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Heroes Save Thy Self


November 2010

Alone in the stacks of the G.L.E. (Great Library of England) a man pulls yet another old book from a stack to research its information. An hour later and halfway through the book the man pulls off his glasses and says aloud "Oh good lord."

Chapter 1

December 2010

In theUnited States, inColorado, Under Cheyenne Mountain, In the Stargate command briefing room a top level top secret meeting was taking place. Major General Hank Landry became nervous when he found the President and Joint chiefs walking through the door and temporarily moved in for this meeting to relay the information they were about to dump onto his and SG1s lap. By the looks on their faces, he knew it wasn't going to be good and that he wasn't going to like whatever they had to say. What he didn't know was what an understatement that would be.

White noise generators were activated to prevent eavesdropping. Everyone took their seats and the room was secure from unwanted interruptions.

President Thomas Wilson stood and took the floor.

"Ladies and gentlemen six months ago we were made aware of a situation by a worldwide geophysical team that had been investigating the effect of radiation from solar flares on the earth. Dr. Satnam Tsurutani and Dr. Adrian Helmsley had found that after a recent large solar storm, (the largest ever recorded,) a massive burst of neutrinos were released. Wile I've been told that neutrinos usually pass harmlessly through the earth, the amount of neutrinos from this storm has had a physical effect on the planet."

Colonel Samantha Carter being an astrophysicist had a problem believing it. Neutrinos just didn't act that way. But she knew better than to interrupt the President so she resigned herself to look at the data later.

"It's heating up the earth's core." The President continued. "So much so, that the earths crust is destabilizing rather quickly."

"Oh my god." Exclaimed Sam unable to restrain herself as she was ahead of everyone else and realized where this was going. "Are you sure someone hasn't made a mistake?"

General Landry raised an eye brow at Sam's uncharacteristic outburst in front of her superiors.

Understandingly the President Said. "I'm afraid theirs no mistake. By 2012, life as we know it will be changed forever."

This shocked everyone else into struggling to understand what was happening and as usual they looked to Carter.

"Sir what the President is saying is that the glue that holds the continental plates together is melting apart. Whole land masses, whole countrieswill shift. Some if not most will even sink into the oceans."

"Do we have a plan to stop this?" Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell asked.

"I'm afraid not. Some of our best minds have been put to the problem and it seems that there's nothing we can do." The President replied.

"What about the super computers the Asgard left us?" Dr. Daniel Jackson SG1's Archaeologist asked.

"We have been using them nonstop since we were made aware of the problem and still came up with nothing." replied one of the Joint chiefs.

"So you're saying there's nothing we can do, even with all the technology we have?" Landry asked.

"I'm sorry, no. We can't save the planet from what is to come. All we can do is save as many people as we can."

"You mean through the Stargate." Cameron stated. "When we were at war with the Goa'uld we sent only a handful of the best and the brightest to the alpha sight when we thought all might be lost. Now that we have more time, will we be sending more?"

"As we have done in the past we will send our best scientist off world however they will be boarding Atlantis, and Atlantis will take off for the bata site at the end of next month with all the materials to finish repairs when they get there. This will lighten the load here at the SGC as you will be first sending the world collective and priceless works of art off world to a gamma site vault we will be setting up for safe keeping. Then anyone who knows about the Stargate, and/or who has the proper security clearance, will be sent to the alpha sight. After that you'll be sending as many farm animals as the collective governments can get our hand on without raising suspicion of the media or public, to a delta site long term farming operation. After which the Stargate itself will be beamed up to the Daedalus in orbit where our star ships namely the Daedalus, the Hammond, the Odyssey, and the Apollo will stay and record what happens to the earth wile they wait to see how thing settle. Once it has, the Stargate will be beamed back to a secure position and we will rescue who and what we can and rebuild."

"That still doesn't seem fair." Announce Daniel. "We have the time. We should at least try to save as many as we can."

"We are Dr. Jackson anyone and everyone who were being considered for either the SGC, SGA, or the F-302 programs are getting immediate clearance and being briefed on, not only their assignments but on the impending disaster we are about to face." replied another one of the Joint chiefs.

"And what of the rest of humanity don't they count?" Cameron asked sarcastically. "What the hell have we been fighting for, for the past nine years if we just let everyone die?"

"Colonel Mitchell!" General Landry shouted a warning for his insubordination.

"It's quit alright General. This is a very stressful situation and he isn't the first to voice his opinions without provocation. How can it not be expected?" The president calmly stated. "However, in answer to your question we have one more operation in the works to save as much of humanity as we can. The world governments are in the process of building ten arks. It's financed by the billionaires of the world in exchange for tickets to ride for them and their families. Half of each ark will be dedicated to wild animals, plant life or tools. Wile the other half of each ark will house enough people on each to repopulate the earth. They will all come from many different walks of life from CEO's to pig farmers. Between the arks and the off world programs we will have saved just over a half a billion people. If however we find out the Earth can no loner support that much life or any life at all, the Stargate will be beamed to one of the arks to move people off world. I'm sorry but it's the best we can do."

"But I like your world the way it is." Vala Mal Doran, SG1's newest member, alien, and former Goa'uld host interrupted. "The wheat field, and the shopping, and the music consorts, hair salon, and the shopping, the food. Oh and that Home Shopping Network. Not to mention I'd wanted to take a cruse on one of your lovely big boats at some point."

Everyone smiled sadly at Vala's words as they began to realize what they would miss when it all came to an end. Sam found tears welling up in her eyes.

"S-Sir." Sam said as she cleared her throat. "May I look at the data before you go?"

"I plan on leaving you a copy of what we have so far and the SGC will be updated the moment new information comes in. However there's one more order of business that needs to be taken care of. As you know since 9/11 we put in place a second government that would take over should anything happen to the chain of command in the white house. That government will now be put in charge of our off world activities until such time as some form of government can be reestablished on Earth."

"I'm guessing you wont be handling the off world government?" Landry questioned.

"No. I'll be overseeing the evacuation of the White house and breaking the news to the American people. They'll need to know. I owe them that much. My daughter and I will then be riding it out on one of the arks." He said almost ashamed.

"Pardon me for asking but who will be acting President?" Landry Asked.

"That government has its own President who is at the moment…" He looked to his CIA bodyguard who was listening to his earpiece.

"Coming out of the elevator now Mr. President." The bodyguard announced.

The elevator being just down the hall it only took a moment before another CIA agent opened to door from the out side to let in the new off world assigned President, Henry Hayes.

"Henry?" Landry said shocked at seeing the former President. "I mean Mr. President, what a surprise."

"Hi'ya Hank and it's so good to see the rest of SG1 again. I'm just sorry it's under such circumstances."

"It's good to see you too Mr. President. But wasn't your term over." Cameron announced.

Henry just smiled and said. "Actually It was decided back In 2001 that when a Presidents term is over he is then put on call for the next four to eight years to be in charge of the second government should the need arise."

President Wilson then pulled out a file from his brief case and laid it on the table and said. "With the arrival of President Hayes, the joint chefs and I will be leaving. This is all the data we have at the moment. I'll leave it with you. If you have any questions President Hayes can fill you in. There is so much to do before the end of the world, and less time to get it done. We'll be quit busy on our end so I expect this will be the last I see of this facility. I'm going to miss it."

"So will us all." General Landry replied with sorrow.

With that the President and joint chiefs left the room to make their way out of the facility.

The room was quiet after they left. President Hayes cleared his throat and said. "Listen Hank I can see you and your team are all stunned by this information. You're brains will need some time to assimilate it. I know mine did. So if you'll have an airman take me to my quarters I'll freshen up wile you all talk amongst yourselves."

"Yes sir. Thank you, sir." Said Landry as he went to the door yelled for an airman and told him to do just that.

After the president was gone everyone still was too stunned to speak. Hank, Cameron and Daniel all looked to Sam as she read over the data. "Hope" they didn't realize they were holding onto faded away quickly as they noticed tears beginning to run down Sam cheeks as she read. And with one cry of "Oh my god" from her lips their hearts sank.