Chapter 20: Flash forward: 6 years

I sat on the steps of the VMA, Vocaloid Music Academy, boys dorm eating my lunch and think about the up coming graduation ceremony. While not VMA's first it was its creators graduation ceremony as Cameron, Ryan, and I were graduating, Jackson was three years behind us so he was just starting the college part of the academy's curriculum. I had decided that unless it was a gig I was gonna stay on campus so my girls wouldn't have to move, I could help teach, and so I could help Jackson whenever needed. Now I am sure you are all wondering what happened to everyone over the time skip. Well here is the low down, I am 'married' to my girls. Cameron is married to Iroha. Ultimatum and I can separate at a moment's notice and as such have been the center of the militaries attention for quite some time now. Ryan has expanded his repertoire and can now play piano, all the clarinets, trombone, trumpet, and accordion. Jackson can now sing a few of our songs and is now the worlds best drummer like… ever. It's a little scary truth be told.

"Hey Mack! Stop writing down our life story and come on… you're gonna be late to your own graduation!" Cameron yelled before running off. Well I guess that makes this my final entry, this is Mack a.k.a. Omega-1 signing off.

AN: Well I hope u all had as much fun reading this story as I did writing it. it was truly a blast and I have to thank Omega-2 for all his help in this as it would have been impossible without him, so thanks old friend.

And as always folks, Speak softly but carry the Big Stick,

Rm928 a.k.a. Omega-1