The Possesers

It was started as a normal Saturday, I woke up at 10:00, got dressed and ate brunch. Then I had the brilliant idea to go for a walk, in the middle of December… in Texas. Mind you it's not unbearable but it was still cold, so I hunkered down in my jacket and started walking. After walking for about an hour I saw the first person I had seen all day, a man in a business suit.

"Are you Mr. Bator?" He said, I stopped and looked around nodding. "My company has a proposition for you."

"And that would be?"

"We want you to field test some automatons we have designed."

"Whats in it for me?"

"You get to keep them, that's about 40,000$ worth of equipment."

"You do realize that I'm only 16 right?"

"Yes, your mother has already agreed to this." He said showing me a letter of consent with her signature. I grumbled under my breath.

"Alright I want to see this contract I'm sure your going to have sign." I said, the man nodded and handed me a stack of papers. I sat down in the grass and began reading, yes I read everything including the fine print, I checked my pockets, luckily I had the same jeans from yesterday on and my pen was still in the pocket so I pulled it out and started making changes to the contract. "What are you doing!" He yelped,

"Making it so you can't pull me into a chokehold in the future." I said marking through another thing. The man grumbled loudly about stupid Americans

"I'd like to say that I'm smarter than the average American." I said, signing my name at the bottom of the contract and standing up, handed it to him. "Well then, I am guessing that the 'packages' will be at my house when I get home?"

"Yes, they will."

"Well it's been nice meeting you but I really must be on my way." I said, turning around and walking home. Once I got there, I saw UPS unloading two massive boxes on dollies. I ran up and grabbed the dolly from the garage and put the second box on it, wheeling it inside as well. I thanked the man and went inside, as soon as the door was closed and locked the first words out of my mouth were, "MOM WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING! I can't believe you signed me up for that!" I barked as I stormed into the hobby room.

"Well what was I supposed to do they made it rather hard to say no." She said holding up a check for 1,000,000$.

"Were are putting that into taking care of them." I said indicating the two boxes which held the androids. "Who was the company again?"


"Oh, this might turn out to be interesting." I said, I grabbed one of the boxes and hefted it onto the bed, grabbed the box cutter and split it cleanly down the middle. Once the box was open I laid eyes upon none other than Miku Hatsune, my mind went into overdrive.

"Sir, you need to stay focused." Came a voice from my computer.

"Shut up Ranger. I know that anyways." I snapped back, Ranger was an A.I. that I had created, he was incredible, very much like the ones in the movies. I sighed and grabbed the instruction manual, it wasn't very thick. "Must be on a disc." I said, quickly reading through all of the material and putting the disc into my computer. It quickly installed and began running, I heard a yelp from behind me, I turned and saw that Miku had risen from her sleeping position and Cara, my dog that had been sleeping on her, was yelping in surprise and had jumped off, effectively shredding what few wrappings remained covering Miku's body. I blushed and looked away.

"Master, what is your name?" She asked, walking over to me and draping herself over me.

"Mack." I said she squeaked and hugged me tighter.

"MACK! What the hell are you doing?" My mother barked as she walked in to my room in the middle of this scene.

"Trying to find the setting to turn down her hormones." I replied. "Ranger, get her off of me." I said his picture nodded and suddenly a noise came out of the computer that caused her to collapse unconscious. "Now then let's try and figure out how to make her stop rubbing up on me." I quickly dug through the mini manual and found the set up instructions. "Hmmm, ok so first I need to…" I said to myself quickly setting up Miku.

Three hours later

"Holy molly that took a long time." I grabbed the USB cord from the box plugged it into the computer and then into Miku, the information took about five minutes to upload.

"Hello, I'm Miku, what's your name?" She asked

"Mack." I replied, she smiled, and we began talking about things. Mostly how she was going to be enrolled into school. We had just finished our conversation when there was a knock at the door. "That'll be Jackson." I said standing up, Miku clung to me as though she was afraid. "What the? Miku what are you doing?"

"I'm scared Master. That sound for some reason I equate it to pain."

"Well you're safe now ." 'What? She shouldn't have any memories from before now. What did Crypton and Yamaha do to her?' I wondered as I walked over and opened the front door. Sure enough it was Jackson. "Hey."

"Hey, you got some massive boxes a while ago figured I'd come and see what they were."

"An android." I said, straighted faced.

"Yeah right." He replied, I nodded and we walked back to my room where Miku was… not present?

"What in the… Ranger where did she go?"

"Went in the hobby room."

"Oh, ok. Lets go introduce you to my new little friend."

"Wait you were being serious?" He asked incredulously, I nodded, walking into the hobby room to see Miku and my mom in the middle of a discussion about scrapbooking. "Holy shit, isn't that Miku?" He asked, while not as big a Vocaloid fan as myself, if you hang out with me your going to get a little of it.

"Damn straight." I replied, Miku walked over and latched onto me, everyone sighed as she wiggled up against me. "Miku, please get off of me."

"But Master!" She whined, I sighed in defeat and she smiled happily rubbing up against me again. I lead her back into my room and laid down on the bed with her, Jackson powered up my 360 and he and I began talking about things and laughing are asses off at the fails that he did on the games he was playing.

"So Mack, what got you pulled into this?" He asked, indicating Miku.

"Not entirely sure. My mom signed for it and they gave her a million dollar check. But I don't think that's it. Ranger: Look on Crypton's website see if you can find any mention of these androids anywhere."

"Yes sir." And so Ranger went about looking up the information I had requested. "Sir, they have mention of it on here, they're calling it the Possessor Project. The currently deployed vocaloids are CV-01, 02a, 02b, 04, 05, 06, and 07."

"So that means its Miku, both of the Kagamines, Gakupo, Kaito, Meiko and Neru?"

"Yes sir. I'm looking trying to figure out the purpose behind this, as best I can tell it appears to be some sort of power struggle. Whoever has the most Vocaloids is the most powerful Possessor, you appear to be the first Possessor and are getting some sort of bonus because of that. The next most powerful after you is the Possessor in possession of the Kagamine twins and Neru."

"I see, and what of CV-03 and 08?"

"Undeployed as of yet, still appear to be under going conditioning." 'Both are slated to go to you however sir.'

"Alright well keep me posted." I replied, returning my attention to Jackson. "You should probably build a nuke defense silo." I said, Jackson sighed and responded with his usual don't tell me what to do, I chuckled, knowing this was probably going to be my last normal day for the rest of my life.