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"So Tony, are you seeing anybody?" I then asked. He shook his head quickly.

"No I am not." He said quietly. I think I saw regret in his eyes. He looked at Ziva and I saw, I don't know, hope?

I then turned to Ziva "Are you in a relationship Ziva?" I asked and I saw her eyes downcast.

"No. After I found out that I was pregnant, I decided that I needed to recover from the heartbreak I encountered." She said looking up at me with sad eyes.

"I get where you are coming from Ziva. Are you willing to take another chance with somebody else?" I asked. I had to tell her that Tony would be there for her.

Ziva nodded her head. "He has to understand me. He needs to know that I keep everything inside and I could burst at any given time. I need him to care about me." She said with a tear rolling down her cheek. She looked at me. "Is that too much to ask for?" She asked

I held out my arms and she came into my embrace. I look at Tony. Will he be up for the job?

I rubbed Ziva's back to calm her down. What has this poor girl gone through in her life? She has gotten pregnant by her ex, almost all of the men in her life lied to her, and the one she loves most is scared to tell her. And I know that Ziva is scared to tell him too. She does not want to love again because she is scared that she is going to be taken advantage of again.

I saw the look in Tony's eyes. He witness her get hurt multiple times. He has been there to pick up the pieces.

"Ziva, there are men in your life who love you and cares about you. Not one day should go by and you don't tell your loved ones that you love them. Because one day, they won't be here." I told her lifting her chin up.


I saw the sympathetic look on Shelby's face. I understand what she was saying about telling your loved ones how important they are to you every day. Kate, she was like an annoying sister to me. Annoying, but my sister none the less. The last thing I said to her was a compliment. Sort of. I never told her daily how awesome she was. I'm sure she knew but she deserved to hear it.

So, here I am, six years later. I have a beautiful Israeli partner and I still haven't told her how I felt. She has been with all of the worthless guys who took advantage of her and I was just chicken not to tell her. Now she's pregnant and she feels that she is asking for so much and all she need is somebody who understands her. I can read her like a book. All I have to do is look into her eyes and it will tell my any emotion she is feeling.

"Zi, the team, we all care about you and love you. We almost lost you and we never took you for granted." I said softly looking at her.

She shook her head. "No, Tony. I love the team. Do not get me wrong. But why do people treat me like junk? What did I do? Am I that hard to deal with?" She ranted. Where were Sam and Marcus at anyway?

I came closer to her. "No Ziva. You are kind, funny, smart, and beautiful. I don't know why men take advantage of you. But I will always be there to pick up the pieces. Like I have been in the past. If not, Gibbs would shoot me." I said and she chuckled.

Shelby was watching our reactions. "Are you guys sure that you two aren't together?" She asked just being sure. Nobody ever believed us.

"We are positive. We are not together." Ziva said

"Ok, have you guys ever slept together?" Shelby asked

Ziva and I looked at each other and we were about to open our mouths but the door opened and it revealed that Marcus and Samantha were back from the store. They obviously didn't get caught with the food because it was all in their hands. "So much for hiding the food." I said

Marcus and Samantha laughed. "We took the back way. Nobody saw us. There were no cameras. I checked." Sam said putting the bags down. Sam took out some snacks for everybody.

"M&M's for Mommy, pickles for Mama, nerds for me." Sam said passing out snacks.

Marcus got his bag and pulled out the snacks for us. "Pizza combo things for you Tony and Tostitos for me." Marcus said giving me my snack.

"How did you know that I liked these?" I asked him

Marcus shrugged "Saw them at your house and I thought of course Tony would love this." He said chuckling.

We ate our snacks silently until Sam decided to break it. "So, what were you guys talking about when we were gone?" She asked.

The room was silent and Marcus and Sam were exchanging looks. "Ok, um, awkward silence." Marcus said and we continued to eat in silence.

After about 5 minutes, Sam finally cracked. "Ok! What happened? Ziva looks like she has been crying! What's going on here?" She hissed

Ziva dismissed it with her hand. "Sam, its fine. Just an emotional topic we touched yes?"

Shelby and I nodded our heads. "Everything is fine baby girl." Shelby said to her daughter.

Samantha shook her head. "I don't believe you guys but ok." She said

We stayed there hour a few more hours talking to Shelby. I really like Shelby because she gives some good advice. We got up and we said goodbye to her with hugs. "I love you Mommy!" Sam said to her mother.

Her mother smiled at her daughter. "I love you too Sam." She said

We got in the car and we drove in silence. In my mind, I was thinking how was I going to prove to Ziva that I can be a father to her children?


I was going to help Tony out. I was going to help him tell Ziva how much he loved her and stuff. Blah blah blah. We first drop Marcus off at his house and I have to go in and tell his mother hello. She absolutely loves me and I love her. I went in to say hello and gave her a hug. I hopped back in the car and Ziva wanted to go get some groceries and Tony and I went to this place next door. It was like a flower shop and it had some souvenirs in there. I dragged Tony into the flower shop before Ziva realized we were gone but she probably already knew we weren't in the store.

"So Tony, why was Ziva crying earlier?" I asked him and he sighed.

"She feels that most of the men in her life have taken advantage of her and she just couldn't take another heartbreak." Tony said looking down at his shoes

"She needs to know that she will never be alone. She won't have to go through another heartbreak if you step up to the plate Tony." I told him. "You love Ziva with all of your heart and you care about her. What's stopping you Tony?" I asked

"Rule #12." He said simply looking at the flowers.

"Forget Rule #12. Rules are meant to be broken. That's why they are called RULES!" I said hitting his arm.

"But I agree with Gibbs. I broke Rule #12. It doesn't work out at all." He said silently.

"With EJ? Well duh. You don't love her like you love Ziva." I said stating the obvious. I grabbed some red roses for Ziva. I know these flowers mean everything to her.

I shoved the flowers to his chest. "Buy these and make a speech. This speech will probably change your life." I told him and walked out of the store and back into the grocery store.

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