruised head before smacking her. "I got some of THEM too. Anyway, your storyline sucked! Better me continue," she cleared her throat. Let me start!

To be continued...