Kari knocked on the door and waited for an answer. She was a little shocked by how fast T.K answered, but he was never one to keep anyone waiting. Taking a deep breath, she said, "Hey, I know it's New Years and stuff and you probably already have your midnight planned but—"

T.K grinned. "Slow down." He laughed. "I have nothing planned, so just, I dunno. You wanna do something?"

Kari blushed. Wow, he wasted no time in stealing her thunder. Still, she came here for a reason. "Do you wanna come to the festival, then?"

T.K stepped out of his house in bare feet, and asked, "Who would I go with?"

Kari pointed at his feet. "You aren't wearing any shoes?"

"I know." T.K stepped down his steps, his bare feet slapping the cold pavement, while Kari retreated.

"Or socks."

T.K mumbled, "I know." As he leaned in towards her.

She panicked. What was he doing? Was he trying to make her fall over or something? A prank? No, not T.K. He was too gentle for that. Kari thrust out a slip of paper—it had the time and place to meet—and placed her other hand on his chest, holding him back. "So you'll be there?"

T.K ran a hand through his dishevelled hair. It looked really messy without one of his many hats. She wondered if he ever brushed those cute blond locks. "I guess." He took the slip of paper and glanced at it. "So…" Now he seemed nervous.

"Well then, I'll see you there." She smiled, moving to walk away but he touched her arm gingerly.

"Will it be just us?"

Kari looked back into those baby blue eyes. "I don't know, T.K."

He laughed, rubbing the back of his head. She couldn't work out why he was laughing. Neither of them had said anything funny. Was he just being a dork? "Tai isn't going to be, you know…" T.K trailed off, trying to find the word.

"Chaperoning me or something?" Kari laughed loud and hard. How could he think that? It had been years since Tai had been that protective. "I'm not a kid anymore, T.K," she said between laughs.

"I know, it's just…" T.K bit his lip in that cute way that he did.

Kari grabbed hold of his hands and pulled so that he would look her straight in the eyes instead of looking all over the place like a lost puppy. "Tai won't be there. So, just…" She smiled. "Stop worrying about it.
T.K lifted his wrist and pointed at the small black watch on it. "Shouldn't we wait?"

Kari smashed her trusty brick phone against the watch, shattering the glass. T.K was understandably shocked as she reached in and twisted the hands all the way to midnight. "It's time."

T.K tried to protest. "That watch was—"

Kari leaned in and kissed him.

T.K smiled goofily. "Not important."

One of my biggest gripes is being flamed for a particular pairing. So, in an effort to combat this I have written an almost identical fic for T.K and Davis. Even the word counts are nearly the same. The differences are purely so it isn't just a cut-and-stick. You may read both, one or none. Whichever makes you happy.