Wizard: … *looks around* Okay… I THINK I lost them…

Kib: Lost who?

Wizard: ! Oh, H-Hi! ^_^ Nothing at all!

Kib: … _

Wizard: *innocent*

Kib: Hmm… Anyway, welcome to Pranks and Other Awesomeness. Today we-

*splash can be heard from backstage*

Xigbar: AAA!

Kib: *sighs* For the last week we have been running into those little traps Xyla set up about ten episodes ago. It's quite irritating.


Xigbar: MY OTHER EYE! O:

Kib: So, we've had Xigbar run around through every room to spring ever trap in an attempt to rid us of them…

Wizard: And plus, you just like listening to his screams of misery.

Kib: Exactly.

*small explosion*


Wizard: Also, we rebuilt the studio somewhat. Just… the rooms are kinda mixed up, so we have no clue where some of the cast is…

Kib: Mainly all the Invader Zim characters.

Wizard: And a majority of my Ocs.

Kib: And Arianna… *looks really worried* That's the one that really worries me. She went off to go find Dib so we could torture him and hasn't been seen since… Maybe she went back to Meghan, but still…

Wizard: Yeah… Basically we have Alyx and Kenjix and Kib and Yuki and Me. But Yuki and Xyla went off to do something. Xigbar is springing traps, Zexion disappeared in a lower level, and Alyx isn't on speaking terms with Axel at the moment…

Alyx: *mutters something about lying, cheating, idiot*

Wizard: …And so that leaves us with, again, almost no one.

Kenjix: What about Richtofen and Nickolai?

Alyx: They are… *closes eyes* down in the basement… Richtofen is building something and Luxord and Nickolai are drinking.

Wizard: Wait- I forgot you could reach out with your mind to find people!

Alyx: Won't do any good. Most of the rooms have a psychic block on them. And many of the ones that don't we would be unable to get into. I'll keep looking though.

Wizard: Okay. Anyway, let's explain what happened while we were gone. The baby thing wore off of Kenjix and I finally, which is why we are all normal. Xyla and Yuki scared us all to death with their little 'Bloody Mary' prank, and then we started rebuilding.

Kib: Yeah… and then people went missing.

Wizard: Yup. And all still as babies.

Xyla: Heehee… *pops up*

Yuki: *pops up as well* We found something…

Xyla: Lookie!

*A cute strawberry blonde boy appears, with gorgeous green eyes and wearing a light blue shirt*

Boy: Hey *winks*

Alyx: He looks familiar…

Yuki: He's an experiment of mine. ^_^ Kinda like how Mommy made Xios and Axis as experiments, I made him. With some help from Xyla of course.

Xyla: Yup! His name for now is Vexel.

Vexel: Heh. Got it memorized?

Alyx: Oh no… *facepalms* Why must every experiment have Porcupine mixed in?

Vexel: ;) Hey here… How's it going?


Vexel: Whoo… man, she has problems.

Yuki: I created him actually to help out in the lab, but… his ego and attitude seem to overwhelm his intelligence.

Vexel: *still trying to hit on Alyx*

Alyx: *still trying not to punch him*

Wizard: Ooookay… Why is he here?

Yuki: Xyla had an idea.

Xyla: I want Vexel to dye Axel's hair blue, and Marly's green. And then shave Vexen's head. : )

Vexel: Got it. *winks at Alyx again* Later.

Alyx: *rolls eyes*

Vexel: *leaves*

Wizard: What happened with you and Axy anyway?

Alyx: *dark look*

Wizard: Nevermind. 0_0 N-Next is Luxembourg…(My apologies to his author if I totally fail at writing as him)

Luxem: Hello.

Wizard: Hey! What's your dare?

Luxem: My author sent me to be part of a Hetalia reference in your story.

Wizard: Ooookay… This'll be interesting. I think I need to summon my Hetalia OC for this one.

*Brown haired girl in a t-shirt and denim shorts appears*

Girl: Uh… where am I?

Wizard: You're on my show.

Girl: Oh yeah… You told me about how you had a show… huh. Well, I need to get back to what I was doing…

Wizard: No, you need to stay here.

Girl: But-

Wizard: What could possibly be more important?

Girl: I was building another model! ^_^

Wizard: *sighs* You have at least twenty of them all over your house!

Girl: I know… but still…

Wizard: Anyway, this is my Hetalia OC, Utah.

Utah: Hi! : )

Wizard: Now… I need to figure out what will happen Hetalia related. Let's just get on with the show.

Kenjix: Hey! Some person wrote in and wanted there to be a prank phone call that fails!

Wizard: *evil look* Well… as long as something Hetalia related has to happen…

Kenjix: Huh?

Wizard: Oh, nothing… *JTHM style grin*

Kenjix: Ooooookay…

Wizard: Next!

(WARNING! this review has a few Warriors spoilers... hope you don't mind)

*Kyrlin poofs in, and waves crazily at Kib* HAI! Whazzup? *stops and looks at the babies* O3o...

Wizard: Wait, the babies? *turns to see all the babies have returned*

Axel: Al? *looks sadly at Alyx*

Alyx: *glares*

Axel: *sniffs*

Kyrlin: Human babies... look very... cold. And so do irkens. But I guess they're still cute, nonetheless. Hey, can you guys bring in Longtail, and give him some love? I feel bad for him... he loses all his friends, goes blind young-and in a humiliating way-, and then dies for a friend! And also have Silverstream come here, along with Feathertail and Crowfeather! THIS PLACE NEEDS MOAR WARRIORS, AND I AM IN A WARRIORS-ish MOOOD!

Wizard: Go ahead. XD

IvyStar: Oh good. More cats.

Kyrlin: Crowfeather, we all know you really love Feathertail. And Graystripe always loved Silverstream, so let them hang out altogether now X3 all alive forget Nightcloud and Millie for a little bit...

Wizard: Aw! ^_^ Of course! *summons Graystripe*

Graystripe: … Where am I?

Silverstream: Graystripe…

Greystripe: ! Silverstream!

*they nuzzle each other*

Wizard: So cute! ^_^ *sends all Warriors including IvyStar to another room*

Kyrlin: Zim, by the powers grants to me by the author, I hereby give you... THE STICK. *hands him Rock's stick, unbroken*

Zim: er…

Wizard: ! Is that Herr Shtick? *stares at it* Oh… Nope. Nevermind.

Zim: What do I do with this… 'stick'?


Zim: iunno.


Zim: *shrugs*

Wizard: Weird… Anyway…

Kyrlin: You must carry this stick all the way to the Lake, where WindClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan live, and throw it into the lake. It must not be harmed in any way, or else Jayfeather AND Rock will find out, which will lead to TWO cats that will haunt your dreams, your every step, and read your thoughts. Even though the world is destroyed, the Lake... eh, was remade. Already. NOW GO! ...and you are no longer a baby, only for the duration of this dare.

Wizard: That explains it…

Zim: … NEVER! I will never do such a… weird task for cats! *throws stick to the ground and crushes it*

Wizard: *facepalms*


Zim: Ga? *is a baby again*

Kyrlin: Gaz, you now must switch bodies with either Briarlight or Brightheart, and at least till the end of this chapter. Dib... if you're old enough to understand what happened to your sister... know I'm not doing because I dislike you. I just want to get Gaz to do SOMETHING. She's been rather dull, and untouched lately. Hee, but if she chooses to be Brightheart, then someone here will randomly change into Cloudtail, and someone else into Whitekit (Whitekit-her daughter, if you didn't know, and Cloudtail is her mate. I feel evil...)

Gaz: *sighs* I'll be Brightheart.


Gaz: … *paws at the game*

Zim: … What the- AAA! *sees reflection in a puddle*


Wizard: lolz

Kyrlin: HARR. X3 Darkstripe, you and Red must have a duel, while Purple fights Mapleshade (if you know her, otherwise he fights Breezepelt.)

(I don't remember/know any of those… It's been a while since I read them. Sorry!)

Kyrlin: Hawkfrost for some reason, I'm beginning to like you... however, you are being summoned here to stalk some unlucky person from the shadows. Be your evil, cold, cruel self... cuz it's awesome...

*At the Castle that Never Was…*

Xemnas: *shivers* I feel as though I'm being watched…

Kyrlin: Bluestar... *giggles* Okay, you go and take care of Kenjix... he's sweet, so don't worry too much 3 you can have Snowfur help you out. (Snowfur is her sister, if you didn't know...)

Kenjix: Hi there!

Bluestar: Hello young Twoleg.

Kenjix: I'm Kenjix!

Bluestar: Nice to meet you. I am Bluestar.

Kenjix: You're nice. ^_^ *sits down by her and strokes her fur*

Bluestar: …

Kenjix: Oh, don' you like being pet? … Oh I see… Oh… Okay I'll stop.

Bluestar: ?

Alyx: *sighs* Kenjix can read minds, like me.

Bluestar: Ah…

Kyrlin: Nyeee! Now that this place has a sufficient amount of Warrior cats, I take my leave, and shall return! Farewells for naow! *flies off*

Wizard: lol… Too many of those were ones I don't remember…

Kenjix: *having a deep conversation with Bluestar*

Wizard: … Wow… Hey where is Kib?

Kib: *wakes up* Huh?

Wizard: XD You fell asleep, sorry. You can go back to sleep if you wish.

Kib: Thanks. *rolls over and closes eyes again*

Wizard: Now… It's time for my Hetalia related dare.


Wizard: Okay… Luxem, Utah, I want you to-

Moxie: *A hybrid female with Irken Antennae and a human body as well as silver hair, struts in with an elegant sneer* Hellooooo. You are doomed.

Wizard: 0_0

Luxem: *facepalm*

Utah: lol


Dib: Ga? *looks at her funny* Ga-ga?

Wizard lolz Oooooor not XD *snaps*

Moxie: *disappears*

Wizard: Haha I have the sudden urge to make Gaz sing in German!

Gaz: … *looks up* Does it look like I can sing right now?

Wizard: Aw… *picks her up*

Gaz: *narrows eyes and tries to claw her up*

Wizard: *holds her away* Now now, just sing a little song XD

Gaz: *sighs* Fine.

*Music starts*

Wenn ich aus meinem Fenster schau'

(When I look out my window)

dann ist der Himmel immer grau.

(The sky is always grey)

Ich bin so traurig und so allein.

(I am so sad and so alone)

Warum willst du nicht bei mir sein?

(Why will you not stay near me?)

Ich bin so traurig und so allein.

(I am so sad and so alone)

Ich will nicht mehr alleine sein.

(I don't want to be alone anymore.)

Wenn ich aus meinem Fenster schau'

(When I look out my window)

dann ist der Himmel immer grau

(The sky is always grey)

und ich fang mit dem Regen an zu wein'

(And I start crying with the rain)

Die Dunkelheit umhüllt mein Herz,

(The darkness overtakes my heart)

empfinde nur den kalten Schmerz.

(I only feel the cold pain)

Will nicht noch länger Schaden für dich sein.

(I don't want to be damage to you any longer)

Ich bin so traurig und so allein.

Warum willst du nicht bei mir sein?

Ich bin so traurig und so allein.

Ich will nicht mehr alleine sein.

Küss mich wach.

(Kiss me awake)

*music ends*

Wizard: Yay! *claps*

Gaz: Whatever. *walks away*

Wizard: Anyway, I have an idea X3 TeeHee I was on Youtube and I was looking at the thing that says: "You might like these:" And it had a video someone made of Italy singing the FUN song. XDXD


Wizard: Oh shut up. I wasn't gonna do that.

Kib: Good.

Wizard: Kenjix and you are gonna sing it ^_^

Kib: NO.

Kenjix: Yay!


Wizard: At the beginning of the next episode though.

Kib: … I hate you.

Wizard: lol. Anyway…

Utah: Ahem…

Wizard: Oh yeah… XD I forgot! Luxem, Utah, you need to… *whispers to them*

Utah: XD okay… but who's gonna impersonate him?

Wizard: Emma, do you think you could do it?

Utah: Me? Maybe…

Wizard: And Luxem? Can you get me the number?

Luxem: *nods*

*more whispering*


*the three pop up*

Xyla: Yes?

Wizard: We need your help too. : )

*even more whispering*

Luxem: Wait… is this just an extravagant plot to glomp him? _

Wizard: Perhaps…

Luxem: -_- *facepalms*

Wizard: lol

Utah: Can we just do it already?

Wizard: Okay fine XD Go!

-one hour later-

Wizard: *into walkie talkie* You guys ready?

Xyla: *in a strange, unknown kitchen, holding a rope* Yup.

Yuki: *with Vexel, putting a tripwire across the strange kitchen's floor* Yup! XD

Utah: *by the phone in Wizard's studio* Yup!

Wizard: Okay! Go!

*Scene change- you see a blonde guy sitting at a desk. The phone rings.*

Man: Hallo?

Utah(through the phone and with an Italian accent): Germany! Help me!

Germany: Vat is it now, Italy?

Utah: I was cooking Pasta, and I slipped, and the sauce went all over the walls! And then the pasta went all over the floor!

Germany: Vat?

Utah: AND my shoes are untied.

Germany: I'll be right there. *hangs up and darts into the kitchen* Italy? Vere are yo- *trips on the wire*

Yuki: Now!

Xyla: *drops the net on Germany*

Germany: VAT ZE HELL?

Xyla: *into walkie talkie* We got him!

*Back at the studio:*

Wizard: Yay! ^_^

Luxem: -_- *sighs* I'm going back home…

Utah: I fooled Germany! ^_^

Germany: *pissed*

Wizard: lol *glomps Germany* I am soooooo happy right now… X3

Germany: …

Kenjix: lol well I think we should go. ^_^ Bye!