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Seeing Sideways


Game 3. Deadly Chase...?

Lan looked around for a friendly face to ask for directions, but everywhere she looked, shady looking people were muttering to each other, glancing around covertly as if to watch out for eavesdroppers. One rather burley man with copious tattoos saw her looking his way, and sent her an intimidating glare. She shivered. Scary…

She saw his eyes widen in something close to recognition-time for me to make my exit! Pulling the drawstrings of her hoodie to hide her face more, she attempted to scuttle off before any confrontation happened.

"Hey, you!" She flinched at the man's rough voice, and walked a little faster. "Hey, I'm talking to you, white-haired pretty-boy!" She ignored him once more, and broke into a full-out sprint.

She heard the sound of multiple feet behind her, but she didn't dare to look back. At least my stats seem to be the same… She thought. No doubt, if she had been in her normal body, she would have been caught by now. Then again…

"If I were in my real body, I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place!" She exclaimed, jumping over a passerby.

She heard the sound of flesh hitting flesh behind her, and she winced. "Sorry!" She shouted behind her. Those thugs didn't have the benefit of computer-generated stats, after all.

But… damn. This body is pretty sweet. Of course, it was at that point that she hit a dead end.

She whirled around to see the tattooed man, and two other, similarly hideous men blocking her escape. They were walking closer, their faces red and menacing.

"You're Prince, right?" Tattoo man asked.

Shit! They know. I guess my only option is to tell the truth and try to bargain my way out… "A-ha-ha, you see…" They sent another intense glare at her. "…I'm just your neighborhood cosplayer! I love Prince, so I decided to cosplay as him… A-hahaha…" She scratched the back of her head as she fed them her bullshit, hoping beyond hope…

Their expressions transformed into what can almost be enlightenment, and they smiled. She thought it worked, until the scowl returned to their faces. "You trying to pull somethin' over us?" The man standing to the left of the Tattoo Man spat.

"A-ha… ha…" She trailed off and, seeing an escape, threw herself at a windowsill and began to climb up the building.

"You damn monkey!" Left Man shouted, "We just wanted to ask for your help!"

Feng Lan froze halfway from grabbing onto the window of the seventh story of the building. "Help?" She repeated cautiously.

They looked up at her with piteous expressions, and Feng Lan felt her resolve crumbling. "Please. Prince-laoshi!"