This story is after the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere. Right after it :)

Arthur was holding her hand while talking to his knights. They all were in a good mood because their King was happy. Gwen was smiling all time long. She was as happy as her husband.

Her Husband. She couldn't believe she had actually married the King of Camelot and was now his Queen. She had to be a consulting Queen has to look after the people strong, impartial and was rank above the ones they were equally to her.

She grabbed Arthur's hand and stroked it. He said she would be a great Queen who would treat her people fairly and honestly. As she looked in his eyes she saw that he knew exactly what she was thinking about. Arthur smiled at her with a gleam in his eyes which made her happier than ever and let forget her unconfident thoughts.

She was gnawing on her nails while examining Arthur meticioulusly. He seemed to be the happiest person alive in the moment. His face was filled with joy. Most people who didn't know him that well would be convinced by Arthur, he looked like he was enjoying talking and chatting with his knights, but the ones who knew him well, like Gwen did, knew that Arthur was seething under his skin. She knew that he was dying to go in his chambers with her. Smiling at this thought she gave a fake yawn so the people could think she was tired. She couldn't wait either.

Arthur saw the yawn and said, 'shall we, my Queen?'

"We shall, my King!"

Gwen knew exactly what was going to happen next as well as the knights of the Round Table. They were all grinning at them stupidly and Gwaine raised his eyebrows, making unnecessary comments and noises which made Gwen blush.

Arthur sighed and frowned at Gwaine. He wasn't angry with him; Gwaine was always like that.

"My wife-,"- he began placing extra emphasis on the word 'wife' ,"- is tired. We will retire now, good night!'

All the people in the room raised their hands to their hearts and bowed their heads slightly, showing their respect to the King and Queen of Camelot as the couple left the room.

They didn't talk much but as they reached the doors to Arthur's chambers he took her small hands in his calloused ones and then he said, "finally, our dreams came true, I had never thought they would. We will be together, always and forever."

"Always and forever," Gwen repeated slowly.

Arthur opened the door and Gwen squeaked as Arthur picked her up to carry her over the threshold. He crossed the room and laid her down onto the bed.

Arthur sat down right next to her.

'Everything alright?' he asked

She just nodded.

He slowly moved towards Gwen, leaning over her. They were looking directly into each other's eyes, their position reflecting their now equal social standing. Their lips met tenderly. Something burst in Gwen's stomach making her feel warm all over. She leaned towards Arthurand he moaned with pleasure and he lunged at her while pulling her dress off slowly, Arthur stroked Gwen everywhere he could see, everywhere he could reach. Guinevere moaned softly.

"I'll love you until the end of our days!" she whispered lustily.

"You are my life now!"Arthur answered.

And in the light of the moon they became one.

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