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Aang and Toph were sitting on the corner of the fountain on the least crumbled terrace of the Western Air Temple. They were both wondering why everyone else in the entire temple, with the exception of Chit Seng, was acting extremely depressed. Zuko had been staring at a wall most of the day. Katara was washing every piece of clothing the group owned very loudly; she had washed everything at this point about five times. Sokka was sitting with his father, throwing his boomerang and catching it as they both watched. The Duke was crying quietly and cuddling with Teo, who was fiddling with gears and wires, looking as though he was close to tears. Haru was in the courtyard furiously smashing rocks. Suki had gone out onto a deserted terrace with a flower ad set up a small cairn on which she placed the flower; she hadn't moved since.

"Do you think it's a kind of day of mourning no one bothered to tell us about?" Toph asked.

"I don't know." Aang replied, "I think they would have told us though."

So the two continued sitting in silence while everyone else continued to be depressed. Eventually, Katara came and made something for dinner, with the same manic energy she had been washing clothes with. Soon after, everyone gathered to eat. They all still seemed depressed, and for some reason, Katara was glaring at Zuko even more than usual. For once, he didn't notice.

Toph had grown bored with the downtrodden air of the group.

"What's wrong with everyone?" She finally shouted.

Katara was the first o break the awkward silence. "The Firenation," She said, glaring at Zuko, "Killed my mother today years ago."

Aang looked as though he was going to say something comforting, but Toph cut him off, "Oh, sorry. I guess that explains Sugar Queen, Snoozles, and their dad, but what about the rest of you?"

"Actually, today is the anniversary of the day my mother vanished, my grandfather died, and my father became Firelord." Zuko's voice came abruptly from where he was leaning against the wall.

Toph wasn't exactly delicate in matters such as this, so all she said was, "Oh."

The silence stretched before Toph broke the silence oce more.

"Did anyone else lose their mom today?"

Suki, the Duke, Teo, and Haru raised their hands.

Suddenly Aang asked what the date was. When told, he looked down for moment before saying,

"Today's my thirteenth birthday. I never celebrated it on the date though 'cause my mom died in childbirth."