Chapter 14

Late January 1900

"Ma!" David yelled. "Ma come here!" He yelled again.

"David, what is it?" Mrs. Jacobs asked as she ran into the room. David shoved the letter into his mother's aging hands. The woman was in her mid-forties, however, the years of raising three children had taken a physical toll on the woman.

"Ma, I can teach!" David cheered. As the woman read the letter the smile emerged on her face.

"Oh David! I'm so proud of you!" She squealed as she hugged her son. David bent down to hug his rather short mother. David sat down at the table in disbelief; unable to remove the smile from his face.

I won't lie, since Mush and I moved out of the lodging house, our relationship was rocky. He works from six in the morning until seven at night. We never saw one another, and believe me, that does not do wonders for your relationship!

"It's good ta finally see ya." Mush said as we walked through Central Park. "I'se sorry I'se haven't been over ta see ya." Mush apologized. I looked up and gave him a forced smile.

"I'se know ya workin'." I said as I shoved my hands in my pocket.

"But dat ain't a good excuse." Mush said as he pulled me into his side, wrapping an arm around my waist. "How's do I make it up ta ya?" He asked with a smile.

"I'se don't know, come see me on ya way home from work." I said. Mush thought hard on my request.

"I'se can't every night," He told me honestly. "But I'se will see ya more often," He promised.

"Mush, I'se gotta ask ya dis." I said stopping him. He looked at me and I looked at him. "When are you'se ganna follow through on ya first promise? Or are we'se both wastin' our time?" I asked.

"What? Oh my Lord, Em, I'se didn't know dis was makin' ya tink dat!" Mush said. "Em, I'se ganna marry you'se. I'se just need money."

"Why? We'se could live wid Jen and Blink or wid Race and Madison? Dey would take us." I protested.

"Em, when I'se marry you'se, I'se wanna take you'se home to our place. Besides, these ganna be fillin' does small apartments wid kids soon. Der ain't ganna be room." Mush explained.

"Well you'se know what. I'se really getting' tired a waitin'." I said before I walked off. Mush just stood there; out of shock, of a broken heart or confusion. As I walked further and further from him I couldn't hear the sound of his shoes running behind me, the way he inhaled sharply in the cold air or his voice calling my name. I almost turned around but for some reason, I didn't.

"Sean Conlon, you'se are despicable!" Victoria yelled. Spot's hands held her waist possessively. Victoria had agreed to come to Sean's apartment but hadn't expected this. It was a tiny room, a bed, chair, small dresser and a few broken crates was the content of the room. Victoria couldn't believe this is where he lived. It was never cleaned and from the wet floor and cold conditions; she could tell that this was hardly a safe place to live.

"Come on baby, I'se ain't ganna hurt ya." Sean teased her.

"Sean, I'se mean it!" Victoria shouted. Spot kissed her neck a couple of time before Victoria worked her way free.

"Come on, I'se just kiddin'. I'se sorry." He said.

"No, you'se not getting' nothin'. You'se ganna face my father, now." She said defiantly. Grabbing her coat off the chair Victoria opened the door and proceeded to slam it in Sean's face. Sean followed her out the door. She was already one flight of stairs below him.

"But, I'se don't meet fathers." Spot yelled as he pursued her.

"Well, decide: either ya meet my father or ya ain't seein' me no more!" Victoria said before running down the last four flights of stairs and into the busy street. Sean turned around and swore foully to himself.

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