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A month had passed since the ring was destroyed. Most of the shinobi had found the portal back to Konoha (which was created through a complicated description involving physics and science) and had left Middle Earth happily. The three amigas *Ema, Yenaa, and Kiko* had stayed behind, due to the fact that Ema was still recovering from the ring's effects. The other two simply refused to leave her side.

So it is from there that we find our girls screwing around in the beautiful city of Rivendell. Yenaa and Kiko played in the small lake at the base of a softly thrumming waterfall, while Ema sat dangling her feet in the water, relaxing.

"DAMMIT KIKO!" screeched Yenaa, dunking Kiko under the water angrily. Kiko, in her 'playfulness' decided to heave a handful of mud at Yenaa, again. If it hasn't been mentioned before, Yenaa is very obsessed with hygiene, therefore she didn't take kindly to this.

Kiko came up spluttering, and glared at Yenaa. "That was rude." Huffing she crossed her arms. Ema chuckled from the riverbank, and watched her friends warmly. Though she felt almost herself again, there was a constant void in her. It would forever be there, she knew. But it was alright, because she had her friends, and Kakashi. Speaking of….

Blinking when a little orange book was dangled in front of her face, Ema grabbed the object and leaned back, willing her eyes to uncross. Reading the title, she gasped.

"Is this the new one?" Kakashi chuckled behind her, and pulled her into his lap as she opened the book. Ema snorted as she read the back. "Jiraiya would write about the elves." The couple sat quietly, reading the…literature together. Ema blushed and giggled at a particularly naughty scene, whispering something about trying it later. Kakashi only grinned under his mask, and made a mental note to thank Jiraiya later for the first printed copy of the book. Oh yes, things would indeed turn out fun….

Another week later and it was time to go back to Konoha, after attending Aragorn's coronation. They would have stayed for his and Arwen's wedding, but they were eager to get back, and take some time to see their families back in the other-other-universe.

Hidan swooped Yenaa into his arms, grinned cheekily and happily bid the natives a farewell. (Or gave them a salute accompanied with an "Adios bitches.") He and Yenaa disappeared into the portal, which Itachi was holding open on one end, while Gandalf held the other open.

Ema and Kakashi received the gifts of thanks in humbled respect, and quietly stepped through the portal.

Then there was Kiko. She didn't want to leave. She needed the fatherly figure that Gandalf provided, and the warm sisterly bond Arwen happily bestowed upon her. She needed to feel like everything was alright, because Itachi was still acting strangely, and she was lost and confused and scared. Blinking back tears, with hugs already passed around, Kiko sniffled and valiantly fought her trembling lip.

"I guess this is….goodbye." *sniffle* "Thank you all." Before she broke down at the sad look in Arwen's eyes, Kiko turned and rushed through the portal.

A wave of power rushed over her skin as the portal closed behind her, and she felt a small part of her stay in Middle Earth.

Kiko walked quietly behind Itachi' rigid stature, and tried to focus on something other than the fact that if this were before she stupidly rushed into battle, he would be beside her, holding her hand and they would actually be speaking. There would be no icy tension between them, and she wouldn't feel as if she had been stabbed in the heart.

Without realizing it, Kiko began to cry. Small sniffles turned into slight sobs, and as she heard a soft sigh she felt the much missed warmth of Itachi's arms around her. And then, she knew it'd be alright. He had been scared, and upset, and reacted in the way he had all of his life. It was what he had known. Kiko felt herself mending, and as her sniffles faded, she smiled and held onto Itachi. It would all be perfectly fine.


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