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By The Time He Gets Home I Always Pretend To Be Dead by: Vocaloid meiko and Kaito

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"Hello?" Chloe answered the phone "mom" she heard Felix pant through the phone "Felix? what happened are you okay?" she asked frantically. Felix chuckled "no mom I'm okay...we'll just be a little bit late...I uh accidentally drove on a um nail so we got a flat tire and uh, I called one of my friends so he's going to come and help me fix it up...okay?" he said.

Chloe nodded "okay just be careful, bye bye love you" she murmured. He responded and shut the phone "What's wrong?" Alex and Alice asked since they didn't have bionic hearing they didn't hear the conversation.

"Felix, Finny, Emma, and Anne are going to be late" Chloe told them. "Oh" they murmured sitting back down "Alex is something the matter?" Derek asked looking through the review mirror.

Alex blushed and shook his head fast "n-no" he stuttered. Derek stared at him for a long time through the mirror but shrugged it off. Chloe points to Derek to turn left into the forest, he does and in a few minuets they reach the creek. "Okay everyone out" Chloe said.

"Alice!" Jane and Eliza squeal hugging Alice tightly "hey!" she said softly "how'd you guys get here quickly" she asked. "Oh we asked my brother to drop me off" Jane said grinning. Oliver leaned against the van until another car drove by, he smiled softly at Cassie. He walked over and helped her out. She gave him a grateful smile which he returned "Okay I should go now" her brother said.

Oliver nodded to him and he drove off. "Hi Cassie!" Chloe waved, Cassie waved back. "Wanna help?" Jane asked picking up the cooler. Orion grunted and picked it up from her hands and walked away towards there picnic spot a large bench Derek had set up just for them.

"I could have carried it myself thank you very much!" Jane huffed and walked by the trees and stripped off her sun dress revealing a two piece red swim suit. Alice took hers off and took off the boy.

She was wearing a green one with yellow floral prints, they both jumped into the water giggling like crazy, "hurry up Eliza!" Jane yelled. "Um" Eliza stammered taking off her shirt and pants. She was wearing really tight fitted shirt that showed her navel and her belly button ring, and wearing booty shorts

"That's your swimming suit" Jane exclaimed "Y-yeah...my mama never let's me go swimming so I never got to get one" she stammered going knee deep in the water. The boys were already in the pool. Oliver, Owen, and Alex were dunking each other while Orion just sat in the shallow end watching them with an bored expression.

Chloe and Derek finally got all the snacks out and set on the table. "Okay come on let's go" she said pulling her dress over her body. Derek grinned and picked her up giving her a heavy kiss which she replied back to "oh gross mom, dad!" the kids yelled covering their eyes. Derek chuckled and took off his shirt, they both walked into the lake "hmm this feels good even though if it's cold out sort of" Chloe replied leaning back into Derek's chest.

He nodded and held her tightly.


"Now tell me again why did you ignore me and Emma?" Anne said straddling a very flushed up Finny who tried to get away from Anne but she just pounced on him then sat on hist stomach.

"Well uh Felix got angry that you guys have been ignoring us and hanging out with your boyfriend too much...I admit that I was angry too but-mph!" he was cut off when Anne smashed her lips to his.

Finny sighed and relaxed into the kiss placing his hands on her hips, kissing her back just as passionately. Finny didn't however like the idea of Anne dominating him, he flipped her over on her back and continued kissing her, hitching on of her legs on his hips.

They pulled away breathing heavily "I'm sorry for ignoring you" Anne breathed pulling him back down for a kiss "it's mm okay" he replied back against her lips. "Wait" he pulled away as Anne tried to go in for another kiss. She pouted "What?" she asked crossing her arms across her chest.

"What about Chris?" he asked kneading her hips gently with his hands. Anne sighed "I'll break up with him" she said bluntly. "Uhh um okay?" he said "do it now" he said holding her phone to her.

She sighed and picked up the phone called him

"hey babe"

"hey um so what you doing?" she asked. Finny rolled his eyes "go on with it" he mouthed to her "I'm going" she mouthed back with a glare on her face.

"uh hehe nothing why would you think I'm doing something" he said sheepishly

"yeah well -"

"babe who are you one the phone with?" a very feminine voice said.

Anne froze then grinned at Finny who smiled back.

"Who was that?" Anne said trying to put her very hurt voice in.

"n-nobody!" he stammered.

"Are you seeing someone" Anne sniffed "behind my back!"

"no! why would oooo baby just like that yeah"he moaned at the end. Finny held back his laugh so did Anne.

"you are! Chris we're over!" Anne yelled closing the phone.

Finny laughed when Anne giggled. "Soo can we kiss now?" she asked throwing her arms around his neck pulling him down for a hard kiss. "I love you Finny" she whispered into his lips.

He pulled back in shock "y-you do!" he chocked out. Anne rolled her eyes "yes I do and I know you won't say it back I just wanted to tell you that I do" Anne said staring into Finny's beautiful blue eyes.

Finny blushed and kisses her softly "I love you too Anne...I really do" he growled as he trailed kisses down her neck, his hand tangled in her dark red hair. Anne moaned and arched her back, her chest pressed against his chest...well you know where this ends up :o hehe naughty finny ;)

"Emma get down from there!" Felix yelled an ugly scowl on his face "no!" She yelled hugging the tree trunk closer "if you don't get down I'll come up!" he yelled grabbing onto the large tree branch swinging his legs up as they wrapped around the branch.

Emma stared horrified as he climbed up coming closer to her. She quickly moved to the other side of the tree, going down.

Felix wasn't paying attention so he didn't know that she was on the other side of the tree going down as he was going up. "Felix!" a voice taunted from below, Felix looked down and his eyes widened at the smirk on Emma's face "nana!" she called sticking her tongue at him pulling down the sink from her right eye.

"Why you little!" he growled going down quickly, Emma giggled and ran off. Felix was almost down when he jumped and cried out in pain. "Felix!" Emma cried in shock "are you okay?" she said coming to his side. Felix was on the ground holding his ankle his face scrunched up in pain. "Ow" he murmured.

Emma gently removed his hand, she took off both of his shoes and socks examining them "well they both look the same to me..." she trailed off when she noticed the grin on Felix's face.

She gulped, quickly she tried to stand but Felix pounced her to the floor. Emma squealed and tried to get away from but he quickly grabbed her wrist and held them down next to her head and straddled her waist.

Felix stared into Emma's silver eyes which were filling up with tears, one traitorous tear fell. He leaned down and gently kissed it away, "I'm sorry for saying those horrible words to you...I don't hate you, and I'm not disgusted by you" he whispered gently to her.

Emma stared up "oh okay" she whispered looking away. "Emma look at me" he whispered, she shook her head. He sighed and nudged her chin with his nose. Emma's lips twitched, Felix saw this and did it again. Emma looked at him "what?" she said softly.

He let go of her hands and scowled "I-I can't say it" he murmured moving off her blushing brightly, he crossed his arms his back faced her. Emma frowned and stood up kneeling behind her back. "What is it that you can't tell me...You told me all your secretes and I told you all mine" she whispered snaking her arms around his waist laying her head down against his shoulder-blades.

Felix frowned and gently rubbed his hands over hers. "I just can't" he said pulling away from her and went to sit against a tree, his knees drawn up wit his elbows rested on them. Emma crawled over and sat between his legs and laid her head on his chest "if it's something I did...I'm sorry" she murmured snuggling into his warm chest. Felix wrapped his arms around her "its nothing you did, I promise" he said.

"Then what is it!" she demanded pulling away holding cupping his cheeks with both of her hands, "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours" she said blushing looking away. Felix gulped and opened his mouth


"What? Felix slower okay" she said holding his hands "I'm in love with you" he murmured. "Oh" she whispered smiling gently. Felix glared at her and stood up "Oh! that's all you can say! is 'oh'!" he ranted and kept on ranting. Emma walked over and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down for a kiss. Just when he was about to kiss her back she pulled away.

"I'm in love with you too" she whispered. Felix grinned and quickly tore off his shirt which made Emma squeal and cover her eyes "oh stop it" Felix said frowning "I'm not that ugly."

Emma giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him gently "I know just took me by surprise" she whispered, Felix took off her top. They both lowered themselves on the ground and discarded the rest of there clothes.

Slowly and sensually, Felix got her ready "p-please" Emma begged as he rubbed her clit. "Wait on on a second" he said taking out her phone from her shorts and called "Logan" he put it on speaker.

"Ready" he whispered, Emma nodded not knowing that the phone was beside and on speaker. Felix swiftly entered her making her cry out in pain "oh lord" Felix moaned holding still for Emma to get comfortable.

"hello?" Felix heard Logan say "hey" Felix grunted moving out than in, he clamped a hand over Emma's mouth covering up her moans and groans.

"who is this?" Logan answered. Felix slammed back in and Emma rolled her eyes back her hand holding the his hand that was clamped over her mouth. "It's Felix your girlfriends best-friend" he answered.

"oh you yeah Emma talks about you a lot" he said. "Yeah thanks she told me you were sick doesn't sound like it" Felix said grinning at Emma who didn't see it because her eyes were closed.

Felix pushed out and thrust back in doing a few times while Logan stammered for an excuse. Emma groaned her other hand tangling them into Felix soft blonde hair, she shoved his hand away from pulling him down for a long kiss.

"don't tell Emma okay!" Logan pleaded, Felix grinned against Emma's mouth and pulled away covering her mouth again

"yeah sure whatever...oh and don't deny it but I saw you kiss Katherine behind the football bleachers" Felix said grunted pulling out of Emma than flipped her over, he held her hips and shoved in her wet core from behind her.

Felix quickly moved a hand over her mouth, then he leaned down "don't make a single noise" he growled at her and moved his hands away as Emma put both of her hands across her mouth, tears streaming down her eyes from the intense pleasure.

He pounded into her harshly

"It was a mistake...I-I you know she came on to me!" he stammered for an excuse.

"Yea sure right whatever don't blame this on Katherine, I was the one to tell her to kiss you and she told me you didn't resist a single thing" Felix said throwing his head back and trying not to groan. Sweat bathed both of there bodies, Emma was glad that her cheeks pressed against the cold muddy floor.

"I uh Okay please don't tell Emma! where is she anyways since you're calling from her phone" Logan pleaded.

Felix smirked and pulled both Emma's hands away and moaned "I'm fucking the daylights out of your girlfriend" he growled and Emma moaned "Fe-liiix!" she moaned holding onto the grass with her fist.

"Almost there hold on Emma" he moaned digging his hands into her hips.

"YOU'RE WHAT!" Logan screamed through the phone, Felix grinned and put the phone next to Emma mouth "Go on tell him" Felix groaned moving his hands around to play with her clit.

"I uh nggg oh! I'm breaking up oh Harder Felix! with y-oooh! Right there hit it again! with you" she finished. Logan screamed through the phone and cussed both of them out. Felix just closed the phone and quickly speed up his pace.

"So c-close!" he grunted feeling Emma's inner muscles clench around his member a few more thrust and he cried out cumming inside of her, Emma felt him cum and screamed in his name as she cummed also.

They both rode each other's high off until Felix pulled out of her, he grabbed her waist and pulled her on top of him. Emma snuggled into his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck "I love you" she whispered kissing his jaw then placed her cheek against his collar bone her eyes drooping heavily "love you too" he breathed back rubbing and patting her bum gently.

"I wonder what's going on with Finny and Anne" she whispered into his neck, "hmmm" he murmured. "You're really don't care do you" Emma said giggling when he tickled her waist "no" he whispered smiling. "Hold on" he said, he stretched out and grabbed the hem of his jeans and pulled it to him and looking through the pockets for the phone.

"Hello? Mom, uh me and Finny decided we won't go swimming...yeah I know but...mom" he growled blushing bright red "yeah it's something like that" he murmured. Emma heard his mom squeal through the phone. "MOM! okay you know what bye yeah bye!" he slammed the phone shut. He still had a scowl on his face but he was blushing.

"So we're not going to the lake?" Emma asked as Felix sat up, She still had her arms wrapped around his neck "yeah...come on we got to get dressed before Finny and Anne find us naked" he said.

Emma blushed and looked at him, he smirked and wiped off the mud from her cheeks from where her face was pressed against the dirt. She got off of Felix, they both stood up and got dressed quickly.

Felix sighed and stared at his shirt...mostly all of his buttons were missing from ripping it off earlier. Emma quickly brushed her fingers through her long curly dark red hair, she adjusted her skirt and fixed her off the shoulder sweater. "Oh well" he murmured butting it on and buttoning with the rest of the buttons.

They both walked hand in hand back from where they came from "Felix?" Emma asked tugging on his hand softly "Hmm" he answered looking down at her. She blushed "How can you tell the difference between me and Anne" she said.

"Well...first of all your prettier" he commented but Emma frowned "we both look the same" she said softly, Felix sighed "well the difference is that you are more fragile than her and I like the feeling of protecting you, or just holding onto you...I love that you read books, you long curly hair, I love your soft voice and caring ways, You sweet and forgive anyone even if they did something bad to you" Felix murmured the tip of his ears turning red. Emma blushed hard "oh thank you" she said softly smiling "and most of all I love it how you can blush so damn easily" he chuckled when she pouted.

"Oh there you guys are!" Anne's loud voice boomed from the forest, they both turned around just as Anne tackled her sister into a large hug "oh my poor baby! I bet you were so scared of the big bag monster!" she cooed pinched Emma's cheeks. "lelth melf go" Emma cried her eyes prickling with tears.

Anne let her sister's cheeks go, Emma rubbed her flushed cheeks glaring at her older sister. "You!" Anne cried angrily at Felix who scowled at her "yes me" he snarled back. Finny laughed nervously rubbing the back of his neck knowing where this was going to go.

"Anne" Emma and Finny both said gently, but it was already too late. She already had jumped on his back chocking him. "Alk! Emma help!" he chocked. "Anne!" the other twin yelled at her sister who let go of Felix. He dropped to the floor on his knees while he rubbed his neck, glaring at Anne who smirked smugly. "Awww my little sister let's go and leave the evil man alone" Anne said looping her arms through her sister's and the other with Finny.

Emma giggled and moved out of her sister's arm who gasped as she stared in shock, "Emma" she said horrified, Finny smiled and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend "let her" he whispered in her hear. Anne pouted and glared at Felix who was know smirking smugly at Anne as Emma kissed his neck gently.

"Oooo! that little turd face!" she exclaimed turning around and nuzzling her face into Finny's chest, he blushed but kissed the top of her head tightening his arms around her, "let's go!" Finny called, the four of them walked out of the forest and back into the car which was laying there as is it and on the way home.

"Oh my god! I won I won! whooo!" Jane yelled smirking smugly at Orion who looked pissed off...he grunted and swam back the other direction and sat down against a rock, he dried his hands on a towel and took out his book reading it.

"Ooo that bloody nerd" she muttered and swam towards Alex and Alice "soo my little munchkin" she cooed to Alex who flushed "got any hot girls around you lately" she asked waggling her eyebrows at him.

Alice giggled when Alex flushed harder and glared at Jane, while Jane was interrogating Alex with Alice helping her. Oliver was sitting on the bench with Cassie sitting on his lap eating a sandwich. Chloe and Derek were sitting on next to them eating as well in the same position.

Eliza and Owen were sitting together on a rock "okay how about this song" he said giving her the huge headphones that were around his neck a while ago. Eliza hesitently put the large headphones around her neck.

Owen turned up his ipod slightly with a Black Veil Bride song, Eliza winced when the music started but didn't say anything...she smiled, it was the song called Rebel love song "do you like it?" he asked. She nodded and pulled them off "it was good" she murmured.

"I know right, there songs are awesome! hey have you listened to Korn, Sick Puppies, Three days grace are cool too, there's up Skillet oh yes there songs are good, and um -" he stopped talking when Eliza laughed at him.

"What...did I make you laugh?" he said scratching his cheek, "yeah sorry it's just your so hyper" Eliza said calming down "oh hehe!" he said grinning rubbing the back of his head with his eyes shut.

Eliza turned her head to the side embarrassed for thinking he was adorable, he would never like her. "So uh what kind of music do you listen to" he asked his ears turning red slightly. "Um well mostly to soft music like -" she was intruppted by a scream.

Owen and Eliza turned there heads to see Orion holding Jane he looked like he was going to throw her into the water. "Don't you dare you bloody wanker!" she yelled flailing her arms and legs around.

But it was already too late, He had thrown her in the water. She screamed as she hit the water, everyone started laughing "oh I hope she's okay" Eliza asked worried. Owen laughed harder "did you see her face!"

Owen was laughing so hard he had to rest his head on her shoulders, Eliza eyes widened and she turned to the other direction. She looked at Jane when she surfaced "Okay Mr. Know-it-all" she yelled grabbing his legs and pulled him in the water.

Orion shouted a curse in shock as he fell in the cold water, he glared at Jane who smirked. "You dead" he growled and grabbed her arm dunking her underwater. Alice giggled and quickly attacked her brother from the behind, he yelped and let go of Jane who surfaced. Alice and Jane both dunked Orion who grabbed the girls by the waist pulling them down with him.

"Oh no!" Eliza gasped covering her mouth with her hands "we should help them" she said grabbing Owen's hands. Owen stared at her hand that was on his, "oh s-sorry!" she quickly pulled back her hand.

He stared at her for a bit, then smiled "come on let's go" he said grabbing her hand. They put there electronics down on the rock and jumped in the water "uh wait don't go to far" Eliza said holding tightly onto Owen's arm.

"Eh what you can't swim?" he said looking confused at her, she nodded holding tighter onto his arm. Owen looked forward to see Oliver and ganging up on Orion "well looks likes my brother took care of it" he said smiling at her.

Eliza looked down in the water and smiled when she saw little tiny fish swim around her, "Kids it's lunch time then we can go back home" Chloe yelled. Cassie handed Oliver his towel, he smiled gratefully at her and dried off his hands.

Alex sat down between Alice and Eliza who were currently chomping down on some fruit salad. He took a deep breath and looked at his mom and dad who were having a mini stare fight.

He cleared his throat "uh mom...dad" he coughed, he waited till he had everyone's attention. "What is it Alex" Chloe said, playing with Derek's fingers. "You guys love me right?" he whispered wringing his wrist together, nervousy looking around.

Chloe frowned "of course we do with all our heart...what's wrong?" she asked more gently, Alex felt his eyes tear up slightly "y-you g-guys will l-love me e-even if I had o-one eye" he said stalling the question.

Derek sighed and smiled "of course" he said, "Alex you heating up" Alice said placing a hand on her brother's forehead slightly. Alex jumped and took her head off his head gently "w-would you g-guys love me i-if I was g-gay" he whispered looking away.

It was quite then "are you?" Derek asked staring at Alex with such intensity that he had to look away once he looked at his father. Alex nodded "y-yes" he whimpered and shut this eyes as soon as he heard it


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