So here it goes...

After making a run across the woods, I found a tent. I didn't think a lot before getting inside it, and that's one big thing I would never stop being regret of. When I walked in, I saw few guys sitting on chiars, murmuring about something regarding war. I heard them said this clearly, and they seemed to ignore me.

Finally, one of the butlers realized me and turn around. "Ah, a new visitor," said one of the four butlers. I called them butlers because they had attires like butlers. "What brings you here?" asked another butler. Another butler felt worried that he cracks out. "Shoot, someone broke in! This is bad!" the last butler stops his comrade from acting maliciously. "I'm sure this one's not hostile," said the last butler.

"By the way, I am Sebastian Michaelis. These are my comrades – Subaru Konoe, Hayate Ayasaki and Hino Akiharu," said the English-faced guy. I considered him as an Englishman because he speaks English and made a strange accent like I always heard in TV. Hayate gets up and greeted me. "Nice to meet you," said Hayate with a tone of a lady. Hino approaches him and make a smack of him. "What's that for?"

"You sounded like a lady. Please don't humiliate yourself," said Hino. His words pierces him like sharp knives, considering that Hayate himself had face like a cute loli girl. I couldn't agree more. Hayate then sat at the corner and I felt a black aura swindling around him. Subaru went forward to greet me. "Hi, I am Subaru!"

I felt soft and gentle hand. "What a nice boy are you!" said I. Subaru looked at me with a mean look. "I am a girl, you know. That's why my skins softer than these idiots."

"Who do you called idiot, huh?" yelled Hino. I laughed, even though it's not actually funny at all.

"Of course I'm talking about you. Who's the idiot other than you?" Hino felt provoked and sprang to her. A fight happens, but Sebastian was able to stop the tide of anger before it gets serious. "You shouldn't say that to someone who's amateur on this, Subaru-san," said Sebastian. Subaru realized her doing and nodded her head. "I understand that, Sebastian. I'm sorry for that, Hino," she went down and apologized. However, what Sebastian was more of hurting Hino more than what Subaru just did.

I saw Hino went to the other corner, looking very blue.

I had my dinner there with them when suddenly the tent door opened and a girl with shining armor walks in. "I got some bad news for you guys!" said the knight. Hino sipped the bowl of soup while saying to her "Do not worry – we've been killing lots of THEM. They'll never get to us that easy," said Hino confidently. I don't know what he talked about. But then the girl explored deeper into the explanation. "No. This time, they got themselves a new leader. Her name's Azu the Flat-chested Black Rock Shooter."

I dropped my cup almost immediately after hearing that. Did I just...?

Hino was getting nervous breakdown. He started squealing and rolling on the ground. "I can't stand against that b***h! Why does she had to be here?" Hino cried. Subaru and Hayate glanced at him as if he's a criminal waiting gallow. I didn't relate my intersection with them about that girl. "So, where is she?" asked Sebastian. "She'll be here by tomorrow. By then, we must have enough manpower against them. Who's with me?"

Sebastian, Hayate and Subaru had no trouble of signing in for her. But Hino seemed to have problem. "You see... I don't really want to-"

"You're a lady, Hino... I mean Hime-sama," commented Subaru. After that, Hino immediately signing in. "A man will never back down!" said Hino confidently with his right fist smacking his chest repeatedly. "Stop it; You're hurting yourself," said Sebastian.

I joined them too. The woman with armor said to me who I am and what am I doing here. I told her that I don't really know what to do around here. "I see," nodded Saber Pentdragon, the name of the knight. "I guess I'm gonna have you implanted with us," she handed me a lance. But I said to her no thanks. "I had one already," I showed her my Raising Heart Jewel. All of a sudden, all the butlers ans Saber herself were in an utter shock. "Are you a mahou-shoujo?" Hino breathe out loud like a madman. "Sounds like we have some privilages we can use here," said Subaru.

So all of us went through many valleys nearby. We recruited a lot of people in every place we visited. We even climbed hills only to find the last bastion of people so they can join us in the battle. While climbing on it, Hino accidentally gropes Subaru's chest. He was trying to find support to prevent himself from falling, so he raised is hand upwards. But instead of grabbing something, he grabbed something very soft... very squishy...

Subaru yelped in bewilderment and eventually, her legs were enough to make Hino bouncing down the hills. His screams echoed throughout the area, but no one really cares. "I know he's alive down there," said Sebastian when he sees me making a worrying face. "Just ignore that ass! We're moving!" said Subaru furiously before she ascends upper than us. We just follow her suit. Saber meanwhile was waiting at the ground with her eyes fixed at Hino.

So we made it to the top. We all were shocked to see a tower ahead. Sebastian turned to Hayate. "Rapunzel?" gasped Sebastian and Hayate altogether. "Stop it! You both really sounded like kindergartners!" answered Subaru. It was some kinds of comedy that I could not barely not to laugh, especially when I saw Hino bouncing downhills like a ball.

Sebastian made himself a try by shouting to the tower top. "Rapunzel, let down your hair!" he shouted in macho tone. Hayate did otherwise; he starts climbing the tower, knowing the fact that Sebastian's charm would beat him easily. In short, they were thinking that there is Rapunzel up there, and if one of them acts fast, that woman will be his.

Hayate climbed like Son Goku (Journey to the West) across the vertical wall. Sebastian wouldn't let him away easily, so he did the same thing too. He leaps like a monster and almost getting Hayate before Hayate gave him a good kick. Sebastian ended up plummeting back to the hill terrain. It was a very loud thud, but strangely he still gets up and cracks his head normally. "This guy's really motivated," comments Sebastian. "But I'm not gonna giving up," he starts climbing again. This time, he does the impossible – He runs vertically like a ninja and hurls a horde of forks to Hayate like a ninja throwing shurikens.

Subaru couldn't stand it. "Hey, are you guys forgetting the important thing we should do here?" she yelled angrily. But the two guys didn't hear her as they are already at ¾ of the tower height, almost getting to the balcony of the tower.

"Come on, _. Let's go," said Subaru. I just followed her went down, leaving Sebastian and Hayate minding their own business. Please note that there is no name for this main character.

But when we arrived at downhills. Surprise came to us. The people was firing with rifles in random direction. Subaru saw a bomb shell coming to us. She pushes me to far left of me before the bomb reach her and... I could not give details about what happened to Subaru Konoe, but it's quite saddening.

I saw the assailant – That Black Rock Shooter! "Hahahahaha! I heard you PAWNED Milo. Is that true?" BRS questioned me. "You see, that's the reason why the Queen ordered me to capture her. She'd just ate some of my comrades when you suddenly barged in and beat me with your..." she blushes all of a sudden. "Ma...Magic... Ah, forget it! And now, you're siding with the rebels. Scumbag's like you must die!" she pints out her huge, Black Rock Cannon to me.

I called my Raising Heart, and I turned back to Barrier Jacket form. This time, it's Aggressive Mode. BRS looked at me with more of wild things inside her mind. It seems that my moe has stuns her that she doesn't even stopping me from casting out Divine Buster.

Again, she's nowhere to be seen after that. So I joined Saber's forces against the Imperial Armies. The armies were known as Stormtroopers, and according to Saber, "They're here by Darth Vader, and something's telling me that they're here because they want to find all the rebels and cook them... I mean us."

As the Stormtroopers getting too many already, our forces have exhausted. "Retreat! We can't continue more! Where are all my butlers?" said Saber anxiously. She wonders why all of those four not around in this dangerous time. I could only pointing on Subaru's remain.

Thing gets even worse. The Stormtroopers all came in with their special, popular ATAT (All Transport Any Terrain). I wanted to scream and run, but the Raising Heart stops me. Instead, it gives me an urge of wanting to avenge Subaru. "I'm gonna avenge Subaru!" I said to Saber before I started soraing up to the air and start charging my powers. I'm going to do something unexpected. Saber realized this and immediately ordered the others to back off.

The stormtroopers looked at me and fired me, but my Protection Magic deflects everything. Soon, there's a huge, a very huge pink-colored magic ball floating above my Raising Heart staff. It's expanding, and it's gonna burst in any seconds.

I pointed the bomb to the incoming reinforcement and releases it. "Starlaitooooooo... Bureakaaaaaaaa!~~~~~~" I leave you this part to imagine what happened next to the armies.

"I must've said this..." said Ritsu after that. "You should be the one who decides the story."

"Well, Azusa's the one who started this," chuckles Mugi. Azusa was traumatized even more. "I'm flat-chested..."

"Anyway, your story plot looked good... except that the story should be good and better if you continue it," said Mio while sipping her tea. "Oh, I'm not finished yet!"