A/N: Happy New Year guys!

"Hrrr-XSH! Hrr-XXSHH! Hh-hh-HR-XXTSHSH!"

"Wow." Sam watches Dean wipe his hand on his pants. "Gesundheit."


"Huh... hh-HUH... hh-hh-hih-HJJSSHSHSH!"

The credit card application forms flutter to the ground.


"You gonna eat that?"

"HH-hhhh. HH-HIH-huhhhh."

"Ground control to Major Tom."



"Here you go, Sneezy."

"Ahh... ah-HASHSHUH!"

"Ouch." Sam puts the tissue box on the arm of the couch. "Should I notify your next of kin?"

Dean's eyes are watery with unsneezed sneezes. His red nose quivers. "Igh... ih-HEH... hh-hh-hhhhh."

"This is epic."

He blows his nose with the sound of six cans of whipped cream being discharged.


"Just keep this in your mouth for thirty seconds, okay? Just thirty seconds."



Dean glowers.

"America's Funniest Home Videos, dude. Cash prizes."

He sprays Sam's phone.


"Man. You're a total Nyquil lightweight."


"That's it. In you go."


"Nighty-night, man."


"Bless you. Let go of me now."

"Hh... heh..."

"Whoa. Chilly much, Burrowy Mole Guy?"


"All right, you win. Move over. Guess a day of that'll take it out of you, huh?"

Flushed and shivering, glassy-eyed with medicine, Dean pokes his red nose into Sam's belly and falls asleep in his arms.

Prompt: Dean is worn out from sneezing and falls asleep in Sam's arms.