Okay so this is just a preview, and I want to know how it is...and if you guys have any ideas for the decoration please tell me :)

"this is bull" I muttered putting up the spider webs in our bushes "hush up mom likes the day Halloween out of all the other ones" Alice said pulling on my ear, "Owe" I yelled holding my ear pouting at her.

Alice giggled and patted my cheeks, walking off off to help Finny and Felix with the zombies on the front lawn. I suddenly felt arms wrap around me and warm lips on my cold cheeks "hello" he purred.

"Hi" I murmured blushing turning around to stare into warm amber eyes. "Need help?" he said moving away from me and putting on cob webs on the tree trunks and branches. "Thank you" I said looking away, my eyes caught the girls putting on the lights. They were giggling and having fun, I smiled.

"You missing you're friends aren't you" he stated, it wasn't a question and I knew it.

"yes" I whispered feeling the sting of rejection take over me.

"Well there bastards for not accepting you, you're an amazing person Alex" Leo said coldly. I smiled and he wrapped an arm around my waist, I snaked my arms around his neck and we walked to his car.

"would you're parents mind if I stole you for a while" Leo said opening the door for me, I hesitated then looked back at the front lawn which was all done, "no" I murmured getting in. He smirked and jumped in the driver's seat and drove off.

OPOV (Owens)

"So what if we put this here instead" Eliza said pointing up towards the ceiling "then it could crawl down and scare the guest" she said smiling at him. "Uh yeah" I murmured not really paying attention.

"Am I boring you?" she asked softly, clutching the fake spider to her chest. "Hmm no!" I exclaimed shaking my head "I'm just lost in thought of deciding on what to be for the Party" I said tapping my chin.

She nodded, "So how am I supposed to put these on the wall?" Eliza asked to herself. We were standing in the middle of the large kitchen trying to find out how to put the fake moving spiders along the ceiling.

We already put the smaller spiders on the walls that we could reach, we needed a ladder but Orion and Jane were using them to put decorate the living room. Alex and Leo were decorating the front lawn. Alice, mom and dad were doing the back lawn. Oliver and Cassie were doing some other room.

I walked behind Eliza who was looking up at the Ceiling as if it was going to give her the answer, without asking her. I grasped her hips and picked her up setting her on my shoulder.

Eliza screamed in shock and grabbed my hair tightly, I winced but didn't do anything. "W-w-what are you d-doing!" she stuttered.

"We didn't have a ladder so yeah" I said bluntly, grabbing onto her thighs. "Oh" she said softly, I could hear the embarrasment oozing out of her voice. Silently, I handed her spider and she placed them on the wall with sticky stickers (Oi work with me here, I couldn't use superglue)

"move towards the left a little" she said as I handed her another spider, I scooted to my left my hands holding onto her thighs. I could feel her leaning up to stick up the spider. I looked up to ask how much more we have left to do.

I gulped then looked back down quickly a fierce blush crept up on my cheeks. I didn't want to see her breast squish together, I mean not that it was gross, I wanted to look. No wait, It's innapropriate to look.

but you like it the blonde wolf said in my head pacing back and forth, his green eyes gleaming with lust. No I didn't I thought back. The wolf yawned lowering himself to the floor sure you didn't he said sarcastically then going for a deep slumber

"Owen" I shook my head and squeaked when I saw her face upside in front of me. She smiled it sort of looked weird cause she was upside down "how are you..." I trailed off.

She shrugged again it looked sort of off. "My parents made me take gymnastic so I'm very flexible" she said with a smile.

hmmm flexible she says the wolf said with a dirty tone of voice. I inwardly growled 'You dirty perv' but the wolf just snorted and shook his head. "Oh okay" she moving back up as she did her curly black hair hit my face.

It was so soft and thick, I gulped and rubbed my eyes with my hand "okay so um let's get this done" I said in a weak voice. "Okay" she said softly and grabbed the spider from my outstretched hand.

OPOV (Orion's)

"blah blah blah blah blah yeah scary blah blah shiga blah shigo blah" that's all was I hearing from Jane, she just kept on going and going like she's never going to stop. I had to admit she is pretty with a horrible anger problem.

"Shiga shigaoo shiga ma shiga too blah" I sighed and leaned back against the wall as I stared at her while she talked, she's like a tap recorder I think tilting my head analyzing her. "Okay!" she screamed in my face pointing a finger at me "listen to my you bloody wanker!" she yelled at me. My lips twitched slightly, her British accent was cute. "We need to work on the food, since we are done with the living room"

"Alright then so um let's go to the kitchen" I said standing up walking towards the kitchen, Jane followed me then stopped "wait!" she hissed at me. I stopped and looked at her, "What" I muttered to her.

She curled a finger at me, rolling my eyes I walked towards her "um hehe let's go to my house and do this" she said. I stared at her than sighed in frustration "you're not going to seduce me are you" I said smirking when she flushed a bright red.

"I'm was not going to you foul creature" she yelled at me smacking my chest. "uh-huh sure, come on rapper" I called to her. "I'm not a rapper!" she yelled at me running past me out of the house and down the street to her house. I shook my head the urge to laugh