Annabeth just couldn't believe he was gone.

Just like that, her Seaweed Brain vanished. She'd looked everywhere for him- all around camp, his cabin, the woods, even the lake. But he was nowhere to be found.

She stifled a tear when she thought about the last time she'd seen him- he'd kissed her goodnight in front of the Athena cabin and she'd thought, I love this stupid, aggravating, annoying son of Poseidon so much, he'd better never leave me.

But he did. Now he was gone- she may never see him again. Wallowing in self-pity, Annabeth made her way tearfully to the dock, and dangled her toes right above the water. Someone came clip-clopping down the wooden planks and sat next to her.

"Annabeth- we'll get him back." Grover told her. "I'm sure of it."

Annabeth sniffed. "I hate him. When we get him back, I'm gonna kill him. Do you have any idea of what happened to him?" She asked the satyr. He shook his curly head sadly.

"No clue. But- Annabeth, you know Percy would never leave you. Not if he had any say." Grover told the daughter of Athena. She thought.

"Well… I guess… But Grover, what if he-? What if, somehow, his Achilles spot is exposed- and- and…" She couldn't bring her self to say it. Grover understood. Satyrs are particularly good at reading emotions.

"You know he'll be just fine- just remember that old saying."

"Which one?" Annabeth asked, rifling through her memories of all the sayings and quotes and proverbs she knew, distracted momentarily by knowledge. He spoke the one that she hated the most.

"If you love something- let it go." He began softly. Her toes clenched. "And if it comes back, you know it loves you too." Annabeth wrinkled her nose, toes unfurling in her confusion.

"That's not it. It's 'If you love-'" But the satyr cut her off, braying in slight agitation.

"Baaah- that one's depressing! This is the satyr version-it's so much truer."

"That phrase contradicts itself." She sniffled, being smart even in her current state of confusion and sadness. "Nothing's more true than the truth."
He ignored it, naturally.

"So- If Percy really loves you- Which he does- He'll come home." Grover told her, patting her shoulder. She stiffened her resolve, and drew herself up.

"Well you know what? This is the Annabeth version."

She stood up determinedly. She looked out on the shimmering water, lost in thought. Grover thought of coughing to bring her to earth, but then she spoke, pronouncing each syllable carefully and with the utmost confidence and clenched fists.

"If you love someone, let them go. If they don't come back, execute a camp-wide search party, find him, and drag his scrawny little ass back home."


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