How It All Began

Ch. 1

Emily's POV

"Emily, damn it, get out here!" Morris screamed as he and Oscar came through the front door. I jolted from the floor in the kitchen where I had passed out last night.

"Emily! Did she get out Morris?" Oscar asked. They entered the kitchen and saw me in the place they left me the night before.

"Here she is Oscar!" Morris said as he crouched down beside me and gave me a sickening smile. "Hello little Miss. Emily, did you miss us?" Morris asked revealing his yellow rotted teeth. I crawled toward the wall and slouched against it.

"Morris, is little Miss. Whore over 'er tired?" Oscar asked with a sneer.

"I think so, we may just 'ave to do somethin' 'bout that." Morris sneered.

"I'se got a good idea Morris." Oscar said as he pulled back his arm and punched me in the face. I moved my head to the side and he missed my face; sending his fist into the wall. He cursed in pain. "Stupid whore," Oscar yelled as he held his bloody hand.

"Thanks Oscar, that meant a lot coming from you!" I said sarcastically.

"Shut up Emily!" Morris screamed as he pulled out his knife. I froze instantly.

"Morris, no, please," I screamed then I felt it hit my face. The tears stung my eyes and I began to sob.

"Shut up before someone hears you!" Oscar ordered. I kept screaming in pain as I held my face.

"Whore, he told you to shut up!" I continued to cry in pain. "I will throw you out on the street if you don't shut up!" Morris screamed. Still unpleased Morris attacked me again and slashed my arms.

"Throw me out! It's better than livin' with you! I's don't care!" I screamed at him. Morris slashed me across my sternum and then Oscar grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me down the stairs.

"Come on you ungrateful whore!" Oscar spat. Opening the door Oscar threw me forward and I landed in a pile of snow. As the door slammed behind me I looked around and realized it had been an eternity since I had been outside. I rolled over on my back and looked up at the sky. I was frozen. My old shirt was thin and worn. My shirt was fraying at the bottom and it blew the wind and snow all around me. I was in so much pain; all I could do was lay there. I shut my eyes and let the snow wipe around me.

"Hey boys hold on," A boy with dark blonde hair said. My eyes flew open in terror. I saw a boy crouching next to me and his eyes showed genuine concern. "I'm Jack," He said. I tried to get away but I was too cold, I just couldn't move. "I ain't ganna hurt ya." He said.

"Sure, and I ain't bleedin'." I said looking at the boy. Suddenly I noticed that there was a group of them, a very large group of them.

"Hey Newsies, ya payin' your old pals a visit?" Morris called from the window of the apartment.

"No," he said as the boy stood to talk to my brother.

"Shut up Morris and shut da window!" Oscar screamed. The boy looked down at me again.

"Are you one of there goils or something?" Jack asked.

"No," I replied groughly.

"Damn the Delancy's soaked a goil." He said to the group of boys. The boys began talking to one another about how low the Delancy's were.

"Why are you so surprised? I'm there sister and they can't even treat me right!" I said as I used all my might to finally sit up. Instantly the chatter stopped.

"Say that again," another boy asked. He had curly brown hair and looked incredibly masculine. The only thing out of place with him was the small boy he carried.

"I'm Emily Gabriella Delancy, what part of that did you boys not understand?" I snapped back. All the boys were starring right at me and the damage my brothers had inflicted upon me. "They threw me out." I told them. The boy with the curly brown hair approached Jack and spoke in hushed tones.

"Jack we can't leave her here." The boy said.

"I know but she's skittish, I don't know if she'll trust us." Jack told him.

"Offer at least." The boy pushed. Jack nodded his head and approached me again.

"You wanna come wid us?" Jack offered to me. I looked at him with disbelief. I had heard nothing but horrible things about Newsies from Morris and Oscar. I didn't know any of them; so many questions were spinning in my mind. But when the wind wiped and I realized that in this moment I needed to make a practical choice.

"Ok," I agreed. Jack smiled at me.

"You want one of us to help you? It's a long walk home for us." Jack told me. Before I even answered Jack called for Mush. "Mush would ya help her out?" Jack asked.

"Here Blink, you take him." Mush said as he gave the young boy to his friend. Mush came over to me and stood me up. My head rushed and I blacked out. I fell forward into Mush's chest and his arms grabbed me instantly. He picked me up and the boys started walking.

Mush's POV

I looked down at the petite girl in my arms and couldn't believe it. Blood oozed over her entire face and blood had seeped through her shirt. I couldn't believe someone could do this to a woman. She was so beautiful, her curly long brown hair hung over my shoulder as I carried her. Her skin was like ice, it was so cold!

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