A/N: Hello everyone! This is an idea that I've had for quite a while. I was even going to start it when I was writing 'Of Age' but decided against it because I didn't want to split my attention. So now that I'm done, I thought I'd go ahead and get started.

First I want to explain the title. It is based off an episode of Doctor Who called "Turn Left." It explores an alternate timeline where the Doctor's friend, instead of turning left, which led to a temp job and, ultimately meeting the doctor, turned right, leading to a job as a secretary. In this timeline, she never met the doctor, leading to his death and all sorts of other horrible things. So in this story, I wanted to explore the concept, what if Kyoko hadn't gone with Sho to Tokyo?


Ren Tsuruga sat across from his boss, a sullen frown on his face. Lory Takarada sighed. "Kuon." He said softly. Ren's eyes sharpened and Lory closed his eyes for a moment. "Ren. I told you this would happen." Lory wasn't gloating, only reminding him. "You do not have the ability to act as Katsuki." Ren closed his eyes, feeling Lory's words like arrows through his heart. "You have never been in love, Ren, so you don't know how to portray it." Ren let his mind go back to that horrific acting test, fresh humiliation washing over him. The pitying looks of his costars, the pained look of the director. First there had been issues with the actress playing Mio, some new girl who never managed to please the former actress, and now he had to find a new Katsuki, one who knew something about love. Clenching his fists, he opened his eyes and met the eyes of his boss.

"I'm sorry." He told the man with pain filled eyes. "I shouldn't have taken the part." Each word caused him more pain than he thought possible. "Ill finish up my current projects and…"

Lory held up a hand, a sympathetic expression in his eyes. He felt horribly that he had even allowed the boy to attempt the part when he knew that he would fail. "I'm not firing you, Ren." He told his old friend's son kindly. "You are a great actor, one of the best, and once you get past this…I have high hopes for you. But I think you need a break. I'm sending you on a vacation." Run looked up in surprise. On one hand, the fact that he wasn't being fired was a definite plus…but a vacation? His professionalism wanted nothing more than to refuse, to insist that he would be fine if he could get keep working. "I've informed your directors and your manager. Please start packing. I'll send a car for you tomorrow afternoon." With that, Ren was dismissed.

Kyoko Mogami tightened the hair clip and smoothed her long black hair down. Next she buttoned the black jacket and smoothed the short black skirt, then adjusted her white collar. Although the inn was traditional, the Okami-san had allowed the housekeeping staff to switch to more modern uniforms for convenience, since very few young girls could clean in kimonos, with Kyoko being the exception. Still, she was happy with the new uniforms, minus the short skirt, because it did make dressing a little easier.

Quickly slipping into her slippers, she exited her room, basket of cleaning supplies in hand. The heavy basket hit her thigh as she walked, but she was in too much of a hurry to care. She had overslept, causing her to get a late start. Slipping into room 122, she quickly began. The sheets were stripped from the western style bed, thrown into a laundry basket left by another maid, and pillowcases were stripped as well. With practiced ease, she placed the new sheets on the bed, smiling a little at the silky feel of the material between her fingers. Grabbing new pillows, she placed covers on them and sat them at the top, finally grabbing a new duvet and placing it over the top of the sheets. Spare blankets were folded and placed in the drawers, and she moved onto the bathroom. She scrubbed the toilet, sink, mirror, and counters with her cleaning supplies, and made sure all of her bottles and rags were back in her basket before grabbing a sheet of paper. "Welcome to our hotel, Tsuruga-san. –Mogami Kyoko." She signed her name, left a chocolate on the pillow beside it, an American practice that Okami-san thought added to the guest's experience, and then shut the door firmly behind her as she left.

Once she had finished with her other rooms, she went downstairs to the kitchen. The Taisho avoided her gaze as he handed her a bento, despite her friendly smile and cheerful greeting. Ignoring the sting in her eyes, she carried the bento to her room, preferring not to eat alone in the kitchen with him. "Itadakimasu." She mumbled, wiped her eyes, and began to eat.

It hadn't always been like this. When Sho had still been with them, his parents had at least treated her as a tolerated long-term houseguest. Now…she shook her head. 'I'm not going to think about that. I just have to deal with it. They don't want me here, and I'm leaving, as soon as I can get the money together.'

Against her will, the memory resurfaced. The sun was high in the sky when Sho had told her that he wanted to speak to her. She had agreed happily, taking a break from work as soon as she could, and followed him outside.

"Kyoko, I'm going to Tokyo. I can't live here anymore. My parents are going to force me to marry a plain, boring girl from here and make me take over the inn. I want to be a rock star! I'm not staying in Kyoto! So I'm running away…" He took a deep breath. "Will you go with me?" He asked softly.

Fear coursed through her veins. If they were caught…'they'll never let me come back! I'll be alone…' "Sho…we can't." She whispered fearfully. "We'll get caught…and…" Sho's eyes narrowed.

"Fine." He snapped. "I don't need you anyway." He had left her standing there, tears falling from her eyes at his angry tone, and the next day he had been gone. His parents were convinced that Kyoko knew where he was, and had all but begged her to reveal his location. When she had been unable to, or, in their minds, refused, they had decided that she was an ungrateful girl who they no longer wished to raise. After she finished middle school, she began work at the inn full time, since the Fuwa's refused to pay for her to go to high school. The Fuwas allowed her to work for her room and board, with meals being included, but the only salary she received was through the occasional tip, which she had begun saving. She had a plan.

'As soon as I can save up the money, I'll take the train to Tokyo. Then I can find Sho, and he'll forgive me, and let me live with him, and I can support him as he works toward his dream.' Smiling softly at the thought, she continued to eat.

The man dropped Ren's luggage in his room, and the actor thanked him. Looking around the western style room, he wondered if he would fit in the relatively small bed. 'Not the point.' He thought irritably. 'What am I supposed to do here by myself?' He walked over to the bed and caught sight of a piece of paper. Lifting an eyebrow at the perfect script, he smiled a little. 'Mogami Kyoko huh. That name sounds a little…familiar.' He shrugged it off and sat on the bed heavily.

'I am a failure as an actor.' He thought painfully. 'I thought I was ready. I worked so hard to surpass my father…but I couldn't act the role of Katsuki, the one my father created. I couldn't do it…because I've never been in love. But I can never love anyone…I don't deserve it…'

A light knock on the door brought him out of his musings. A little startled, he looked up. "Um…come in." He called, and a young girl slipped into the room soundlessly.

"I'm sorry for intruding." The girl said quietly, and he was momentarily stunned by her soft smile and bright eyes. "I was just checking to make sure that the room was okay." He smiled a little.

"It's perfect. Thank you." She bowed, the epitome of grace.

"Of course. Let me know if there is anything else you need. My name is Mogami." Her voice was soft and perfectly courteous, making him wonder how long she had been doing this.

"It's nice to meet you." He looked around the room for the first time, needing to keep his eyes busy suddenly. There was a small kitchenette, which was unusual for such a traditional inn, but then again, this room seemed more western style than anything, with a few large chairs and a television set. Suddenly he realized what she had said. "Mogami…Kyoko?" He checked, and she seemed startled.

"Um…yes." She gave him a confused smile. "How did you know?"

"Your note." He held it up and she laughed softly, the noise making his heart falter a little.

"Oh. I didn't think anyone read them." She straightened, folding her hands in front of her gracefully. "Would you like anything to eat, Tsuruga-san?" She wondered.

"Ah, no thank you." She bowed again and started to leave. "Actually…." She turned and looked at him. "I was wondering…what is there to do around here?"

The man spoke so bluntly that she had to laugh. Noticing the soft smile on his face, she suppressed a blush and looked at the floor shyly. "Well, there are some temples around here if you would like to visit one. I'm sure there are tourist attractions near by, but you may need a taxi, unless you enjoy very long walks. You can also go hiking in the woods surrounding the inn." She smiled softly up at him. "I can get you a map if you like, showing you the different attractions in the area."

He bowed his head a little. "Thank you. I would appreciate it." She nodded and seemed to flee, but he caught sight of her red face and had to force his heart to slow down. 'What am I thinking! She's probably only in high school. Nothing to get so excited about.' He shook his head irritably.

Kyoko knocked on the door again in about thirty minutes. After hearing a somewhat angry 'come in' she entered hesitantly. "I'm sorry to bother you again." She apologized softly, hoping that she hadn't upset him. 'I need to keep him happy if I want a tip.' She thought in passing, but realized that this wasn't the real reason she didn't want to upset him. 'He seems like a nice man.' She thought as she placed the map on the table. "I…um…I brought your map." She bowed and started to leave.

"Thank you." Looking up, she saw that he seemed grateful, if still irritated. He picked it up and looked up at her. "So what do you like to do?" He wondered suddenly.

"Um…I don't really have free time." She smiled apologetically. "But I do enjoy hiking sometimes." 'Should I have told him that…well it should be okay? That's not very personal information.'

"Hmm. That does sound fun." She nodded, keeping her eyes fixed on the floor. "Thanks. I might try that." She nodded again.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?"

His eyes widened a little at that, and she wondered what he was thinking. "Um…no thank you. You probably have lots of stuff to do…you know…school work and….' He trailed off, and she lifted an eyebrow at the strange speech.

"Um…I do have work to do…but I'm not in school." She admitted quietly.

"Really?" She wondered if there was a point to all this, but decided that she really did need to get back to work.

"If you'll excuse me." She bowed and left the room, leaving the contemplative man to his thoughts.

"Is there something…familiar about that girl?" He asked the empty room. "Mogami Kyoko." He said the name aloud, hoping it might jog a memory. "Kyoko Mogami." He said the name in American fashion, wondering if that would help. "Kyoko. Kyoko-chan…" His eyes widened. "Kyoko-chan." He whispered the name. "No…surely…it couldn't be her." He mentally did the math. "She'd be….sixteen now? The girl said that she wasn't in school, so maybe she's older than she looks. Sure. She's probably my age. There's no way she's the same girl." Even as he said it, his thoughts went back to her eyes. 'Golden brown…how many people have eyes like that?'

A/N: Sorry this chapter was a bit short. But It is sort of... prologue-y. :)