Chapter 2: School… nuts

I shifted nervously back and forth on the seat in my car as I drove up to the building.

"Remember Miku, you can't tell anyone that you are a Vocaloid, enough people will know right off the bat but I would like to keep this as low profile as… possible, crap." I said as we pulled into view of the school there were a zillion news vans. "Alright, you and I need to just need to walk." She nodded and we parked in my spot and walked up to building.

"There they are!" I heard. Miku hid behind me and I started walking. "Mr. Bador, Mr. Bador"

"I'm sorry, you have the wrong person. I'm Mack Bator. Now get out of my face, I changed that part of the contract Yamaha, you can't bug me with the media at school now, school rules prevent it anyways." I said to the camera and then addressed the reporters. "YOU ARE VIOLATING MY SCHOOLS POLICIES! GET OFF MY CAMPUS!" I barked before turning and walking into the school. I glared at the principal, "Why the hell did you let them on the campus. You know they were breaching school policy." I held my tongue from further comments, stalking off to the orchestra room, where there was another reporter, one I was willing to deal with, the school newspaper. I took a breath and walked up, the freshman looked at me kinda funny, one I could tell I was gonna have issues with as he was looking at Miku with a hungry look. The reporter approached.

"Mr. Bator," I smiled, at least this guy had taken the time to learn my name, "Can I ask you a few questions."

"Provided you don't share it with those vultures outside, of course." I said cheerfully, and he asked Miku and I several question before class started and then went on his way. I directed Miku to the choir room before running back to the orchestra room and tuning my violin.

"You got yourself quite an exquisite girlfriend there. I'd watch out if I were you, she might just disappear." Said the freshman from behind me, I growled.

"You watch your step, you're on my turf now brat." I said, there are always those few freshmen that think they are the center of the world and seem to forget that they are back at the bottom of the food chain again. Mr. Cameron, the orchestra director walked in, I stood and shook his hand. He smiled and walked up to his podium,

"Alright sit down and shut up." He barked, and everyone did that pretty quickly. We went through the day with no events, everyone looked at Miku rather funny and my friend Emily had a small nerdgasm over it, it was funny she like flipped out and started asking Miku all the questions and Miku immediately hid behind me and then Emily was all like OMG such a cute reaction!... it was really annoying. At the end of the day, Miku and I were able to walk unopposed to my car and drive home, to find that IT was swarming with news vans.

"Alright, time to face the fire." I said as I pulled in and the reporters looked at my rather cautiously before approaching and firing off their questions. "Wait, STOP!" I barked, they all did so. "One at a time or this will get nowhere, you your first." I said throwing my hand out in the direction of the middle one of the reporters immediately asked his question

"How did you come into possession of this android? Shouldn't it be like for the military or something?"

"It's a prototype that was entrusted to me by Crypton and Yamaha." I said, "It has no weapons that I know of… other than being irresistibly cute at times." This earned a few chuckles from the crowd. I sighed and motioned for Miku to go inside, she did so and as soon as the doors were all closed, I let loose. My alter ego, Ultimatum, can fuse with my for about ten minutes and I go back to how I was before, certain events, however it has the abnormal side effect of changing my eye color, right is red and left becomes an abnormal electric blue.

"Now, that she is gone I'm going to ask you all to leave, you are terrifying Miku and I won't stand for that." I snarled, the reporters gasped at my sudden change in attitude and looks.

"Now look here, we are just trying to report on something of interest. We are just doing our job."

"Yeah, and I am not going to be giving a statement." I defused from Ulty

"I have homework to do so if you will excuse me." I said turning around and went back in my house, once inside it dawned on me what I had just done "CRAP!" I roared, Miku came running in.

"Master whats wrong."

"I just exposed myself to the world as an insane maniac." The phone went off, I jumped up from my position on the floor.

"Call from: Doim." The phone said, I answered quickly

"Hey Mom."

"Hey, just saw the news report, what was up with your eyes?"

"Something I would much rather not discuss over a non secure line." I replied, she sighed, "Alright I have homework to do so I will talk to you later, bye." I said hanging up and putting the phone down. "Hey, Miku-!" I started but was cut off as a soft pair of lips captured my own, I quickly realized it was Miku and went to push her off when I felt it, the sparks, I have always been a strong believer in the saying 'the right one will send sparks through you.' I deepened the kiss, forcing my tongue into her mouth. Everything about the kiss felt so right, but I was forcing myself upon her. I jumped off and this was when I noticed the symbol on her arm, 01, was glowing.

"I was so excited about everything that's been happening that I forgot the most important thing. I'm yours now, and forever." She said as the glow subsided, I stood there flabbergasted.

"Sir, you have a visitor, he is with Yamaha." Ranger said, shaking me from my reverie.