A/N: Hell everyone! Miss Suave is here! This is my first NCIS FanFic *claps hands* So I'm sort of nervous. Please be nice. Ok…. ON WITH THE STORY *raises curtain*

Some where in DC, a family of three being held hostage. When the kidnappers leave, the parents agreed that 14-year-old Samantha Vance should try and leave. Samantha found her way out without getting caught. Samantha does not know where to go. She left her cell phone at home so she couldn't call anybody. So with what little energy she had, she ran to the NCIS buildings in Washington D.C. Somehow, she got passed security and ran up to the bullpen. She ran past Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Special Agent Gibbs asked "Hi, are you lost?"

Samantha replied "I need help. Where is Leon Vance?"

Samantha has been to NCIS only once to visit her uncle. So she knows that he is the Director.

Gibbs looked shocked. He said "I will take you to him." And at that, they got back in the elevator.

*elevator dings* Samantha thanks Gibbs for his help. Not knowing that he would lead this investigation. Samantha bursts into Director Vance's office not caring what the receptionist thinks and runs to him. Crying her heart out. Truth be told, Samantha was scared. No. Terrified.

Vance was worried and was asking himself so many questions like "Why is my niece here?" "How did she get into the building?" "What happened?" When Samantha finally calmed down after 5 minutes, Vance dared to ask

"What happened?"

Samantha started to cry again. "M-my p-p-parents g-got kid-kid-napped" she sobs.