Tai picked up a chunk of Christmas cake, throwing it into the bin bag in his other hand as he and Kari cleaned up after Christmas. Their mother had promised them extra presents if they managed to clean up all the mess, so they had took up the challenge excitedly.

Reaching up, Tai grabbed the old mistletoe and tugged it down. Inspecting it carefully, he tried to decide what to do with it. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Tai decided now was a good time to stop. Tying the black bin bag off at the top, he shouted "I'll get it!"

"Good, I wasn't going to," Kari called back.

Tai grumbled intelligibly as he walked across the cream carpet to the front door. Swinging it open, he muttered absentmindedly, "Hello."

Then, as he opened his eyes wider, he saw it was Sora and perked up. "Hey, Sora." He laughed.

"What you doing?"


"Woman," Sora quipped, grinning.

"Well… you are a—" Dammit, why couldn't he think. It had been too long now. Sighing, he gave up.

Sora grinned in delight.

Reaching out, she touched the mistletoe. "What's that?"
"Oh… this?" Tai held out his right hand, looking at it.



"Yeah." Tai paused. This was so awkward. Had she really made him hold it up just to ask what it was?

Sora looked up. "We are under it right now."
"I'll move it." Tai tried to toss it over his shoulder but a hand gripped his wrist, pushing it up and he turned back just in time for Sora to kiss him. Tai blushed as they kissed until Sora finally pulled away. "You're good."

"Nice insult, there, Tai." Sora laughed. "Might take me a while to recover from that one."

"It wasn't a—"

"I meant from earlier."
"I think I under—"

Sora shook her head. "Kiss me, idiot."

Tai happily obliged, joining his lips to his while the mistletoe hung overhead. Lost in the moment, he threw it over his shoulder, pulling her closer and running his fingers through her beautiful red hair.

"Yuck. Get a room." Kari walked towards the door as they stepped apart. "Hey, Sora," she chirped.

"We had one until you arrived," Tai growled.

"Mum won't like this mess on the floor." Kari pointed at the mistletoe.

Tai sighed, turning to pick it up but a hand struck him on the cheek. Looking up, he saw Kari.

She leaned in and whispered, "Do you know nothing? She wants you, Tai. Ask her out, you moob."

Tai laughed nervously as he turned back around. "Do you want to—?"

"Yes!" Sora exclaimed, planting her lips on his.

Kari clapped her hands, throwing pine needles into the air in celebration as if she were at a wedding. Although these were a lot more annoying than confetti, as hard as it was to imagine.

Beep! Beep! Their mum pulled onto the driveway, getting out of the car.

"Bye." Sora ran away, waving at Mrs Kamiya as she did.

"Bye," Kari called, running up the stairs and leaving Tai alone.

"Hi." His mum walked in, clearly angry. "Is this your definition of clean, Tai?"

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