Abed/Annie after the Christmas Special. Enjoy!

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The Next Step is Right Now


Another dramatic Christmas looked like it was going to have a happy ending. After enjoying the Inspector Spacetime Holiday Special, and wishing the group a merry break, Annie wondered what would come next.

Coming to Greendale was the best decision she had ever made. She had grown so much as a person. From letting go of silly school-girl crushes on Troy and Vaughn to discovering the true meaning of family, loyalty, and friendship, Annie couldn't envision a place she would rather be or any other people she would rather spend her time with.

She had never stopped to think about what the next step might be. Shouldn't she get a jump on it?

"Relax, Annie, it's Christmas."

She jumped and swallowed down the Cheetos she'd been munching on.

"Abed, you scared me! I didn't know you were still up."

"I couldn't sleep so I came to save you from thinking too hard." He sat himself on the arm of her chair and after meeting her eyes, turned to fix his attention on the rerun of Frasier.

"I was just trying to predict the future of our group." She stopped to allow Abed to interject; however, he simply turned back to her with an inquisitive look and waited for her to continue.

"I mean, do you think Pierce has really turned over a new leaf, will Shirley continue with her well-meaning but misplaced attempts to convert us, will Jeff ever get over himself, and is it just me or is there something weird happening between Britta and Troy?"

"Annie, I think that the point of life is not knowing what's going to happen, but just accepting that it does happen. We can't rely on prophetic visions from Johnny Smith in The Dead Zone to help steer our lives in a safer direction. And if you think about it, why would you want to? Look at how much we've learned by just letting things happen to us. If we knew everything to come, our lives would be as pointless as the characters in Seinfeld."

He was right. If she'd known beforehand that she would develop an addiction to Adderall, she probably would have never stepped foot in Greendale.

"You're right, Abed. Let's just enjoy right now." She grinned up at him and pulled him down into the chair with her.

"Woah, slow down there, little lady."

Annie giggled as he resettled her on his lap. Sighing, she rested her head on his chest. And she would have never met Abed. That was a future she didn't want to imagine.

"But if you want to know my guesses: no, yes, no, and I hope not, that would be weird indeed."

Annie smiled up at him.

"You're the best, Abed."

Abed smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"Only for you, Annie."


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