So I was listening to "can you feel the love tonight" In japanese it's pretty good and Simba's voice is way deeper ^_^ so yeah while reading a harry/hermione story! :o I love them there my favorite! I can't stop reading them! :D so yeah and it was about how Hermione's father hates Harry and blah blah blah! though I didn't like it how the writer changed Harry appearance...I think it was a bit too punk like but eh it's cool the story was still good so yeah then I was like :O what if I make a Chloe and Derek story like this but it's there daughter ^-^ took forever for thinking of a title for this story

"Awww how cute!" Chloe cooed

"No it's disgusting and oh my god! Chloe look where his hands are!" Derek yelled peeking from the window.

"I know right it's horrid" a little boy said with jet black hair and big blue eyes that were glaring through the window at the two people outside. Derek grinned and ruffled his son's hair "that's right it's nasty" he said affectionately.

Chloe pulled them both away from the window and down on the couch "oh hush up both of you" she said giggling when they both pouted and crossed there arms. Derek was about to say comment when the door opened and Alice walked in Alex's twin sister.

"Hey" she said blushing bright pink on her porcelain skin she adopted from her mom. "So when is this project going to be over?" Derek asked standing up towering over his only daughter.

"Uh um" Alice stammered not looking at her father's intimidating gaze. "Derek!" Chloe hissed pushing him out of the way "Are you hungry Alice...I made uh well hehe I ordered pizza" Chloe said blushing.

"Thanks mommy" Alice said going into the kitchen and sat down next to her older brother by 2 minutes brother Alex who was already stuffing his face with pizza. "Derek could you get the boys please" she asked getting three extra plates.

Derek nodded and walked up the stairs to the boys room. "Oliver, Orion, Owen. Wash up it's time for lunch" Derek said knocking on the boys door "yes dad!" they yelled in sync, in a few moments he heard the thumps of soft cursing. The boys were probably pushing each other to get to the bathroom first, Derek went to the next room "Felix, Finny same with you two" he said knocking on the door.

"huh okay!" they yelled.

Derek walked down stairs following by Felix and Finny both had there mother's blonde hair and blue eyes. Oliver, Orion, Owen were a bit different. While Oliver was a complete replica of there father. Orion had black hair and blue eyes and Owen had blonde hair with green eyes.

Alice was the littlest of them all with her tiny elf like frame her long wavy blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was what you called the diamond of the family. Chloe and Alice were both. Alex was a bit different he was supposed to turn out into a werewolf all boys do but he ended up as a necromancer. He has tiny like Alice and got Derek's black hair and Chloe's big blue eyes.

"hey mom" the boys replied taking turns in kissing her cheek. They ate in silence until Derek brought up the project "So how often are you going to spend time with your partner" Derek said calmly but on the inside he was raging and wanted to demand for answers.

Alice stopped eating and wiped her mouth with a napkin "um often" she replied softly then took a sip of her water. "Hmm so is it going to be at school you guys going to work together"

She nodded again and blushed softly "Derek" Chloe hissed from his left, he grunted. "So you going to work with Jane" Orion asked innocently. Jane was the feisty brunet from London and she loved Alice to death like her own sister, they did everything together.

"um no she's working on it with Eliza" Eliza was Alice's other best friend. A quite shy Muslim girl with lovely brown curly hair that ended at her waist. "Oh" Owen said. "So who are you working with" Orion asked.

Alex and Chloe held there breath waiting for the boys to explode once they hear the name of the partner she's working with. "It's uh um...Seth" she whispered at the end blushing madly.

It was quite until all five boys stood up "SETH! THAT KNOW-IT-ALL BAD BOY, YOU KNOW HE'S BEEN TO JUVIE RIGHT!" they yelled. "WHAT HE'S BEEN TO JUVIE!" Derek yelled standing up as well "Why didn't you tell me this!" he yelled to Alice who looked so terrefied right now.

"All of you guys sit down!" Chloe yelled, they sat down immediately not wanting to upset there mother...Derek sat down cause he didn't want to end up sleeping on the couch like last time.

"Okay so we are going to eat calmly like a normal family" she stressed out the was quite for the rest of the evening. The boys decided they wanted to go swimming. "Alrighty pack go get your swim suits on" Chloe said.

The boys ran upstairs. "Mommy can I talk to you" Alice whispered. "Yeah sure" She said smiling going into her daughter's room. It had pale green walls with black fluffy carpet and a white four poster bed with thick black curtains hanging around it.

"So what do you want to talk about" Chloe asked "I um..." she trailed off "don't worry I had Tori put a permanent silencing charm around your room" she said.

Alice smiled "thank you"

"So what did you want to talk about" she asked again sitting on her daughter's bed holding a stuffed panda to her chest. Alice frowned and sat down on the stool that was near her dresser.

"Is daddy mad at me?" she asked. Chloe frowned "no he's just jealous and angry" she said smiling. "Your his only daughter and he thinks he can protect you from all the evil things in the world...for an example he thinks boys are horrible and not mature enough to be with you"

Alice giggled at this "he keeps on forgetting that he too was a boy and immature once in a while when we were dating along time ago...he forgets that he took me away from my father who took forever accepting Derek as my boyfriend" Chloe said standing up then she looked at the panda in confusion "Where did you get this...I don't remember getting this for you? Was it once of your brothers or friends?" she asked.

Alice blushed bright red "I uh um hehe you s-see I-I f-found it w-when" Chloe narrowed her eyes "Your lying" she stated. Alice stopped talking and glared at her mother "how do you know" she asked huffing.

"I stutter when I lie and you caught it" she said grinning. Alice frowned and moved to sit down next to her mother "promise you won't tell anyone" she whispered to mother. Chloe nodded eyes wide. She leaned forward and whispered "Seth gave it to me"

Chloe gasped eyes wide a hand covering her mouth. Alice smiled cause she noticed the sparkly glint in her mother's eyes knowing that she wasn't mad at her. "No way!" she squealed "When was this?"she asked handing the fat stuffy panda to Alice who snuggled into it. "Last week...

Alice, Jane, and Eliza were walking sitting down one of the benches outside doing a study break, they were having a huge test in algebra. When a boy walked up to there table "hello ladies" he said giving Jane a wink which made Eliza glare at her. Alice noticed this but ignored it "Can I speak to Jane for a second" he said. Jane sighed and stood up "What" she snapped. The boy smirked and dragged her to a secluded area.

Alice noticed that Eliza was holding onto her pencil hard that it almost snapped in half "Are you okay?" Alice asked. Eliza shrugged "His name is Aaron, a few days ago I told him I like him...he laughed in my face. Jane found me and I told her what happened, she comforted me. I knew Jane had a crush on him as well. But I didn't tell her who I confessed to...I guess I got a bit jealous and angry." she whispered

"Eliza it's okay there's no need to be jealous I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there" she whispered taking the Muslim girl's hand. "No there's not" she said weakly "Guys want girls with big bust and big butts, a flat stomach, perfect cheek bones. They want white girls. No boy wants to date a ugly brown Muslim girl" she whispered letting the tears fall. Alice frowned and smacked the girl on the back side of her head.

"Ow!" Eliza cried frowning rubbing her head "Your not ugly, so what you have brown skin, truth to be told most girls here would kill for that lovely tan of yours. Your not fat, just because you have baby fat cheeks doesn't make you fat. It makes you look cute and adorable, and those girl's breast aren't real there fake as that plastic spoon you where eating from at lunch" Alice scolding.

Eliza looked at Alice with tears in her eyes and smiled "thank you" she whispered hugging her best friend who nodded. "Ugh! the bloody wanker!" Jane cursed stomping back over to our table. Alice smiled weakly at her anger. Everyone knew never to get Jane angry it was scary. Eliza quickly wiped her tears away "What did he want?" Eliza asked.

Jane growled and crossed her arms "he wanted me to join his bloody group! That's gross with those skanky ass bimbos. Completely horrid!" she yelled "Oh Merlin, I need to rest" Jane whispered rubbing her temples once she was come.

"why?" Alice asked "Aaron wanted to get into my pants and turn me into one of his bloody whores he walks around with and join Seth's group of friends" she said. Alice froze "S-Seth?" she stuttered.

"Don't go near him Alice he's dangerous...even though he does had bloody nice arse" she said giggling giving Alice a wink who blushed bright red. "Uh e-excuse me" she said softly, Eliza gave Jane a bit of her brownie to calm her down which it did "ahh your mum's homemade good!" she cooed pinching Eliza's cheeks who turned her head away in embarrassment.

Alice walked around the school until she heard voices "We need her in our group bro!" she recognized the voice was Aaron "yeah we do. God damn that British accent of hers gives me a hard on instantly" another voice said. It was Aaron's best friend Brad. Alice narrowed her eyes suddenly a hand clamped around her mouth and a strong arm around her waist. She panicked and started to thrash around as she got pulled into the janitors closet.

"Hush" a voice near her ear whispered "calm down my little dove" the only person who called her that was Seth. Alice stopped immeditetly and she was released once she was. She turned around and glared at Seth who had a devilish grin on his face.

"You little -" she was cut off when a two fingers covered her lips "cursing doesn't suite you little dove" he said calmly. Alice sighed and took a deep breath "why are you goons wanting to have Jane in your group" Alice hissed at him. Seth smirked and leaned back against the tiny cramped closet "really" he said amused "they do"

Alice glared at him "yes they do and I don't like it one bit" she said to him giving him a death glare. He laughed and sat down on a box "It's not my fault, I have to live up to my reputation I built here" Seth said grabbing her hand. Alice yanked it out of his grasp "Jane is not one of your whores okay. She's my best friend as well as Eliza's. I will not have that and I hate your friend Aaron laughing at my friends face when she confessed to him"

Seth sighed and ran a hand through his jet black hair "it was her fault...I mean seriously she's got to have a brain. Aaron's a man whore and he's not the person to date a girl" he said. "I want you to make Aaron apologize to Eliza" Alice said to Seth who narrowed his eyes at her. "You can't make me" he growled dangerously at her "Yes I can and if you don't I will not speak to you ever again" she hissed and reached for the doorknob.

Two large hands slammed on either side of her face. Alice squealed in fright and turned around staring into Seth's golden eyes that shined with anger "You don't know who your messing with" he growled leaning down dangerously inching closer to her face. Alice could smell his spicy cologne and it sent tingles down her body ending at her toes. She flushed bright red and stared at him with confident eyes she hoped. "You don't scare me" she said calmly surprised that she didn't stutter yet.

Seth chuckled and flashed her his canines "you sure aren't" he whispered and leaned back to his height and walked out. Alice closed the door and slide down the wall to calm down her racing her and her blushing cheeks"...

"We didn't talk for days until Seth dragged Aaron by the collar of his shirt and made him apologize to Eliza in front of the whole school" Alice finished "Then he gave me this panda and apologized to me" she added.

Chloe looked like a crazed yaoi fan girl on the loose. "OH!" she squealed hugging Alice tightly who giggled and hugged her mom back "that is so cute" There was a knock on the door "girls are you ready?" Derek asked from behind the door.

"uh almost!" Chloe yelled back "hurry up and get wanna invite Jane and Eliza with us. Oliver is bringing his girlfriend" Alice nodded and quickly texted Jane and Eliza to meet them at the lake bye 5:15

Chloe ran and got her swim suit on and put on a pale white dress to her knees she grabbed her white sandals. "Chloe!" Derek yelled down from the living room. She quickly grabbed her phone and ran down the stairs but tripped on the last step. Chloe closed her eyes and waited for the floor to hit her face.

Instantly a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and brought them to a warm, strong and familiar chest. "Oo thanks Derek" she said breathlessly giving him a small kiss as gratitude for saving her. "Your welcome" he grunted and let her go as she helped their sons making food to bring to the lake.

"Jane and Eliza are coming" Alice said bounding down the stairs, she was wearing a pale blue dress with her hair tied back with a white bow "awesome" Chloe said trying to pick up the Cooler from the table. Derek sighed shaking his head, he walked behind her picked it up. "Thank you" Chloe murmured blushing "Mhm" Derek murmured smirking walking off. Chloe grinned and ran after him.

Finny and Felix sighed and leaned against the wall "should we invite Emma and Anne" Finny asked "no there busy with there boyfriends" Felix spat grabbing the last of the sandwich boxes and out of the house.

"Yeah but we've been ignoring them for two whole weeks" Finny said "well it's not our fault they missed our best friend anniversary then our group date to the movies leaving us alone in the dust, then our study date, then again our study date" Felix muttered angrily ignoring yet an other text from Emma.

Finny sighed and rubbed the back of his neck "It just not fair to not explain why we've been ignoring them" he murmured sadly missing Anne so much. "Pft! they ditched us for there boyfriends" Felix spat "besides it's not our fault- yikes! Anne what are you doing here!" he yelped.

Anne and Emma were twin and were Chloe's friend Martha's daughters, they both had lovely dark auburn hair with silver piercing eyes. The only difference was that Emma was the quiet shy and thought things through unlike Anne who was wild and didn't think through making her end up in huge trouble. All four of them were best friends since they were little.

"You have been ignoring us for ages!" Emma shrilled and jumped Felix and chocked his neck between her tiny fingers. "Aalk!" Felix gasped bumping into the Van. Emma was a nice and shy that was until you made her anger she was worse than her sister.

"So-rry!" he chocked pushing her hands away from his neck finally, "Sorry my ass!" she cried punching his chest. Felix then noticed that she was shaking badly and looked like she was about to cry.

"Hey girls!" Chloe exclaimed smiling happily. "Aunt Chloe!" Emma and Anne cried jumping her hugging her tightly "What are you doing here, it's been a long time since we saw each other" The four teens flinched a bit but it went un noticed by Chloe who smiled at the girls.

"You girls want to come with us to go swimming" Chloe asked them, they both nodded eagerly, "we were going to the pool anyways when Felix invited us" Anne said hugging Finny's arm tightly, her nails digging into his arm.

Finny cringed "uh hehe yeah" he said, Felix clenched his fist, why the hell are they mad at us when they ditched us and threw us around like dust he thought in anger "yeah lets get inside then" Felix said between clenched teeth and grasped Emma waist and pulled her to him, his hands bruising her hips. Emma held his hand tightly and dug her nails into his skin as well.

They all piled in the van, the triplets in the back while the twins sat in the two seats in the middle. The oldest twins got in Felix's car, Emma was about to sit in the back when Felix barked "Emma!"

She jumped and looked at him. Felix's gaze never left there parents car which was pulling out of the driveway, his hands clenched the steering wheels making his knuckles white. "Sit in the front" he snapped.

Emma nodded getting in the car, blushing slightly. Finny gave her a reassuring smile and she gave him a tiny smile back. Anne was not even looking at Finny who tried to get her attention by starting a conversation. She would give him only a single response answer. Halfway there he gave up and looked out the window as well.

"Where's Logan" Felix snapped following there parents car as they turned left. "Sick" she whispered looking down at her lap. Felix barked out a laugh "So what are we know your know you just like those stupid girls who leaves there best friends once they gain popularity. I thought you were different but I guess I was wrong again. Emma you make me sick and it disgusting" he snapped at her not noticing the tears falling from her silver eyes.

"You bastard!" Anne screamed looking like she was about to jump him but Finny held her back. "Stop the car" Emma chocked out clamping a hand over her mouth to stop a sob from escaping "no" Felix said "stop the car!" she yelled. Finny had straddled Anne and pinned down her wrist. "Felix stop the car!" Finny yelled "NO!" he yelled back "no wait Emma!" he cried as she opened the door.

Felix swiveled sharply onto a shoulder and pressed the breaks, Emma took off her seat belt and ran off into the forest. "Shit" Felix muttered unbuckling himself and opened the door "me and my anger" he muttered angrily running after her.

"Felix!" Finny yelled getting out of the car he slammed the door shut and raced into the forest with Anne following him.

EPOV - Emma

I ran faster, tears were streaming down my face. I tried to ignore the harsh words he said to me and kept on running. Once I thought Felix was far away, I climbed a thick oak tree and sat down on a thick branch and covered my face with my hands and cried non stop. I had fallen in love with Felix the day I met him and when he said those words hurt me so badly

"You idiot! You stepped on my color book!" Emma heard her sister Anne yell at someone...nobody messes with her coloring books she thought giggling to herself. "Well your coloring books was in the way of my feet!" a deeper voice said and it couldn't be a girl.

"You could have easily stepped around it you dumb butt" Anne yelled "hmm should I tell Mrs. Bonnin that you said a bad word" the voice said as if a know it all. I peeked around my corner, "shh" I told Mr. Snuffles my stuffed lion.

There stood a boy around my age but taller with blonde hair and blue eyes glaring at my sister with so much hate in his eyes, I looked down at his foot and noticed why. He stepped on my sister's paint...she some times like to paint the pages instead of coloring them.

"You wouldn't or I'll tell her you stole the gummy bears from the fridge" she taunted. I gasped so he's the person who stole my gummy bears. That evil boy!

"That wasn't me!" the boy said glaring at her, "yes it was I saw you" she said. "Mrs -" she was about to yell when the boy grabbed her arm "ow!" she yelled yanking out of his grasp. I ran out of my hiding spot "Please don't hurt her!" I cried throwing my arms around Anne.

The boy stared at us in shock he stared for a while then shook his head "she was about to tattle" he said glaring at me. "Because he stole your gummy bears" Anne said to me. The boy sighed "for the last time it wasn't me!" he yelled glaring at Anne who stuck her tongue at him. "Felix?" a timid voice said behind the boy...I guess his name was Felix. My eyes widened and I'm sure so did Anne's.

There was a boy who looked just like Felix but for some reason his auror gave him more of an innocence look rather than Felix which screamed scary. "He's the one who did it!" Felix said bringing the boy forward. "This is my little brother Finny" he said.

Finny stared at us then smiled "hello I'm Finny" he said smiling. "I think we know that" Anne snapped at him making him blush "oh whoops sorry" he murmured blushing "Listen here you little..." Anne trailed off hooking her arm through Finny scolding him for stealing my gummy bears dragging him off.

"Are you going to tell me your name or just stare at my feet the whole time" Felix said snapping, I shook my head and noticed that he was standing right in front of me. I smiled weakly at him "My name is Emma" I said. He smirked then bent down and I blushed when his mouth was near my ear. "I stole your gummy bears" he whispered, I gasped as he straightened up. "Here" he said getting something out of his pocket.

I stared at the golden packet of gummy bears and smiled at him "thank you" I whispered taking them from him and opening them up. I handed him half of mine, he looked at me for a moment then smiled stuffing all of them in his mouth. I blushed and we walked towards the movie place where Ms. Bonnin was putting on "Lion King" for us. Anne and Finny were sitting down next to each other. I put a gummy in my mouth and Felix and I sat down next to each other...


:O awwwww! poor Emma :'( wha! it's so sad! oh and I'm still listening to "can you feel the love tonight" I switch from Japanese to English once in a while ^-^ know I was only going to concentrate on Alice but then I got so into it...I thought about making into a 5-shot story it was actually going to one short one but hehehe my fingers argued with me O_O so here it is! Blah! :P oh and there's going to be some lovey dovey with my little Alex isn't he so cute! :3

okay so here it is! -

Alice and Alex - 16

Owen, Orion, Oliver - 17

Finny and Felix- 19

Jane, and Eliza - 16

Seth - 17

Emma and Anne - 19

Emma ran faster, tears were streaming down her face. She tried to ignore the harsh words he said to her and kept on running. "EMMA!" she heard a familiar voice. She stopped and turned around to see Felix running after her