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This was a fill for the prompt "Everyone's first reactions when they see the famous Cobb squint", over at the kink meme, a year or so ago.

Mal smirks at Cobb's teasing tone; "Hey there, miss!
I knew you were devious, Mal, but this …?"
She laughs, and then pulls him down for a kiss
This afternoon, in this bed, is just Bliss

Arthur is frowning; "I don't mean to pry
But Dom, is there something wrong with your eye?"
Cobb straightens up, gives a glare and a sigh
Arthur just shrugs and straightens his tie

Eames laughed out loud when their eyes first met
Now he leans in closer and Cobb starts to sweat
Eames plays with a still unlit cigarette
Then asks: "Are you coming on to me, pet?

Yusuf is hesitant, as can be expected;
This man, all Business and Calm and Collected
Just gave him his share and seems unaffected
While stating that the compound must be perfected

Ariadne, the young and the cheery
Thinks that Cobb's squinting is downright eerie
So she squints back, "Oh wow, you're all bleary!"
Cobb rolls his eyes; it was working in theory

Saito looks out through the window, bemused
Meanwhile, Cobb's hiding that he is confused
His squint didn't work? He's SO not amused
Saito waves him away. "You're excused".

Robert is nervous; just who is this man?
squinting like only a crazy man can …
Uncomfortable … just what is his plan?
Perhaps he is trying some kind of brain scan?