Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since you all have heard from me, anyway for any of you guys who read Akiza the Vampire and didn't read my last update; I had decided to give up. The story wasn't going the way I wanted it to be and I was having trouble starting of the new chapter. There is good news I have decided to write a whole brand new story, which I think will go great if I do say so myself. Well that's all for know I hope you guys enjoy the first chapter of my new story

Chapter 1:

The Start of a Never Ending Dream



"Run, Fudo Yusei." Yusei stopped running and stood there….in the black vortex of nothing. Listening to the devils voice, the devil that has been hunting his world and his dreams for a while now. Yusei never thought in his life that he would scare of a woman's voice. The voice sounded of a woman who may have been at least in her 16 to 18 years….so she wasn't old. Even though her voice was sweet and innocent, she had a way of making everything she said become sinister and evil. Suddenly, from Yusei standing in a black hole turned into him standing in a middle of a beautiful field of roses. Yusei was tired of this, tired of this woman hunting him and he was going to put a stop to this now. As if the mysterious woman read his mind, she appeared a few feet away from him wearing a dark cloak that covered her whole entire body. The only that was visible was her evil smile.

"So you're tired, Fudo" the mysterious woman laughed with pleasure. The woman walked up to Yusei and placed both of her hands on his cheeks.

"That's what I want from you" her smile grew bigger, "I want you suffer just like you made me suffer." Yusei's eyes widen from shock 'What did I do to make her suffer.' Yusei started down at the woman with his cobalt eyes, placing his hands on top of hers.

"What did I do to make a beautiful woman like you suffer; please I would like to know." The woman's evil smiled disappeared and she let go Yusei's cheek as Yusei follow through. Both of them stayed silent for a few seconds before she grabbed Yusei's neck harshly, the beautiful field of roses was being destroyed by a wildfire. Yusei along with the woman were falling into a fire pit. Yusei's eyes widen in horror, his oxygen supply was decreasing every second and watched the woman laughing at his misery.

"Don't go thinking you can sweet talk your way out of this Fudo, you may think this a dream but," the laugh grew louder and both of them landed to the bottom of the wildfire and she tighten her grip on his neck.

"This is real Yusei! I will hunt you down and find you and once I do, I'll-I'll ….." trailing off a knife popped into her hand "KILL YOU!" Just when she was about to kill him, Yusei woke up in his own pool of sweat. Yusei was panting heavily as he examines his clock which read 7 am which meant it was time for school.

"Yusei….Yusei…YUSEI" Yusei snapped out of his daydream to see to two children, a boy and a girl with green hair. The boy had a single ponytail and his name was Rua while the girl, Ruka, had two ponytails. Rua and Ruka are 11 year old twins who were friends with Yusei and the other signers. Rua and Ruka were actually also signers who beer the heart and the front claw of the crimson dragon. Rua is a laid back kind of guy who loves to have fun while his sister, Ruka, is a kind hearted person who always cares about others. Yusei was surprised was to see the two of them at his high school.

"What are you guys doing here" Ruka and Rua both smiled at Yusei. "We got off early today so we thought we come and visit." Ruka examined the room and noticed that Yusei was the only one in the room.

"Yusei are you okay, how come you're the only one here" Yusei looked around the room and noticed that Ruka was right, that he was the only one in the classroom. How did I not hear the bell ring? Yusei turned back to Ruka and noticed she wore a worry face it was obvious that she was worried about him.

"Ruka I'm fine, I just dozed off that's all" Yusei got up and faced them "We better go and meet up with Jack and Crow" with that Yusei, Rua, and Ruka made their leave. Yusei and the twins meet up with Jack and Crow in front of the school by a tree near the park.

"So what's up guys?"Crow laid his body on a nearby tree with his arms behind his head exposing his mark of the tail of the crimson dragon.

"Crow you shouldn't be showing off your mark in public like that you'll attract attention." Yusei's eyes were closed and he had his arms crossed in front of his chest. Crow unfolded his arms behind his head and waved his hand in the air.

"Don't sweat it Yusei" Crow giving everyone a big goofy smile. Yusei and Jack both shock their head in shame. "It's not like I'm going to get myself in trouble" Jack anger seem to have grew as he started yelling a Crow.

"You bird brain, we have a serious job to do, we need to keep the Crimson dragon way from Rex, all while trying to find the last signer." Crow stared at Jack in shock and nodded his head. Rua turned and noticed that Yusei has been silent for a while.

"Yusei is something wrong." Yusei broke from his train of thought and looked at his friends, the look on their friends face clearly spoke saying 'Spill it Fudo.' Being the type of guy he was, he knew didn't have any other choice. Yusei took a deep breath and spoke

"I had another one of those dreams again" he sighed before looking up at his friends. "This time she tried to kill me; she grabbed my neck and almost killed me with a knife. She said she wants to make me suffer just like I made her suffer." Ruka looked at Yusei with her eyes widen in shock as she looked at he is neck.

"Y-Yusei are y-you s-s-sure that was a-all a dream" Ruka hesitating with her words. Yusei stared to get worried as Rua put his hand on his sister's shoulder. "Ruka what's wrong" Ruka lifted her arm and pointed her hand at Yusei's neck.

"Yusei, you have marks all over your neck!" Ruka practically yelled it out. Yusei quickly placed his hand on his neck as he felt mark imprints on his neck. Crow, Jack, and Rua saw the imprints on Yusei's neck and started freaking out.

"Yusei how is that you have marks on your neck if you said if all happen in a dream" Crow spoke. Yusei was confused as ever "I don't know-"

Suddenly a voice of an angel broke out into the wind.

"Time has been set to take its course towards destiny"

Preview of Chapter 2: The Clash of Destiny

"You know who the last signer is"


"Well who is it"

"Yusei Fudo"


Hope you guys really enjoyed this first chapter. I have big plans for this story and I hope I get a lot of readers.