Kari knocked on the door and waited for an answer. She smiled when she saw the door open to reveal Davis, finally. Taking a deep breath, she said, "Hey, I know it's New Years and stuff and you probably already have your midnight planned but—"

"Hold up; I'm just eating some pizza—" Davis swallowed. "And playing video games." He smiled, in that sort of warm kind, yet goofy, way that he did.

Kari grinned. "So, do you want to come to the festival then?"

Davis shrugged, picking up a slice of pizza from behind the door and biting into it. He asked, mouth agape with food, "Who's gonna be there?" And then swallowed. He seemed to panic a little and looked behind the door nervously. "Kari, you want some?" He held out a slice and half-smiled. He'd finally realised he was being rude, at least, sort of. She didn't mind. Davis being casual and eating with his mouth open was one of the reasons why she felt so close to him. "So, who's gonna be there?"

"I'm alright, thanks." She felt flattened that he cared more about other people being there than her inviting him. She turned around and started to walk away but felt a tap on her back.

Looking back, she saw Davis bare feet on the pavement in front of his apartment. "It's cold." He shivered.

Kari rolled her eyes. "Davis, you're not wearing shoes. Of course it's cold."

Davis nodded. "I know, I think I regret it!"

Kari looked at the cute little toes. "Or socks." She giggled.

Davis grumbled something unintelligible. Presumably his choice of footwear had embarrassed even him.

"Look, I…" As he looked at her, she leaned in, this was it.

Davis seemed uninterested, rubbing his hands together and blowing into them. "So, you'll be there?"

Kari leaned back and nodded. "I guess so." She began to worry that he was just being polite. "Well then, I guess I'll see you there," she grumbled.

Davis looked up from his hands. "Are we going to be alone?" He shuffled, his feet turning red from the cold.

The question wasn't one Kari had thought about. She had assumed that they would have found some time alone. "I'm not sure."

Davis sniffed the air, and while she was trying to work out what he was doing she saw him smile and she felt her own cheeks twitch as her lips formed a smile. Looking at her, he asked, "Do you wanna wait?"

So he knew. "Let's just do it now. Get it over with." She stepped closer, slipping her fingers into his hands.

Davis pulled her closer until his warm breath was on her neck. "You sure?" his voice was barely a whisper.

Kari grinned and nodded. "Yeah." She slid her hands up his back until she had her arms wrapped around him. "I'm sure." She breathed, and then, she kissed.

One of my biggest gripes is being flamed for a particular pairing. So, in an effort to combat this I have written an almost identical fic for Davis and T.K. Even the word counts are nearly the same. The differences are purely so it isn't just a cut-and-stick. You may read both, one or none. Whichever makes you happy.