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Chapter 1


Again, the nasty-ass uruk hai threw me to the ground. I coughed, spitting some blood out. He had punched me earlier, and I had accidentally bit my tongue.

"Where. Is. The. Ring." He growled.

"I told you, I don't know!" Which was semi true. I didn't know where Aragorn and Boromir had led the broken fellowship, and I didn't know where they were now, hence, I didn't know the location of the ring.

"Enough," commanded Saruman. I hadn't seen him in three days, when I was brought in. "Take her to the top of the tower. She'll talk when she's starving and freezing." He strutted away.

What a douche.

The uruk yanked me to my feet, and I stumbled, trying to walk. In the end I gave up, letting him drag me. So, I was dragged up the stairs. Lots of stairs. At the top of the tower, I suddenly remembered the small knives Galadriel had given me.

Son of a bitch. I could have killed him a long time ago.

I pulled one out of my hair when the uruk threw me down. "It's not human," I whispered and lunged at his back, thrusting the knife into his neck. He made a strange gurgling sound, and fell to the ground.

"It's not human," I said louder, holding my breath as I slowly drug him to the edge of the tower. "It's not human." With a grunt, I rolled his body off of the tower. I watched as it fell to the ground below, taking much longer than I anticipated. Damn, this tower is high.

I scooted back, staying as far away from the puddle of blood as possible. Propping myself against one of the column thingies, I looked at the still bloody knife in my hand.

"It wasn't human," I choked, a tear running down my cheek. I threw the knife over the ledge, and hugged my knees, holding back my tears. I hadn't cried since I got here three days ago, and I wasn't going to start now.


After five days, we came to a strange forest. It looked like there had been a battle right outside of it, and Aragorn tracked "strange prints" into the forest. Apparently, it was a forest called Fangorn forest, with things called Ents that were talking, moving trees. After a short debate, it was decided we would enter the forest, to find whatever made the prints.

Suddenly, Legolas stopped.

"The White Wizard approaches," he whispered.

"Saruman." Aragorn mumbled.

Suddenly the group spun, Legolas firing an arrow that bounced off of a blinding force field, Aragorn dropped his sword as if it was burning, and Gimli's ax suddenly flew at the wizard, who tossed it on the ground. Kakashi stood in front of me protectively, while I peeked around his arm.

"You are following strange prints," a smooth voice spoke. "They are the prints of a force allied to yours. Does that comfort you?"

Nobody spoke. Finally, the light dimmed, and Gandalf stood before us, garbed in white.

After a moment of shock, I ran up to him, latching myself around his waist. "She knew," I sobbed. "I accused her of letting you die, but she knew you'd come back."

"There there." Gandalf patted my head. "All's well."

"No, no. It's not," I grumbled. His eyebrows furrowed.

"What do you mean?"

So we told him what had happened. Frowning in concern, Gandalf sighed. "If it is indeed as you say, there is nothing we can do for her as we are. We must go to Rohan, and trust that Lady Galadriel's reasons for keeping the others with her were for the best. Come, we must go now."

Exiting the forest, Gandalf whistled. Four horses came galloping, the one in the front bright white, and regal looking.

"That is the one of the Mereas, lest my eyes are cheated by some spell," Legolas said in awe.

"Shadowfax," Gandalf greeted the horse, bowing respectfully. "He's the lord of all horses, and he's been my friend through many dangers."

I blinked at the horse. Lord? Wow. Okay then.

While the others mounted the horses, Legolas and Gimli sharing one, Kakashi picked me up, and we were off.


"When do we get to leave?" I whined. The Lady smiled at me.

"You will be leaving at first light tomorrow."

I grinned, and did a happy dance. "Yay! Will we get to see Ema and Kiko?"

I didn't notice at the time, but her smile seemed to fade a bit. "Soon enough, child, soon enough."


I lay on my back, staring at the sky. The cold wind blew hard, but I lay limp. My body was numb. For me, there was no hope. Multiple times, I had considered throwing myself off of the tower. But, I guess there was hope, even if it was a sliver. Because, hopefully, help would be here soon. Of course, I had no idea how long it would take. Could be tomorrow, could be a week, even a year. I didn't know.

A strange purring/chirping noise brought me out of my thoughts, and an eagle sat beside me, a fruit in his beak. I hadn't eaten in days, and my stomach cramped uncomfortably.

The eagle hopped closer to me, and dropped the apple, tilting his head. Slowly, I reached out and grabbed the juicy looking apple. Seeming satisfied, the eagle hopped to the ledge, made another noise at me, and flew away.

"What the actual fuck?"


Finally, we entered the gate of Rohan, realm of the horse lords.

"You'd find more cheer in a graveyard," Gimli mumbled. He was right. Everyone looked tired, hopeless.

Riding up to the building on the hill, Meduseld Gandalf called it, we were stopped by guards.

"I can not allow you to enter the hall so armed, Gandalf Greyham. By order of Grima Wormtongue." The guard said the name slightly bitterly. Gandalf looked at us and nodded, and we all gave our weapons to the guards.

After we were unarmed, Gandalf nodded at the guard.

"Your staff," the guard said, nodding at it.

"Oh, you wouldn't part an old man from his walking stick?" Gandalf said, wheezing slightly. The guard gave him a I-know-you're-lying-but-I-don't-care look, and they let us walk in, Legolas holding Gandalf's arm as if he was helping him walk. I sighed.

The guards followed us in, and shut the door. Our company approached the throne where the king sat. I had heard the king was in his fifties or so. The man before me had to be every bit of eighty. He was wrinkled, with ashen skin and distant eyes. A disgusting, greasy, pale person stood beside him, whispering things into his ear. The man stepped back, and the king looked towards us, but seeming to look through us.

"Why should I welcome you, Gandalf the Grey," he wheezed, much worse than Gandalf's fake wheeze. After he spoke, he looked towards the grimy man, as if seeking approval. The man nodded at him, and turned towards us.

"A just question my liege. Late is the hour in which this conjourer chooses to appear. Ill news, I call you. Ill news is an ill guest," the guys voice was...well, greasy. By the end of his sentence, he was standing in front of Gandalf, glaring.

"Silence worm. Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth. I have not traveled through fire and death to battle words with a witless worm," Gandalf snapped, pointing his staff at him and stepping forward.

Nasty guy stepped backwards in panic, and exclaimed, "I told you to take the wizard's staff!" Other greasy men took this as their cue to attack us. Of course, with an elf, two epic middle-earth men fighters, a stocky dwarf, and a ninja, they were quickly done. Gimli put a foot on the head greaseball, saying, "Not so fast." And didn't let him crawl away, like he was previously attempting.

What happened next, I cannot explain. Gandalf threw off his gray robes, and his white ones shone in the dark room, pushing the blackness away. He approached the man, and did something akin to casting out a demon. Anywho, afterwards there was silence, and the man began to fall forward with a gasp. Before our eyes, he began to age backwards. Color returned to his skin, his hair went from white to a strawberry blond, and the wrinkles lessened significantly.

A girl who had run out during the middle of all of this ran forward, grabbing the man and pushing him back in the chair. "Uncle?" she whispered, tears in her voice.

"I know your face," he whispered. "Eowyn."

The girl, Eowyn, smiled, and held her uncle's face in her hands. Suddenly I gasped, and everyone stopped to look at me, then to where I was looking. Because out of the shadows stepped another figure, one Kiko would die to see.

"Itachi," Kakashi questioned, looking surprised. Itachi showed little emotion, besides a slight widening of his eyes.

He looked over our little group. "She's not with us. She was kidnapped," I whispered, tears filling my eyes. Itachi stiffened, eyes burning. "Who?" He said, the presence of anger barely masked within his voice.

So we all sat down and had the worst conversation of my life.


Everyday, the eagle came to me with a fruit, and sometimes, bread, berries, and once, cooked meat. I imagine he nabbed the bread and meat from a house, or some traveler's fire.

Everyday, Saruman came to me, and I could tell he was wondering why I wasn't dead yet. I hadn't had a proper meal in a long time, and no water. But, sometimes it rained, and I would lie with my mouth open, catching water. And once, the eagle brought a water skin, which I drank as slowly as possible, making it last a few days.

The day I had killed the uruk, Saruman came to me a few hours later, and beat the hell out of me. Not that I wasn't already bloodied, he just bloodied me more.

One day, while Saruman was questioning me, again, an uruk approached.

" You called for me, my lord?" His voice was gravelly, and disgusting.

"Yes. Gather the troops. We march on Helm's Deep in three days." Saruman flicked the leather belt in his hand (he had been using different things to beat me lately. Someone was desperate), and I lay on the floor in shock.

Helm's deep? That meant that this hell would be over soon.

That sliver of hope grew, and I believed I had a chance.

"It seems you are of no use to me, child," Saruman said. I froze.

"Your friend is at Helm's Deep. And I'm sure the ring is with her." He was going to kill me.

"But, I will keep you. She may need some...incentive to speak. You'll prove to be useful." He turned and strode away, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

So close. It was almost over. There was finally an end in sight.


"Hey, Haldir." The elf turned to me, and I smiled brightly. "When are we going to get there?"

He sighed, probably tired of my constant talking. "Three days time, milady." I nodded my thanks.

I had gotten used to everyone calling me milady, and miss, and whatever else. It was how they spoke. Whatevs. I grinned, and walked with a bounce in my step.


The King, Theoden, had decided to abandon the city and evacute his people to their refuge. Some place called Helm's Deep, which was supposedly impenetrable. It wouldn't be safe if the enemy had more ninja. Theoden scoffed at us though, when we tried to tell him. He acted out of fear, and that would cost many of his people their lives.

Eowyn was kinda like Yenaa. She was a fighter, or she wanted to be. Because she was the King's niece, she wasn't allowed in battle. That pissed her off.

Also, she had a thing for Aragorn. Stupid girl. Aragorn already has a woman.

We were on the third day of the trip, when suddenly there was screaming.

"Wargs!" Someone ahead yelled. The men rode off to fight, and I was stuck with the others. Theoden ordered Eowyn to lead the rest of the civies to Helm's Deep, which of course, she wasn't happy with.

We crested a hill, and there was a massive fortress before us. The people exclaimed in excitement, but my head was back with the men, with Kakashi, who was fighting. Were they alright? What was a warg?

Finally safe inside the fortress, I cornered Eowyn and demanded to know what a warg was.

"Well, it' see it's a...well I'm not entirely sure WHAT it is. It's a four legged foul creature. A vicious beast that Saruman bred."

I frowned. Awesome. "Thanks." And I walked off.

Later, there was a buzz of excitement. I pushed my way down to the gate behind Eowyn, and we saw that the men had returned. My eyes sought Kakashi, and I smiled in relief when he walked to me, hugging me gently.

"What's wrong?" I whispered, when he sighed.

"He fell," Gimli said, sounding tearful.

"Who?" I asked, shocked. I scanned the group. Boromir. Legolas. Gimli. Itachi. Kakashi...

"Oh no," I whispered. Aragorn. Where was he? Eowyn looked at her uncle, tears in her eyes. He looked away. Eowyn took off into the fortress. I sighed sadly, and buried my face in Kakashi's chest.

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