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The team's eyes widen as Samantha took the weapons like it was nothing. McGee and Tony gulped while Ziva and Gibbs smirked.

As the team heads downstairs, they see that Samantha is sitting in one of the empty desks in the corner. Gibbs smirked "Smart girl." He murmured. She obviously heard him and started laughing.

Gibbs came up with an idea."Hey Samantha! Do you want to visit our Forensic Scientist?" Samantha nods. "Sure." She gathers her things while he waits for her by the elevator. The ride to Abby's lab was in a comfortable silence. When they reach Abby's floor, they hear Abby's loud music. Ususally, people would think Abby's music is weird or disturbing. Not Samantha. She didn't seem fazed which shocked Gibbs.

"Abs!" Gibbs yells

The Goth turned around and turned the music down. As she runs to Gibbs she yells "HI GIBBS!" and engulfs him in a big 'Abby hug'

Gibbs half smiles, "Hey Abs." He turns around and signals Samantha to come to him. "Abs, this is Samantha, Vance's niece. Her parents have been kidnapped. Can she stay down here with you?"

Abby nodded her head rapidly "Of course Gibbs!" She turns to Samantha "Hi! I'm Abby! And welcome to Abby-ville!"

Samantha smiles and laughs. "Hi Abby, I'm Samantha."

Abby signs to Gibbs ok you can leave now.

Gibbs signs back just play nice and don't give her any Caf-Pow!

Samantha knows ASL so she signs to them what's Caf-Pow?

Gibbs and Abby looked surprised. They both signed you know ASL?

Samantha signs Yes, learned it when I was 5. Never knew anybody who signed until now.

Gibbs and Abby both smiled. Gibbs said "well, I have to go. See you in about an hour."

Gibbs went into the elevator and back up to the squad room while Abby and Samantha tries to figure out what do they want to do. They decided to just order some dinner and talk.

Somewhere in DC

The kidnappers come back and they realize that they are missing a member. One of the kidnappers went up to Darnell and ask "where is the girl?" Darnell replied "I don't know. I was asleep." The mother passed out from exhaustion and hasn't woken up since then. One of the kidnappers say to the other kidnappers "Go find the girl, at ALL cost."