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Soooo-here it is. Lan becomes Prince in the Real World! But what of Second Life? Chapters are short-ish due to stress.

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Seeing Sideways


Game 1. Torturous night

Feng Xiao Lan could not remember the last time she had been so sick.

She couldn't sit up, because of the dizziness, and she had the mother of all headaches. The room constantly pulsed in and out of focus, her chest felt like an elephant was sitting on it, and her throat was scratchy. Worst of all, her limbs were aching like they were going through puberty all over again.

She blamed Second Life for this mishap.

Before logging off that night, she had been grinding monsters alone a little ways away from Infinite City. With the realism patch, the weather had been manipulated as well, and this day the game designers decided to sic the mother of all rainstorms on the Central Continent. At the time, she had not cared, and continued slaying monsters. Even with the lightning that came shortly after, she didn't stop. Balancing her lives had become a giant burden, and it was wearing her down. Killing monsters was the perfect remedy.

And then the lightning hit her.

Honestly, what was the likelihood of getting hit? 1/10000? So why the hell was she hit?

Regardless, the second the lightning hit her, pain like she had never felt before burst through her… And the next she knew, she was back in reality, feeling like her neurons were fried-which was quite possible. The Dream Visor was connected to the nerves in the brain, and getting hit by lightning probably damaged something.

At first, the pain was nonexistent. She had set aside her Dream Visor, and collapsed back into her bed, pondering over how she was booted out of the game instead of simply sent back to the rebirth point. But then, the pain struck, and before she knew it, she couldn't move, or call for help. Her brother was away for the weekend, so she was alone in the house-and the phone was too far away.

The pain intensified, and she let out a soundless scream. Please… somebody… Oh it hurts, make it stop…

But the pain did not stop, and she lay helpless, in complete agony, for the rest of the night. Throughout the night she drifted in and out of consciousness.

When the first rays of the morning intruded into her bedroom, the pain began to abate, and by seven, she could hobble out of her bed. She planned on calling the hospital immediately, but something stopped her-her reflection in the mirror right above the phone.

She screamed, and the Prince in the mirror screamed with her.