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Link and Zelda left the temple only to see castle guards outside.

"Princess, where have you been" asked one of the guards

"In the temple" said Zelda

"What are you doing here boy" asked one of the guards walking towards Link

"Leave him alone" said Zelda in a powerful voice

"He is with me" she said

"Take us to my father now" she said glaring at them

"Yes ma'am" said the guards quickly

The guards led them back to the castle and into the throne room.

"Leave us" said Zelda in a powerful voice

The guards quickly nodded their heads and left.

"Zelda, what is the meaning of this" shouted the King

"Why did you bring this boy with you" he asked

"Is that any way to talk to your ancestors" asked Zelda smirking crossing her over her chest

"Ancestors" said the King confused

"What is this nonsense" he shouted

"The Royal Family is descended from our children" said Zelda

"What are you talking about" asked the King

"I am Goddess Hylia, guardian of the Triforce" proclaimed Zelda

"And I am her Champion, Link" said Link bowing

"Also the only person the Triforce has accepted fully" he added

"What do you mean" asked Impa

"I thought anyone who claimed the Triforce could use its power" she added

"That is not entirely true" said Zelda shaking her head

"A person must have equal parts courage, power, and wisdom to use the full power of the Triforce" she explained

"If they do not, then the Triforce will shatter into three pieces with one piece going to the one who claimed it and the other two going to the two who most exemplify the two remaining attributes" she explained

"This is why the Triforce is a part of the symbol for the Royal family" she continued

"While the red bird represents our Loftwings" she finished

"But it mainly represents Link's since his was red" she added

"Loftwings" said Impa confused

Both Link and Zelda blew a sharp whistle and their Loftwings appeared in a flash of golden light. Everyone's eyes widen looking at the two large birds.

"You are telling the truth" said the King in a shocked voice

"Yes" said Zelda nodding her head

"Have you ever wondered why the Sheikah guard the Royal Family" she asked

"You know that as well" asked Impa

"Yes" said Zelda nodding her head

"I originally ordered the Sheikah to guard me when I was first reborn" she explained

"After we finished our task and our time came, that duty was passed down to our children and their descendants who became the Royal Family" she finished

A few days later Link and Zelda were getting their Loftwings ready to go to Skyloft.

"Do you really think there are still people up there" asked Link

"Only one way to find out" said Zelda smiling

They both got on their Loftwings and shouted "To Skyloft"

Their Loftwings took off and shot up into the sky until they pierced the cloud barrier. They then started flying towards Skyloft. But the closer they got there the more worried Link became.

"I don't like this" said Link

"We should have at least ran into a guard by now" he said

"Maybe they are all busy" said Zelda hopefully

"Too busy to not have guards flying around" said Link skeptically

When they did eventually arrived at Skyloft they saw that it was in ruins. They both got off their Loftwings and looked around.

"I guess everyone did eventually leave" said Zelda sadly

"So this used to be your home" asked Navi

"Yes" said Link looking around

"This is Skyloft" he said

They were about to start walking around when they heard movement near them. They quickly drew their swords and shields and turned towards where the sound came from.

"Who's there" shouted Link

"Show yourself" he commanded

A strange creature that looked like a yellow cucco with a human like head came out from behind some rubble. "Visitors" it shouted

"What are you" asked Link shocked

"We are the Oocca" it said

"What are you doing here" asked Zelda

"We live here" it said

"How long have you lived here" asked Zelda?

"We have always lived here" it said

"But if you want to know more you will have to talk to the Elder" it said

"Can you take us to him" asked Zelda

"Yes" it said

"Follow me" it said

It started walking down the path with Link and Zelda following him. As they were walking along they saw some more Oocca come out. They saw that some of them were only human heads with wings that must be children.

"They are even creepier as kids" whispered Link

Zelda just nodded her head at that.

They eventually arrived at the Elder's place which Zelda recognized as her father's house. "He is inside" said the Oocca

"Thank you" said Zelda bowing her head

They went inside and saw an older Oocca in the room. "Ah, visitors" said the Elder

"How may I help you" he asked

"How did you come to live here" asked Zelda

"We have always lived here" said the Elder

"Where did you originally come from" asked Zelda

"From here" said the Elder

"Do you know what happened to the people that lived here" asked Link

"You know about our ancestors" exclaimed the Elder

"Ancestors" shouted Link and Zelda

"Yes" said the Elder

"Our ancestors were very powerful people who created everything around you" he explained

"But over time they lost their power and eventually became what we are today" he finished

Both Link and Zelda had shocked looks on their faces.

"Thank you" said Zelda quickly

They left the room and headed towards the ruins of the Knight Academy where Zelda collapsed in the remains of her room. Link held her as she said "I knew there was a very low chance of finding someone here"

"But I didn't expect this" she exclaimed waving her arms around

"How could they have descended into what they are now" asked Link

Zelda calmed down and thought it over. "The only thing I could think of is that they got together with their Loftwings" said Zelda

"WHAT" yelled Link?

"Eww" he then said disgusted

"If you think about it, it does make sense" said Zelda

"Those that stayed behind were afraid of leaving, so they would have limited options of who to get together with" she explained

"Over the generations they must have became more bird like" she finished

"But why do they look so creepy looking" asked Link

"Especially the kids" he added

"I don't think we want to know" said Zelda shaking her head

"I guess we will have to find someplace else to hide our stuff" said Link

"Maybe we could use one of the smaller islands" said Zelda

"That's a good idea" said Link

They got off the ground and left the ruins of the Knight Academy. They went to the edge of Skyloft where Link asked "You want to jump off for old time sake"

"Yes" said Zelda smiling nodding her head

They both dove off of Skyloft and blew a sharp whistle. Their Loftwings appeared in a flash of golden light and caught them before flying back to Hyrule.