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Link had just left the Kokiri Forest and saw a large owl sitting on a tree branch waiting for him. "It is time to awaken young Link" said Kaepora Gaebora

Link clutched his head as a ton of memories played out in his mind. Once they stopped he looked around thinking "Where am I"

"How did I get here" he thought

"I see you have awaken slayer of Demise" said Kaepora Gaebora

"You will find your partner in the Princess of Hyrule" he said

"What is going on here" asked Link

"Go find your partner" said Kaepora Gaebora as he took off

"Wait a minute" shouted Link

But Kaepora Gaebora continued flying away until he disappeared.

"What was he talking about Link" asked Navi

"Not now Navi" said Link

He closed his eyes and went over the new memoires he had. "So what Demise said has finally come true" he thought

He opened his eyes and took out the Emerald. "So now I have the Emerald" he thought

He put the Emerald away and started on his way to Hyrule Castle.

Along the way Navi asked "Are you going to tell me now"

Link sighed as he said "Wait until after we find the Princess"

"Since I don't know what is going on either" he added

When it started to get dark out, Link saw that a ranch was nearby. "Maybe I can spend the night there" thought Link

Link knocked on the gate and it was answered by a young girl with long orange hair. "How may I help you" asked Malon

"Do you have a place I can stay the night" asked Link

"Sure" said Malon

She led Link into the Lon Lon Ranch. She notices Navi floating around Link's head and asked "Is that a fairy"

"Yes" said Link

"Her name is Navi" he said

"She's pretty" said Malon

She led Link to the stables and said "You can stay here for the night fairy boy"

"Thank you" said Link

"My name is Link" he added as he went in

The next morning Link got ready to go and met Malon by the gate. "Thank you for your hospitality" said Link bowing

"It was no problem fairy boy" said Malon

Link just sighed as he left the ranch.

He arrived at Hyrule Castle Town about midday and crossed the drawbridge. He walked into the marketplace and looked around. He saw the castle further on beyond the marketplace and the Sealed Temple off to the right. "I see the Temple of Hylia is still standing" thought Link

As Link walked through the marketplace on his way to the castle, he overheard two men talking. "Did you hear about that idiot that tried to sneak into castle to see Princess Zelda" said first man

"Zelda" thought Link shocked

"Is that what that owl meant" he thought

"They increased security around the castle because of him" said the second man

"Oh great" thought Link sighing

He arrived near the castle and saw guards were everywhere. He saw some vines growing up the side of the cliff wall that he could climb. As he got near the vines he saw Malon standing there. "Hello again fairy boy" said Malon

"What are you doing here" asked Link

"I'm waiting for my father to come back from delivering milk to the castle" said Malon

"But he has been gone for a really long time" she said

"Probably sleeping" she huffed

"Could you check on him for me" she asked

"Sure" said Link

"Thank you" said Malon

"You can use this to wake him up" she said holding out an egg

Link took the egg and put it away.

"It will hatch into a cucco that will wake him up" said Malon

"Alright" said Link

He climbed up the vines and made his way to the gate. He climbed down the ladder into the gatehouse and silently opened the door. He then made his way into the field in front of the castle.

He made his way through the field avoiding the guards and jumped into the moat surrounding the castle. He swam along the moat and climb out when he ran into a wall.

He looked around and saw a large man sleeping near some crates. "I guess that is her father" thought Link

He took out the egg which hatched into a cucco and started cawing. Talon awoke with a start shouting "What theā€¦"

He then looked at Link and asked "Who are you"

"Your daughter is looking for you" said Link

"Oh no, Malon is going to kill me" shouted Talon

He then ran off out of the castle grounds.

Link saw a small entrance into the castle on the other side of the moat and jumped across to it. He crawled into the entrance and into the castle gardens.

He silently made his way through the gardens avoiding the guards until he made it to the end of the gardens. "I finally made it" thought Link

"If I ever find the idiot that caused them to increase security, I'm going to kill him" he thought

He walked into the gardens and saw the Princess peeking into the window. "Zelda" called out Link

Zelda turned around and saw Link standing there. "Link" asked Zelda hopefully

Link nodded his head smiling. Zelda ran up to him and engulfed him a big hug. "I'm so glad you're here too" said Zelda burying her head into his shoulder

Link held her for a moment before asking "What were you looking at"

"The reincarnation of Demise's hatred" said Zelda

She let go of Link and pulled him up to the window. "Take a look" she said

Link looked into the window and saw a man with black armor kneel down. He quickly looked away and whispered "That's him"

Zelda nodded her head and lead him away from the window. "He is in there getting into my father's good graces by swearing his allegiance to him" said Zelda

She led them to part of the gardens away from the window and sat down with Zelda sitting in Link's lap. She held her hand above them and cast a sound poof barrier around them. Once done she broke down crying into Link's shoulder.

"Everyone has forgotten about what we did" cried Zelda

"All they remember is that cursed prophecy that Demise said when he died" she said

"Even then nobody believes it will ever happen" she added

"I tried to convince my father and his people about what is happening, but nobody believes me" she cried

Link rubbed Zelda's back to help her calm down as he said "We will think of something"

"But we need the Master Sword to destroy him, but that is the only thing that is protecting the Sacred Realm and the Triforce" said Zelda

Link thought about it for a moment before he said "You need equal parts power, wisdom, and courage for the Triforce to accept you"

Zelda nodded her head at that. "He has only power so the Triforce would never fully accept him" said Link

"We just need to get the Triforce before he does" he said

"How" asked Zelda

"You created the Master Sword, so you should be able to pull it out" said Link

"When you do, I will grab the Triforce" he said

"If it accepted me once before, hopefully it will again" he added smiling

"That could work" said Zelda thinking about it

"I already have the ocarina with me" she said

"You do" asked Link

Zelda nodded her head taking it out to show him before putting it away again. "I always kept it with me since I 'woke up'" she said

"I have the Emerald" said Link taking it out

"So all we need to get is the Ruby and Sapphire" said Zelda

"We" asked Link smiling

"I'm coming with you" said Zelda with a tone of finality

"I wouldn't have it any other way" said Link kissing her forehead

Zelda blushed as they got up off the ground and she canceled the barrier. "So where should we meet" asked Link

Zelda thought about it for a minute before asking "Do you know about the ranch near here"

"Yes" said Link

"I spent the night there on my way here from Kokiri Forest" he said

"Great" said Zelda

"Meet me there" she said

"As my Goddess commands" said Link smiling while bowing

Zelda just huffed at his remark and hit him on the shoulder. "Impa can show you out" she said

"Oh great her again" said Link sighing

"She wasn't that bad" said Zelda

"She said I wasn't good enough for you" said Link huffing

"That's it" shouted Navi appearing in between the two of them

"What is going on between you two" she asked

"Who is this Link" asked Zelda

"This is Navi" said Link

"She is a fairy that the Great Deku Tree asked to accompany me" he said

"It's nice to meet you" said Zelda smiling

"What is going on with you two" asked Navi again

"I will explain later" said Link

"That is what you said on the way here" shouted Navi

"No it isn't" said Link

"On the way here you asked 'what is going on'" he said

"I said 'I didn't know'" he said

"Now you just asked 'what is going on between us'" he said

"It's different" he said smiling

Navi just let out a frustrated scream and disappeared that Zelda giggled at.

"I guess I need to get going" said Link

"I will see you soon" he said

He walked to the entrance to the inner most garden and saw Impa standing there. "You are the one from her dreams" asked Impa

"Yes" said Link

"My role in her dreams was to teach you the song that has been passed down in the Royal Family for generations" said Impa

She then started humming Zelda's Lullaby. Link took out his Fairy Ocarina and started playing it. Once Impa was done she said "I used to sing this song to her when she was a baby"

"Only those of the Royal Family can learn it, so play it to prove your connection to them" she said

Link nodded his head while putting his Fairy Ocarina away. "I shall take you out of the castle so the guards will not find you" said Impa

She grabbed Link's shoulder and they disappeared in a flash of light. They reappeared in the field outside Hyrule Castle Town. "Head to Kakariko Village to being your quest" said Impa

"We shall be waiting for your return" she said

She then disappeared in a flash of light.

"She seems nicer than her ancestor" thought Link

Navi appeared in front of Link and asked "Can you tell me what is going on now"

"Sure" said Link

He started explaining everything that happened in the past while on their way to the Lon Lon Ranch.

This will be like my other video game stories. I will be writing it as I play though Ocarina of Time 3D.